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London Itinerary (so far)

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London Itinerary (so far)

We're going to London for 2 week in the beginning of August. We'll have the London Pass for the first week (with the 1-6 zone Travel Card as well), so the first week will be more tourist-y and the second one is planned to be free museums/galleries focused with a bit of shopping.

Here's the itinerary for the 1st week so far. I'd appreciate any critiques, tips on eating along our routes etc. :)


-- We'll arrive around 6am to London then check-in. Then we'd like to spend the day just hanging around -- maybe visiting a market (depends on the duration of the check-in), taking either of the historic bus routes (9 or 15), etc. Just relaxing day after the 18hour bus journey.


-- 08.57-09.39 -- train from Paddington to Windsor

-- 09.45-13.15 -- WIndsor Castle

-- 30 min walk to Eton

-- 14.00-16.00 -- Eton College

-- 16.52 -- 35 min train back to London

>> Any tips on what to do in the evening? We thought maybe just relaxing in a prak if the weather is good :)


-- 09.00-12.00 -- Tower of London

-- 12.15-13.45 -- Tower Bridge Museum & Exhibition

-- 13.50-15.50 -- HMS Belfast

-- 16.00-17.15 -- London Bridge Experience


-- 09.24-09.40 -- train to Wimbledon

-- 10.00-13.00 -- Wimbledon

-- 40 min train to Kew Gardens

-- 13.45-17.00 -- Kew Gardens


-- 10.30-11.30 -- Royal Albert Hall Tour

-- 11.45-13.45 -- Kensington Palace

-- 14.30-15.15 -- Jason's Trip

-- 15.30-18.00 -- London ZOO

-- 18.30-19.30 -- London Canal Museum


-- 09.00-10.00 -- Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

-- 10.10-11.40 -- St Paul's Cathedral

-- 12.00-13.30 -- London Transport Museum

-- 14.00-16.00 -- Imperial War Museum

-- 16.40-17.45 -- Design Museum (or extended IWM visit if we like it :))


No plans yet but I was thinking about taking one of those Bicycle Tour Company Tours, maybe visit to Wetland Centre.. Any tips are welcome!

I'm sure you noticed there are no food-breaks. That's because we plan to either eat home-made sandwiches or just grabbing a sandwich from a shop along the way..

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1. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

Why are you going to Wimbledon?

As far as I know apart from the Tennis (when it is on) there is not a lot to see in Wimbledon.

Two hours is not a lot for the Imperial War Museum.

You have a number of things South of the river and it may best to do them on the same day to save having to cross over the river a number of times.

You could have a good day South of the river.

South of the river are:

Imperial War Museum

Shakespeare's Globe

HMS Belfast

London Bridge Experience

Design Museum

Tate modern (not on your list but right next to Shakespeare Globe and the view from coffee shop on top floor is amazing).

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2. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

I have never been to the London Bridge Experience but notice it is nearly £22 to get in (if you buy tickets on the day).

That is a lot of money (I would want to spend all day in a place if I spent £22 to get in).

There are some GREAT free things to do in London which most people would say are every bit as good (better in fact).

These include the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Library, the National Gallery, and any number of other free musems and art galleries.

While of course it is up to you, the Egyptian gallery in the British Museum is going to give you just as much of a "wow" as anything the London Bridge Experience.


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3. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

If you'd done your research here beforehand you'd know that the London Pass is rarely a good buy and the Zone 1-6 Travelcard NEVER is.

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4. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

Don't forget your stop watch and check list. Seriously, can't you just wing it?

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5. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

@Guilbert53: As I wrote in the first paragraph, we have the London Pass for this week so all the entrance fees are covered and we don't have to worry about them anymmore (all the places stated are included in the LP) :) I plan to visit the free places in the second week but haven't made an itinerary yet. And we're going to Wimbledon because it could be interesting to see the place where the world-wide known tournament takes place. I'm talking about the museum and the stadium tour -- don't know about the place as such.

@Alanrow Well, I did the math and the places we plan to visit are those we wanted to see anyway. I admit we added the Tower Bridge Experience -- we actually found about about it via the LP sites. When I counted the entrances for these they were £204.4 (and it's only for the first 5 days of the pass so it'd get even a bit higher with the 6th day). The Pass itself was £80. The Travelcard was for £40. I admit we probably didn't have to have the 1-6 zone card but it's good for the travel to Windsor and Eton. We'd have to buy a 1-3 zone Travelcard anyway as we're staying in zone 3 -- the 1-3 zone card was a bit over £30 last time I checked the TFL sites. I guess it really depends if the attractions included in the LP fit the ones you want to see. For us it works quite nicely I think :)

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6. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

It's an interesting itinerary, and using the London Pass to go to Windsor Castle is a good idea.

On Monday afternoon, after Windsor, you could stop at Richmond on the way back to London and relax by the river. You could also visit Richmond on Wednesday after visiting Kew Gardens. In fact it's a nice stroll from Kew Gardens Brentford Gate along the river to Richmond (about 5 kilometres).


London Zoo is open every Friday in August until 10 pm but it is expensive


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7. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

>@Guilbert53: I plan to visit the free places in the second week

Sorry, yes I read that, but when typing my reply forgot all about it.

But my suggestion for doing all the things South of the river in one day still applies.

Criss crossing over the river (as you do twice on Friday) could be avoided by doing it all on one day.

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8. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

No offence but its an absurd itinery, planning it to the nearest minute? Crrrrrrrrrrrrazy. Do you just want to tick off a list of places? Or enjoy them, and see where you find? A bit of spontinety and enjoy the places you find

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9. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

I notice the Imperial War Museum is on the list of attractions for the London Pass.

Did you know this is free anyway (for the main museum). There is more than enough to see in the main (free) part of the museum.

Your London Pass gives you access to the Ministry of food exhibition that is within the IWM.

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10. Re: London Itinerary (so far)

@Guilbert53: I know the IWM is free but the MInistry of Food exhibition seems to be quite interesting :) I know I'll be crossing the river a couple of times but I don't really mind as it seems it shouldn't take much (extra) time and the London bridges are said to be beautiful.. :)