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picketing at tourist attractions?

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picketing at tourist attractions?

We are from the US and planned to go to London this week..our flilght returning will be from Heathrow to JFK. I was told that Muslims are picketing the tourist attractions, and a friend of mine who is going plans not to use the metro or be in Picadilly Square.

We are planning to Leave Thursday with all that is going on, we are considering postponing this dream trip.

If anyone is in London now, please let me know if there is picketing and anything you see that is affecting a tourst's enjoyment.

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1. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

I haven't heard anything about protests, but I haven't listened or seen any news since this morning.

I went to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery yesterday (for work) and it was business as usual. My husband is sightseeing with his aunt and uncle today they have been to The Globe this morning and the London Eye this afternoon, and I haven't heard anything from them.

If you feel nervous, you can get to all major attractions with out using the underground - you can walk or take the bus. I have been on the tube everyday since last Wednesday - I have no choice it is how I get to work.

If you don't get to Piccadilly Circus, I wouldn't worry - it isn't that special ;)

It is after all up to you and how you feel, but I haven't felt at all unsafe this entire week.

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2. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

Haha whatever. I'd tell this "friend" to stop making things up and get a life.

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3. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

Who told you that? First I've heard of it. Nothing on BBC about it, and no sign of it on the streets.

Picadilly Circus worth avoiding anyway, imo. And the metro (Tube) is not worth it unless you are in a great hurry. You don't see anything except sweaty commuters and tourists. Walk through the many parks. Or take a bus/cab

The only thing that will affect your enjoyment is the poor rate of exchange for the dollar.

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4. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

Never heard so much nonsense in my life....

I live in London and was at piccadilly circus an hour ago with no sign of any of this....This fear of Muslims is ridiculous( no. I'm not muslim, I'm irish...)

London is an amazing city, you need to see this for yourself.

I would not listen to ' your friend' as you call them, are they jealous.

Get yourself over here, you will have a great tim, I promise....

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5. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

Nobody appears to be picketing, and multicultural London carries on going about its business. We use the tube, we use the buses, we support our friends of all ethnic backgrounds. Should people reserve their right to protest peacefully then good luck to them.

Enjoy your travels. Life goes on.

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6. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

Most demonstrations are held in Trafalgar Square and are peaceful. I visited the National Gallery the day of the protests against the Danish cartoons and had no problems what so ever. In fact most people their were having a good day out bringing their families and having a picnic. It was interesting to hear people talking about how the situation made them feel.

I think that you would be very silly to postpone your trip or not to use the tube because of a fear of Muslims/picketing. Most weekends their are protests against this or that. London is a multi-cultural city and everyone lives side by side and gets along fine. If you have a chance I'd highly recomend going for a curry down Brick Lane.

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7. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

Huh? I'm in Piccadilly daily, and the only sign of unrest is in the long queues in front of the French Railways office before it opens (there's been a run on Eurostar tix by those who don't want to hassle with the airports). I'm in and out of the major museums daily, and haven't seen anything unusual at any of them, nor have there been alerts on the Tube.

It would be sad to cancel a trip based on uninformed hearsay. Buy a local paper daily (Evening Standard) to keep abreast of local news & events whilst you're here, if you're worried. But as I write, there's nothing to prevent you from having a wonderful trip.

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8. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

Not sure where your friend got their information from but it is totally incorrect. I work not far from Picadilly circus and there has been nothing happening there today or any day this week. In fact I've not seen anything at all since the demonstration in Trafalgar Square about the cartoons.

Someone has taken a bit of what they have read and let their imagination run away with them I think.

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9. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

I have just come back from the British Library and British Museum and saw no pickets.

Anyway, picketing is just a few people standing around with placards and I can't see why that would spoil your enjoyment.

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10. Re: picketing at tourist attractions?

Obviously not accurate information - if it was true, folks would be posting about it and it would be on the news ... someone is playing with your mind. Tell them to get lost. Go and have a great trip.