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Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

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Brisbane, Australia
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Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

I have read quite a lot about dressing in layers for the cold UK winter weather, but living in Queensland, I have never experienced the cold weather that I am likely to experience when I visit London in a few weeks.

Gee, even in my workplace (I am a teacher), we don't have any heating at all and are used to dressing warmly (no layering) on those few days of coolish weather.

I have bought several woollen spencers to wear under shirts etc, but I am still a little confused when I read about dressing in layers.

I understand what this is all about, but how warm is the heating in shops, museums etc and most importantly what should the bottom layer consist of (keep it clean please)? Is thermal type clothing only worn when you expect to stay outside for the day? Are the tubes heated?

Thanks in advance.

Santiago, Chile
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1. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

Typical layers might be (from next to the skin out):

This is sort of a unisex list.


a long sleeved t-shirt (not thermal)

a long sleeved shirt, maybe a rugby type

a sleeveless sweater or fleece

an all weather jacket, something which will keep out wind and rain


tights (pantyhose) for the ladies

jeans or corduroys

shoes with good thick soles, socks

The idea is that you can go into a museum where it might be quite warm and remove the jacket or even the sleeveless fleece or sweater. That way you won't roast. Most shops are very warm. But outside you will need both. But thermal would be too much.

I hate wearing a hat but it is a good idea. A cold head and cold feet will cancel out any layering on the rest of you. You'll need gloves too. Your jacket should be fairly lightweight so you won't grow to hate it as you carry it around in shops.

Glenlyon, Australia
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2. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

Pleassssssssse - you experience cyclones and have never layed -lol.

All it means is maybe put on a t-shirt, maybe a light shirt over that and a jumper or windcheater over that. Then if it gets warm, you can just peel off the jumper but if not to wamr then the shirt and t-shirt will give you a bit of a warm laying. I find a coat over all this is always to warm even in the coldest climates unless it is a sub-artic day or pouring down (even them a windcheater/t-shirt under a coat should suffice

somewhere out there
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3. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

There are several responses to your question on the UK forum.

Be aware that temps for the next 5 days in London are COLD, with a daytime high of 4c on saturday.

Brisbane, Australia
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4. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

Thanks for all your helpful replies.

Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

I wear in order on top..

a thermal (hey we come from a much warmer climate)

a lightweight long sleeve shirt (which is what i wear in Museums etc where its warm)

jumper or similar

then a coat/jacket longish so it covers my hips...

On the bottom..

hose of some description,

Thickish pants (I have a pair of woollen slacks)

Woolen socks


And never leave home without my hat and gloves (LOL..goes back to grandmas days)!

BTW I've used these clothes in Melbourne in may and still been cold walking thru the street!

Glenlyon, Australia
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6. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

Actually I hvae been colder in Melbourne than I have in the UK on occassions - and I reckon Melbourne gets those cold bitting winds straight from the antartic as there is nothing between us and it (apart from Tassie and thats only a bump-lol).

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

I've been in freezing weather in Melbourne and Geelong - and that was in January!!

Sunshine Coast...
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8. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

Hi I Luv to Travel

As a fellow Queenslander I completely understand your problems. The main reason you need to layer is that outside you will freeze and inside the heat will be turned up so high that heat stroke is a distinct possibility if you can't take your coat and probably a jumper off. It takes a bit of getting used to when you haven't experienced heating before. Make sure your layers are easy to get on and off otherwise you will feel like you are spending the whole time dressing and undressing. The good news is that most if not all museums and restaurants have somewhere to put your coat etc when you go inside. In a small shop though you will need to carry it. Remember to take a hat,gloves and a scarf as well. I never get used to the freezing weather on my face and hands.

Another thing to remember is that you will need to keep dry. We have lovely warm rain in Q'land. Even if you get soaked it's just inconvenient and not particularly glamorous. In Europe the rain is unbelievably cold although not usually as heavy but you won't be able to get warm and dry until you change clothes.

And YES! I have been frozen in Melbourne as well! Hasn't everyone???

Tampa, Florida
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9. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

Hi! I took a trip to Europe this past March, which included London. I went out and bought an angora 'trench style' coat.

And I'm going back to London next week and though I love that coat, I do NOT want to bring it again. It was just way to cumbersome. I was constantly taking it off everytime I went inside, inside the tubes, etc. And I also had to remove my gloves, hat, and scarf because I was roasting. (And unfortunately, I lost my brand new leather gloves in the process.. which led to a bitterly cold experience on top of the Eiffel Tower one night, with my camera bags over my hands, using them as mittens!! lol.) And as someone else pointed out, you want something that won't be too awkward throwing over your crooked arm when inside. So this time, I plan on wearing my lined mid-thigh length leather coat. I am a little paranoid that I will be cold, but hopefully with all the layers I wear underneath (long sleeve tee under a short sleeve tee, then some form of a sweater/vest/cardigan over both of them) I'll be ok.

Good luck! And remember-- if you're cold, that is an excuse to go shopping in London!

London, UK
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10. Re: Aussie Needs Help With Clothing Layers!!

A chill is said to be on it's way - maybe minus 4 frosts tonight...so pack some flannel type nightwear. Hard to find in Auz ?, then every shop here is stocking them as Christmas presents. About £25 - 50 in M&S, BHS, John Lewis etc. Make sure you include some thick socks as slippers/bed socks - SmartWool socks serve well.

Daytime layers (mix & match as required):

Thinest cotton or silk T/vest - not long sleeve.

Cotton shirt - smart/casual as required.

Thin jumper (wool or cotton)**.

Fleece/padded gilet**.

Windproof waterproof outer layer**.

beanie type hat**



Anything ** can be stuffed into your day sack when you go/in buildings or as the wind chill fluctuates.

Bring your favourite thick jumper for evening relaxation/lolloping around in hotel etc.

It is the damp & wind chill rather than the cold that is so uncomfortable, hence the pleasure of snuggly layers.

There's not much to be gained by wearing a big bulky coat, if the wind can whip through it.

When the wind chills here, it comes straight from Siberia - just next door really. Hence our affection for the Gulf Stream.

It is worth pointing out that over the Christmas break, many businesses close down for a fortnight, & will lower the thermostat to save ££. The first few days back in January, if there's a cold snap, can be really quite stiffening. Odd to see adults shivering until they run round to M&S to get some thermals.