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To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

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To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

I have a few. History was always one of my favorite subjects in school and I was immediately drawn to English history. My English history professor in college was a master orator. He would pace up and down and his presentation and stories were fascinating. When he said George II died on th toilet the class erupted. The final push probably came when Sue and I saw Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett) in the theatre. I turned to her, want to go to London? rest is history.

Lest I forget, my love for good beer. Pub

Winnipeg, Canada
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1. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

I can't tell you what my inspiration was.It's been a part of me as long as I can remember.My mother says that as soon as I started talking,I started talking about London.She doesn't know how I even knew about it.

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2. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

History as well for me. For a history buff, England is a treasure chest. From Stonehenge to Bath to Westminister Abbey - love it! As a fan of the theatre, Shakespeare is the best. People have been coming to visit his birthplace in Stratford-on-Avon since 1630.

And I still need to get to Scotland and Wales!

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3. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

Pub: I think it was because of reading classic children's stories set in England. And then as I grew older and watched lots of movies I always loved seeing stories set in faraway places. But movies with castles were the best, especially the kind of castles one finds in the UK.

Tampa, Florida
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4. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

My first UK visit was an 8 day trip to London in Sept 2004. I'll be returning for 12 days in May 2006 and holding my breath since then. My mother was an anglophile who taught us that the best of everything came from England. Without realizing it, I was dreaming of going to England since I was a child--Finally made it, before my 60th birthday!

Topeka, KS, USA
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5. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

Our first visit was in October in the late 70s when DH was invited to present a paper at an international medical meeting to be held at the Barbican. He was thrilled to be asked and so began my planning for our visit. We settled on the Charing Cross Hotel because of its proximity to the tube lines and central location and were give what at that time was a huge room facing the street. My recollection was that the room had a window seat and a wide window because I remember sitting for hours just to watch the morning crowds with their brollies flooding out of the train station and queueing up for busses.

After the meeting ended we rented a car for a week, picking it up in city, not realizing how terrifying it was going to be to get out of Dodge!

He and I are also English history buffs and there was not enough time to see everything we wanted so we've continued to go back year after year----and there is still never enough time.

London, United...
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6. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

History and family history.

I have always loved British and Russian history so London has always been on my lists of places to see.

With regard to family history - in my spare time I have been tracing my family history. i have found that (on my maternal side) in the 16th/early 17th century we lived in England before heading to America in 1620 and from the 11th to 16th century in Scotland.

So naturally, I want to go to Scotland too. Maybe on my next trip.

Also, as Pub said - my love of good beer is another reason.


Salem, Oregon
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7. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

The short answer: American history / family history / British history.

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8. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

To try and make a long story short, when my daughter was in high school they did an exchange program with kids in the town of Sandbach. About 60 of them came here in October and stayed with families of the kids here that were going to Sandbach and to London the following spring. She came back absolutely in love with London. The following year her boyfriend lived and worked in London for 6 months so she went to visit him. Came back even more smitten (with London not the bf). Two years ago she had the opportunity to spend a semester in London at Regent’s College (in Regent’s Park). So that’s when I decided I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Couldn’t get my husband to go, so talked a friend into going with me. We went in February 2004 and had a great time and I felt so at home in London, I just can’t explain it. December 2004, my daughter was going to England to spend Christmas with her boyfriend who is in school in York and I told my husband I wasn’t ready to have my first Christmas without my daughter so unless he wanted to be home alone he better come with me. He did and he loved it! I felt like I was returning home, everything was so familiar. Then in February 2005 I had the opportunity to go back again because my friend’s daughter was at Richmond College. Another great trip. So after 20 years with no travel other than Vermont, Maine and Massachussets, I had 3 great trips to London in one year. But there’s so many things left to see and do, I need to get back there again. So the answer to the question of what or who? My daughter!

Sorry, obviously I did not succeed at making this short!!

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9. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

As a young married couple we had an English couple live in the flat upstairs and he was on loan from British Submarine squadron to Canada and suggested my hubby do the reverse as we would be sent to England for four years. I put the suggestion to DH and he went for it so off we went in March of '65. It was great, living in England, paid in Canadian money !!! Oh the good life. Neighbours thought we were uppity when we bought a 1966 Hillman Super Minx estate wagon, which to us was a "small" car.

Hubby has not been back since, but I have.

Montclair, Ca
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10. Re: To All Non British Members, What Or Who Was Your...

After DH and I were first married we moved to Missouri so that we could both finish University. That first year we took an elective English history class, first half of English history, then since the teacher was fab, we took the second half. She always led a trip to England every summer but I got pregnant so we did not go. But it was alway our dream. We love the history and the connection of the US to England. I was able to go for a few weeks w/o DH to visit my dughter, who had the opportunity to go to school for a semester. Now I am taking him back to London and Paris this June. We are all three Anglophiles. My daughter is sorry that she can't go. Seems like it is karma, that we are going alone!