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Talk to me about the Tate

Montreal, Canada
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Talk to me about the Tate

Here's the thing. I like, but don't LOVE, modern art. I'll be traveling alone, so won't have anyone to discuss the exhibits with. My artsy friends shudder at the thought of me skipping it, but my itinerary doesn't have a lot of room for museum visits. Does anyone want to make a case for it before I cross it off my list?

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1. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

The Turbine Hall is an amazing space and the gallery is free so if you don't like it you haven't wasted any money. Like all art ,everywhere, there is some I like, some I love, some I don't like and some I don't understand even when I have read the label.

If there are other types of art you prefer then London can almost certainly provide it , so no need to visit anywhere just because others say you ought to do so.

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2. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

My 21 year old son could make a case for it (I took him in 2009), but I can't. He's an art student and loved it, but as he told me (after I had probably rolled my eyes one too many times whilst looking at an exhibit), "Mom, you don't have to like it. But you should appreciate it." I admitted defeat when I saw, what looked like to me, a framed piece of couch fabric with a tear in it. After that, I just stared out the window at the beautiful dome of St. Paul's.

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3. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

Don't go

You will not enjoy it if you are doing it just to please your friends

If you think you would like it then go

If not dont go

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Chicago, Illinois
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4. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

Cross it off - pretentious rubbish.

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5. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

Here are several people talking about the Tate Modern.


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6. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

It's free so it's a place to go to get out of the rain for a bit. But to be honest, whenever I leave I just think that the artists are just having a laugh.

"Let's put some utter crap on display and watch people pretend to appreciate it"

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7. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

Don't go just because your friends say that you should. It doesn't interest me either.

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8. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

I like modern art and did not at all enjoy the Tate but I haven't been for a long time and will check it out again if there is something on that looks interesting.

I always check the websites of museums to see what exhibits are on or planned for my time of travel - you can look it over and see if anything appeals:


If not, it's your trip, your time - don't go if you don't care for it. What a terrible waste of precious time that would be - in my opinion at least.

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9. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

Go to the Tate Britain instead. If you can't find a picture there that makes you stop, stare and go "wow", I'll eat my hat.

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10. Re: Talk to me about the Tate

May I present a different view? Tate Modern is an enormously popular art gallery, every time I go there it is full of people from every age group and every country having a great time (I even got knocked over by Mick Jagger in the Turbine Hall once, so even he goes). It's the second most popular museum or gallery in London, after the British Museum, over 5 million people visited in 2010.

Yes, Tate Modern has works of art that I don't understand (I am by no means an expert on modern art), but it's also got paintings by Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, Rothko and Jackson Pollack (just to name some of my favourites). I personally think some of these are some of the most beautiful things produced by humans in the past 100 years and well worth a look to form your own opinion. Quite a lot of people think Picasso was the greatest artist of the last century and you can see some of his best works at Tate Modern, from the early to the late works, so you can see his development as an artist, which I always find fascinating. You can get inexpensive audio guides that explain what these artists were trying to do, if you want to understand more. It's also a fantastic building and has wonderful views of London. If you like modern art, I would definitely consider a visit. And it's FREE, to go to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the only permanent collection I would consider comparable, costs $25.