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Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

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Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

This might be slightly off topic but that keeps things interesting. What do you all think of daylight time? I hate it with a passion. Great when you're a kid, as a working adult who has to get up early... For our English friends who are in a northerly location, it's going to stay light until after 9pm in the summer time. With daylight time it must not get dark until well after 10pm, am I right? Wouldn't it make more sense to have it during winter when it gets dark at 3:45pm? I would rather see the world stay on standard time. This is the real, natural time and sunrise and sunset is affected by the latitude you're located at. A location on the equator has sunrise and sunset at roughly 6am -6pm all year round. In the bay area during summer, it would stay light until 8pm, what's wrong with that?

My main reasons for hating daylight time are:

I get up at 3:30-4am 4 days a week and have to be asleep before 9pm or I'm trashed.

I hate the period of adjustment your body goes through year after year (except when we get off the bloody thing and go to standard)

Nothing worse than trying to fall asleep with kids screaming outside. I say do away with daylight or stick with one or the other. No more changing! I await the onslaught. Pub

Calgary, Alberta
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1. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

I'm with you Pub. And, statistics bear out that there are more traffic and industrial accidents the Monday after we change (either way, interestingly enough) and that it takes 2 weeks for everyone to get properly "sorted" again.

My noise issue is with my older neighbours actually. We're far enough north that in the summer with daylight savings time it's not fully dark until after 11pm. This summer I had one dip twit out there with his weed whacker at 10:45! "But I can still see" was his justification for why he was doing this on a week night. Like I said - dip twit!

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2. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

Lets put the blame firmly at Benjamin Franklin's feet shall we?

Basically it saves energy as people use less lighting and heating, and I suppose during the evening commute (especially the school runs) it is alot safer with daylight around. On a personal level I could do without it, darkness at 4pm can be very depressing,and the adjusting to the different times is a pain.... but on a worldwide scale who am I to argue. For the greater good, certainly in the U.K and U.S, and other countries in the further reaches of the hemispheres I think it should stay.

Mind you, it's always warm and light and never rains in the pub, Pub!!

Virginia, USA
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3. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

I love daylight savings time. I hope they expand it year round.

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4. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

Like it or not, I think daylight savings time is here to stay. My state will finally join the bandwagon when we adopt DST next year. Of course, in typical Hoosier fashion we still don't know if we all go to Eastern Standard, Central Standard or if the state splits. Also, I read a movement is afoot to extend DST by a month on both ends. After a winter of what some expect will be record home heating prices, I bet it passes easily.

Winnipeg, Canada
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5. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

I'm with Avian---I love it.

London, United...
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6. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

Pub, I live in Indiana, we are on EST year round, I don't mind. However, it does wreak havoc with those in the business world. This next spring we are going to be doing the daylight thing for the first time since I have lived in this state, 34 years!

I do agree, it is very strange when I'm in London in winter and it gets dark so early. It is dark there by 4:00 (can't remember for sure) in Dec where here it happens at around 5:30. Summers it is indeed light at 10 and later in London. Seems strange to be all ready for bed and look outside and not have it pitch black out there. We have friends in N. Ireland, think they said it gets dark around 3 in the afternoon where they are!

Glenlyon, Australia
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7. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

Oh I wholeheartedly agree- can't stand it here in Australia. More so in the morning than in the evening - supposedly it gives you more time to enjoy after work. But if you are working you usually need to go to bed anyway so where is the benefit. Maybe we can do it on a roational basis - weekends and holidays but not during the working week.

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8. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

I hate it because it is so hard to get the kids on a new schedule when it changes. Also, in the fall I'm trying to get them to go to bed when it is still light so they can get up for school in the morning, which is hard.

London UK
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9. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

I thought it was supposed to help farmers - give them more light in the morning to help them milk the cows or something?

As Mr C has pointed out, I mention my bike in half my posts - relevance here is that with the mornings getting darker, without the end of BST and reverting to GMT, I really wouldn't enjoy my morning bike ride. I have no problem riding in the dark after work, but before work just seems wrong somehow.

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10. Re: Daylight Savings, Time Your Opinions Please

I LOVE it the very first day in the fall, when you wake up and realize you can sleep one more hour. I HATE it in the spring, when you wake up and realize you're an hour late! Fall Back - ok. Spring Forward - YUCK!