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Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

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Joplin, Missouri
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Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

Think twice before you spend money with Expedia.

If a problem occurs, one that they created, they either will not, or can't help you.

In Sept. of 05 we bought two tickets to London Gatwick for travel on December 26th of 05. The return was scheduled for Jan. 4th of 06.

The flight was advertised as British Airways, originating in Tulsa, Oklahoma, near our home, with a connection in Dallas. The Tulsa - Dallas leg of the flight had a foot note "operated by American Airlines" but carried a BA flight number.

About a week before the trip we called and confirmed with Expedia. They told us of a five minute change in flight times, and assured us our reservations were confirmed.

When we arrived at the AA ticket counter on Dec. 26th., three hours before the scheduled departure, we were told that we had no Tulsa - Dallas reservation. The AA counter agent could see our reservation on her screen, but for reasons unknown, Expedia never confirmed our reservation and AA had us on standby. And the agent assured me we would not get to Dallas on their plane that day. It was full and they had standbys ahead of us. The AA agent wanted to help. She stood and talked with us for over an hour.

We called Expedia from our cell phone. There was plenty of time to do something, including putting us on another London flight. At that point we had time to DRIVE to Dallas, and offered to do so, but Expedia KEPT US ON THE PHONE FOR NEARLY SIX HOURS! Most of that time on hold.

We were given a case numbers, and told to call back in an hour. When we did, it was like starting from scratch. Often, after being on hold for 30 min or more, we would be cut off. Sometimes the customer service reps. spoke English well enough that you could understand them, sometimes they didn't. We were given supervisor names and asked to call back. When we did, they said that person did not exist. We were given another Case number, and told to use it. Then told we used the wrong case number.

When it became clear we would not leave until the next day, we asked them to re-book us on that flight. The AA agent said they had seats available. Expedia seemed reluctant to make this decision, and it looked as though the whole trip was going to be an abort. My wife was in tears, she had worked double shifts for most of last year to help pay for this trip.

At about four o'clock Expedia told us they had re-booked us for the next day and the reservations were confirmed. We called AA and BA and were told Expedia had put a hold on the seats, but had not confirmed. This went back and forth for another two hours.

Finally around six o'clock CST on Monday Dec. 26th, after the last Expedia rep SWORE they had confirmed our reservation. We drove back to the Tulsa airport, I wanted them to issue the tickets so there was no question. Guess what, the same counter agents who helped us earlier in the day, told us Expedia had done nothing to fix the problem. But at this point they took pity on us and issued us tickets for the next day, but said it really wasn't something they should do.

The AA agents blamed Expedia and BA for the screw ups. Expedia blamed AA, saying they had a "computer glitch." They service rep at BA, of course, blamed Expedia and AA.

We did get on the plane the next day in Tulsa, but upon arrival in Dallas, and after AA gave us the wrong gate number, we made it to the BA gate as the flight was boarding. Guess what, we were not confirmed on this flight. But again, the gate agent took pity, and found us some seats. She even up-graded us to World Club. And of course, AA did not get our bags on the right plane, and we were without our luggage in London for the first two days.

All of these various ticket agents could look at their screens and see we had bought tickets. But, if I understand what we were told by the agents, Expedia lacked the knowledge to know how to confirm the reservation.

I can understand making a mistake. The real test of any company is how they handle it. Expedia, obviously, does not have the customer service depth to fix a mistake once they have made it. It seems they must issue their phone reps a "problem flow chart", and if your problem does not fit into this cart, you get put on hold while they consult their "customer service team". And, as already stated, you could be on hold for hours. Can you imagine the frustration?

Expedia, in the end, seemed to acknowledge their mistake, and gave me a $150 credit towards a stay in one of their "selected" hotels. I don't give a damn about their $150 hotel credit.

Obviously, I am done with Expedia. And if you have airline tickets booked with Expedia, I would advise to call the AIRLINE and see if they actually held your seat.

