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Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

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Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

Hello fellow TA travellers,

I have proposed a 7D6N itinerary for our group of four adults who will be traveling in August. Could you kindly see if this is realistic? I myself am in a wheelchair, so for most days we'll just take the bus - and our pace may be somewhat slower than most. Thanks in advance.

< Wednesday >

12:30pm Arrive at St. Pancras, buy PAYG Oyster Card, get 2FOR1 coupon, take bus to Seven Dials

1:30pm Check in, take a rest

3:30pm Walk to COVENT GARDEN (Souvenirs shops still open?)

6:00pm Take bus to HARRODS Food Court

8:00pm Take bus home

< Thursday >

9:15am Take bus 38 to QUEEN'S GALLERY (10am entry)

11:00am Shop at Queen's Gallery Shop

11:30am Picnic lunch @ ST JAMES PARK

1:00pm See Horse Guard Parade

1:15pm Walk to HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT (1:40pm entry)


4:30pm Take bus home

6:30pm Walk to Chinatown or elsewhere

< Friday >

9:30am Take bus to King's Cross

10:00am Buy tickets to CAMBRIDGE

11:30pm Arrive at CAMBRIDGE

12:00pm Lunch at Student Centre

1:00pm Walking tour

5:00pm Take train back to King's Cross

6:00pm Take bus home, relax at home, walk to BRITISH MUSEUM (extended hours) if not tired

< Saturday >

9:00am Take bus and DLR to attend CHURCH in Greenwich area

1:00pm Walk to GREENWICH PARK

4:00 Take Thames Clippers to Blackfriars Pier to attend ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL EVENSONG (5:00pm)

6:00 Walk to POSTMAN'S PARK, take bus home

< Sunday >

9:15am Take bus to NATIONAL GALLERY

12:00pm Lunch at Gallery Cafe

1:00pm Continue NATIONAL GALLERY

4:00pm ST. MARTINS IN THE FIELD, head home

7:00pm Walk to New London Theatre for WAR HORSE (7:30pm show)

< Monday >

10:00 Take bus to PORTOBELLO MARKET

12:00pm Lunch... somewhere in PORTOBELLO

1:30pm Take bus to COURTAULD GALLERY

5:30pm Dinner at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

< Tuesday >

9:00am FREE

1:00pm Take cab to Green Park Station, take tube to Heathrow Airport

Flight @ 5:00pm

< The End >

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1. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

OK, maybe I'm out of the loop, but what is 7D6N? I tried looking it up on the Internet and didn't find a definition.

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2. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

7 days, 6 nights.

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3. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

2for1 offers are valid only with a paper travel card issued by National Rail

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4. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

Hi Tabata_1973, we'll be using Two Together railcard for our train rides from Edinburgh to York and Chesterfield to London. I assume that is valid?

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5. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

Not sure if it is possible to take a bus from 7 dials to the national gallery. Walking even slowly will probably be quicker/easier.

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6. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

The railcard is not a train ticket: it gives you a discount when purchasing train tickets. Also, an Oyster Card (in itself, not a ticket for travel) would not let you use the 2for1 offer. That's where the point about paper travel cards issued at a National Rail station comes into play.

Not sure where you will be staying in London so could you please clarify? As things stand I suspect that you may not be able to take a bus to and from 'home' as easily as your itinerary implies. Also, for your journey to Greenwich, it may be more efficient to use the bus for the whole journey. However, you mention 'Greenwich area' so it would be useful to know a specific destination. If to attend a church service, wouldn't somewhere near to your accommodation suffice?

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7. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

Hi Myrtle_Villa, thanks. Sorry if I wasn't clear. We'll be staying right by Seven Dials. :)

Greenwich is a place we wanted to see, so we picked a church in that area. A substitute would sure be to attend church closer to home, and then leave for Greenwich afterwards. Same thing.

Hi Amos H, yeah... we could probably walk to the National Gallery.

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8. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

The 2 for 1 offer is explained at the top right of this forum. It has nothing to do with two together or oyster cards.

An oyster card is a bit of plastic. It isn't a ticket in itself. You can put money on it to use for transport to pay as you go. Or you can load a travel card on to the oyster card. A travel card is a set fee for all transport in the zones you specify (and all buses in all zones) for a set amount of time. You can also buy paper travel cards without having an oyster card.

The 2 for 1 offers are from the train companies to encourage people to travel by train. They give 2 for 1 entry to various tourist attractions on the production of a rail ticket to London and a voucher (download or try to find a book of them a a train station). There is a loop hole in that if you buy a London travel card from an overground real train station, so that it has the " crows feet" national rail symbol on it, it can be used as the train ticket for the 2 for 1 offer. You do NOT need an oyster card AND a travel card. I don't know what "coupons" you mean.

If you are arriving at St Pancras with a train ticket from somewhere in the UK then that ticket can be used as the rail ticket for 2 for 1.

The two together rail card is a card which gets you a discount on national rail tickets. It is not itself a ticket at all. You cannot use it as a travel pass. It doesn't get you a 2 for 1 offer. Reduced train tickets bought using it would though.

I am sure others can explain this better than me if it is still unclear.

Edited: 09 May 2014, 08:59
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9. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

Elaine- for me, Seven Dials is a road junction (you've no doubt worked out how many roads are involved) in the Covent Garden area and the roads involved are not bus routes. If this is where you mean, you won't be able to catch a bus from St Pancras that will drop you, travelling companions, and luggage outside the hotel door and taking a bus to the National Gallery will be impractical because of its proximity to the nearest roads served by bus from Seven Dials.

The 2for1 offer: others may be able to confirm but I would have thought that your ticket to St Pancras would be valid in conjunction with the offer on the day of arrival only (logically, the alternative would be that rail tickets to London would be valid indefinitely) and I cannot see that you plan to visit anywhere on this day where you could use the offer. So you will need to go to a National Rail station on your first full day for paper travelcards - Charing Cross station will be the nearest. Stay at street level within the station for the National Rail ticket office. That said, are you actually planning to visit anywhere where the offer applies?

Travel to Greenwich: I would suggest catching a route 188 bus from Kingsway to Greenwich - possibly a little circuitous in its route, but no interchanges involved.

Church in Greenwich: the parish church (read: the Anglican church) in Greenwich (details here: http://st-alfege.org/). It has a dominant position in the centre of Greenwich - the bus to Greenwich does not pass it but you might glimpse it through the bus's offside window, which will be on your left as you (presumably) sit in your wheelchair. If you have the church of some other denomination in mind, then quite likely you will need to change to another bus in Greenwich.

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10. Re: Proposed Itinerary: 7D6N with wheelchair user

Myrtle_Villa, thanks for the input. I know Seven Dials will need to be reached with a bit of walking. If I'm not mistaken, we'll be starting most of our bus journeys from Cambridge Circus on the next street. Or we could walk to the British Museum to take the bus heading east, to St Paul's, for example.

We will attend a service with the Adventist church. I don't have the address with me but it's further southwest of Greenwich Park, perhaps 10th-20 minute walk.

I think I got confused about the 2for1 offer - I only put it in as an "in case we could use it" thing. Seeing we won't probably use it anyway, we'll just let it go.

Does the overall itinerary look good to you? Any suggestions?