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Wine, anglophiles and song

Calgary, Canada
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Wine, anglophiles and song

You'll be surprised to note that this post isn't about the vitamin content of British lager, ale, beer, cider etc.

I hear a lot about beer drinking and the favourite brand names that people choose to indulge in. However for people such as myself who enjoy a class of fine vino does anyone have any suggestions or comments to make on the subject of wine drinking in the British Isles? Just wondering if there are many wine bars around. Is it cool to sit in a pub and sip some wine with pleasant conversation? Would Brits be more inclinded to ask for a beer to go with their meal than a glass of wine? Maybe in the northern parts people do everything with a spot of whiskey. Am I right?

Anglophiles are right on! Always willing to start up an interesting conversation about the UK. Where I come from we hear the word anglophone more than phile. I wonder where that word anglophile started? And what do you call a Brit who is fascinated by everything North American?

While I'm singing this song there are a lot of fine wines coming out of Canada.

But seriously though folks if anyone can suggest some home grown UK wine that would be cool.

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1. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

Personally the last thing I think about in the U.K. is wine. Britain is all about real cask conditioned English ale. At least to the beer lover it should be. How about Mead? anyone ever tried it? Pub

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2. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

In the past couple of years I've started to drink wine in pubs. In my younger days it was always beer but now it's 50-50, and it'll almost certainly be wine if I'm stuffed to the gills after a big meal as there's no room for any beer to slosh around in there.

However, as a drink with a meal, it really depends on what meal it is. Wine with pizza, a good English ale with a Sunday Roast or a pint of lager with a curry.

Virginia, USA
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3. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

I don't know about UK wine, but if you like California wines, (and who doesn't?) try Sobon Estate. They're organic, also. Their Sangiovese 2003 sells at Total Wine for $10 and is so great.

Virginia, USA
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4. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

Wine with pizza now, but in my college days, we downed so many pizzas with beer. Of course it was PBR or Bud or something horrible, or worse yet 3.2 beer!

Nice, France
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5. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

A gastropub or wine bar (and there are many) will have a good selection of wine. Personally, I can't stand ale or beer, so wine is my preferred drink, BUT - and it's a big 'but' - I've yet to find a pub that has a good selection of ale AND a good selection of wine. It was noted at the pub crawl the other week that the Nag's Head, whilst a lovely pub, gave those of us who prefer wine a choice of red or white. End of story. Not white as in 'Would you like dry, medium, or sweet?' But white. Just white. There was only one red on offer as well. And both the red and the white were dire.

Now then, this wouldn't be so awful if we were in a country with a poor selection of wine. However, the UK is blessed with one of the best selections of wines at all price levels of any country I've been to (Pub, the UK is the one place wine lovers should come to!). We get fantastic wine, available even from corner shops, in prices from £3 to £30 and up from all over the world.

Anyway, rant over. Onward, in answer to your question - "Is it cool to sit in a pub and sip some wine with pleasant conversation" - yes, absolutely. It's even better if you can find the right pub. And we absolutely love to drink wine with our meals (lunch and dinner). Whisky is often a pre-dinner drink.

London, United...
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6. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

I think more and more of us 'refined' English nationals are prefering wine with a meal, seems to compliment each other much better.

Not many good English wines about but every half decent restaurant or food store will have a good selection of wine from all around the world.

Drinking good beer is a pleasure best not spoilt by the taste of food

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7. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

First ale and now wine - what a great day this is!

Thanks to our "little wine merchant" we drink a fair amount of red wine (some chardonnay). I prefer a good cab or shiraz, sometimes merlot or a blend, mostly California, but also like what's coming out of Australia, New Zealand and Chile. My old standby fave is Niebaum-Coppola Black Diamond Claret (makes me feel like Rumpole, drinking at Pomeroys Wine Bar). But now that I can get ale at the wine merchants, I'll probably drink some of that too, but wine is more plentiful & good.

Onward ~ we didn't drink too much wine in the UK, but did get a nice Italian Barollo at the Italian restaurant we ate at with Adam & pbak. And Mr. & Mrs. Hornets and I shared a nice Chardonnay also. So it can be had! I noticed several people in the pubs we were in, drinking wine, so go ahead!

Rochester, United...
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8. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

I don't think that England can yet be described as a major wine producer but we do have some excellent vineyards and more land is put to viticulture every year. French champagne houses have started to investigate sites in southern England for future production here - the soil is virtually the same as in the Champagne region.

There is even a vineyard just outside of cardiff in Wales - Clannerch.

somewhere out there
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9. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

There is actually some English wine as wine has been produced in England for more than 2000 years.

SW England has the same climate as NW France and so similar grape varieties grow well there.

If you do a Google search there are several websites dedicated to English wine production.

I believe you can get English wines at Waitrose.

I don't drink much of anything but will have a sip once in a while and some of the best I have had is from BC; I especially like the Ice Wine!

London, UK
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10. Re: Wine, anglophiles and song

English wines now picking up International medals...wine medals, that is.