Oldham, United...
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21. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

I had a pretty bad experience with expedia also, nowhere near as bad as yours but it was an inconvenience that put me off using them again.

In Feb of last year i booked a 5 night stay with flights to san francisco in June. Although everything was confirmed and the holiday was great i was shocked 3 months later in september when i saw my credit card bill.

It had been charged over £1000 for a hotel stay in san francisco in june!!!

I phoned expedia and they said there was nothing they could do and i would have to contact the hotel to see why i had been charged.

Believe me, with the time difference, ringing calafornia is not cheap and is not easy. To make it worse i had very little help from the hotel until i e-mailed the manager.

The manager contacted the accounts dept and found that expedia had not paid them, even though i had paid expedia 4 months before i went away!! i have copies of their invoices to prove this.

Expedia denied it but thanks to some very helpful people at the hotel i found some small print - not small print that we the paying customer get to see, this is small print between expedia and the hotel but to my horror it clearly states that if expedia do not pay up within 3 months of the hotel stay, the hotel are permitted to use the credit card the guest checks in with for the full amount!!!!!!!

After a few days expedia paid up and my money was refunded (nearly - the exchange rate was not in my favour).

Expedia never admitted to making a mistake and handled the situation appalingly

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22. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

Here's another Expedia horror story. We booked three nights in the Pacific Palisades Hotel in Vancouver in June 2003.

On the third day we returned to our room to find our electronic key didn't work. Reception told us the booking had only been made by Expedia for two nights - not three.

Luckily we had a print-off of our e-mail from Expedia stating it was a three night stay, and it was enough for them to agree to readmit us to our room. Phew!

Glenlyon, Australia
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23. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

While I have used both Lastminute.com and Expedia and not had problems - it is a salutory lesson here I think that while the web has made booking easy - it has also made any redress that much harder as you are dealing with companies sometimes not even domiciled in your country and often outside your countries consumer laws if anything goes worng. That is why more and more I tend to deal with the relevant hotel chains direct on their websites as at least the big ones are reputable (generally).

Santiago, Chile
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24. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

Go over and read "Difference btn Expedia & direct hotel ressies" on the Off-topic chatter. It ties into this subject and is interesting.

Knoxville, TN
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25. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

Expedia, Travelocity, Hotels.com, whatever you use...if you find a good deal and book it - don't stop there. Take 1 more step and confirm with the hotel/airline that your reservations are REALLY there for the time/date/price you requested. Work these problems out BEFORE you show up at the check-in counter. Problems with reservations are MUCH easier to solve if you do it BEFORE the last minute.

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26. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

Don't take anything for granted. If you book anything on any travel site, please confirm it on the respective airlines' website. Or even better, print out the boarding pass from the airlines website. It is near impossible to fix anything once you get to the airport.

Los Angeles
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27. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

What a horror story!

My own experiences with Expedia have been equally horrible.

I never miss an opportunity to tell people how inadequate they are.

You are ALWAYS much better off going direct to the vendors website.

NEVER use Expedia!!!

Mesa, Arizona
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28. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

I have never liked Expedia. I think they are way too expensive...But after this thread, a DEFINITELY would never use them.

When I do NOT use a travel agent, I book directly with the airline's website, and I periodically go back and check my information. Sometimes i even CALL them. I have successfully booked hotels only on the hotel's website. Otherwise I use a travel agent. I would never, ever use Priceline, Travelocity or any other site such as that. (This is a personal preference - that's not to say it doesnt work for other people).

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29. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

I've used Expedia five times in the past year and never experienced a problem with them......Just to add a little bit of balance to this dialogue.

Greenwich (London)
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30. Re: Read this if you bought your London Airline tickets from...

Yeah - I guess any big organisation is going to have some glitches from time to time. I've been using Expedia for many years, and have never had a problem with them (but I do always confirm the booking with the hotel). I can't say I like the business of paying upfront for some of the hotels, though.

Of course, standing where we do we have no way of knowing whether Expedia or the hotel is to blame in a failure of communication between them.