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preferred seating on the plane

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preferred seating on the plane

i hope this hasnt been covered before.

it may depend on the size of the plane, and the seating configuration, but, what is your preferred seat/s?

do you upgrade to business class, or whatever it is called on the airline/s you fly with?

mr xplors and i always try to get two aisle seats...across from each other. he likes to have a little extra leg room, so he can angle his legs and feet a touch out towards the aisle (without them protruding into the aisle). i am a touch claustrophic - just a touch...lol - but i like to have an aisle seat so i can see whats going on. also, if i want to get up, i can do so right away. i dont mind, at all, having to move for others, but i dont like to ask others to move for me (especially strangers). it may sound strange to you, but thats how i feel.

we never pay to sit in business class, but have used points to upgrade, when flying on points.

thanks for participating in this thread, and i hope it doesnt go the way of most of my others!

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1. Re: preferred seating on the plane

Jr. and I always try to get the last seats in the back on the side because there are usually 2 across there. She is happy with window so she can lean against it. I am happy with aisle so I don't get claustrophobia. And we don't have to share our space with anyone else. The downside to these seats is that they're very near the toilets, so people are always coming and going and standing about in the aisles right next to us. But it's better than having to share our tiny space with strangers. I've never upgraded, but I might use some miles to do that someday.

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2. Re: preferred seating on the plane

It has been covred before, but that's OK. Several people have joined the forum in last few months. I prefer aisle seats as well - since I spend a lot of time out of my seat. Coach works fine for me.I prefer using my FF miles for the free flights. Have had 2 so far and the next 2 trips to London are also free.

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3. Re: preferred seating on the plane

I'm totally with you on the aisle seats. Can't really imagine choosing a window unless you're just a tiny little person with short legs who doesn't take up much space (like the guy sitting beside me on the way back from London last month, it must be nice to be about 5'5" and 110lbs and fit anywhere comfortably).

I think http://www.seatguru.com is your best resource for where to sit. On my USAir flight to and from Gatwick it pointed out that certain rows have an inch or two of extra legroom in coach. I had a pretty pleasant flight over and a reasonably comfortable one of the way back but I'm not sure that would have been true with any less legroom at all.

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4. Re: preferred seating on the plane

The last three trips over here I've upgraded myself to Business Class with miles on American Airlines, on the way back to the States I don't care so go economy in that direction. I usually choose an aisle seat in the front economy cabin, center section, in the winter I often have the row to myself and I raise the arm rests and lie down and sleep most of the way. In Business Class I choose a window seat, put that big pillow agains the window, seat back down as far as it will go and legs raised, sleep the entire time.

When I know it's going to be a full flight, I like to sit in Row 20, 1st row of economy, window seat, more leg room in those seats.

I was just notified today that for the first time ever I've achieved Platinum status on American. I know that elite members have a better selection of seats on flights and have had them with the Gold card status, I'm anxious to see if there are even more seats available to choose from with Platinum.

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5. Re: preferred seating on the plane

I like to use www.seatguru.com, where you can pull up the airplane that you are flying on and check out the legroom, etc of each individual seat. It's great.

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6. Re: preferred seating on the plane

Aisle, aisle, ailse! I have claustrophobia + need to get up 1000 times to use "the ladies" and don't want to disturb anyone.

Feel the need to point out I have mastered the art of getting up out of my seat without pulling on the persons headrest in front of me. Different post, I know, but unbelievable to me how people do this w/out even considering they are pulling someone else's seat back. Use your armrest for leverage! (The elderly and others w/physical limitations exempt, of course).

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7. Re: preferred seating on the plane

I used to prefer the window seat because I liked looking out the window on take-off and landing and thought I could lean against it to sleep. Well, I have finally admitted to being delussional about getting any sleep on the plane, and now prefer the aisle seat so I can get up when I want.

I've never paid for an upgrade, but I've been upgraded to World Traveler Plus a couple of times on BA.

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8. Re: preferred seating on the plane

xplors: I just recently booked my free BA Club (business) seat on BA for next May/June. Otherwise, I'm strictly coach. I like to sit on the aisle as close to the front of the cabin as possible because when the plane lands, I want off fast (well, after the passengers in Club and WT-Plus disembark).

I always put the aisle armrest up; it makes it much easier to get in and out of my seat, especially when I want to beat the rush to the restroom after a meal and the trays have yet to be collected.

When flying from London to anywhere in Europe though I always like the window seat because the flights are usually short and I like to check out the scenery of the new city I'm exploring.

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9. Re: preferred seating on the plane


Xplors, I feel exactly the same way you do about not wanting to bother others if I'm in the window seat, but not minding to get up for them if I'm in the aisle. We must be very considerate people :-)

Up until recently I always wanted the window seat. Not only to look out at the scenery but because I have a bad neck (from a car accident) and I can't sit in confined spaces for long w/o my neck killing me. So leaning my head up against the window was more comfortable for me. However... I'm uncomfortable regardless and I hate being confined & as I mentioned, bugging others to let me out. Oh! And I hate sitting there after we land and being stuck in my seat and not able to get to my overhead luggage. And by the time you do get out into the aisle, you have to quickly grab your luggage before you get trampled over by the masses behind you.

The only way I'll still request a window seat now is if it is only 2 seats side by side (which I only come across on some of my international flights). THAT I can deal with... But if its the usual arrangement of 3 seats- I want the aisle!

For my trip to London in September, this will be the first time I'm getting the aisle seat in the interior row.

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10. Re: preferred seating on the plane

On long trips such as my trips home to NZ from London if I am travelling on my own I prefer the window as I can lean against it to sleep, yes I can actually sleep. The down side is that I do tend to drink a lot and hence have to get people to move so I can go to the bathroom which I hate. However, if I am travelling with my partner he likes the isle so I end up with the middle seat in the row of three on either side of the plane, I absolutely hate being stuck in the row of four in the middle of the plane. As for travelling within Europe, I don't really care but I would rather the window or isle over a middle seat.