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Good restaurants in Bath

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Good restaurants in Bath

I always feel sorry for people visiting bath as it must be a nightmare finding good places to eat, especially at a weekend when many restaurants need a reservation. Having lived here for over three years I think may restauarants are over priced and/or offer very poor service. So here are some recommendations and I'd like to know if you've come across any other good places - I'm always looking for something new!


Demuth's Vegetarian Restaurant - consistently good and changing menu. Nice atmosphere and during the week they offer a set priced menu.

Firehouse Roisserie - nice mix of upmarket pizza and chicken dishes. The salamander pub next door is good for a drink before or after.

Bombay Nights - lower bristol road opposite holiday inn express does a good curry. Or the Eastern Eye on Quiet Street is good and in a great location - don't forget to look up while you eat.

Loch Fyne on Milsom Street- I know it's a chain but I prefer it to FishWorks which has great reviews as I've had terrible service there.

Martini - Italian for a reasonable meal but with great old fashioned Italian sevice


Pastiche Bistro - Argyle street - low price for a sit down meal - book for a view of the river. Food isn't great but it makes a change from a sandwich

Riverside Cafe -Argyle Street- great views and a nice menu - mainly sandwiches and salads

Cafe Retro York Street- good brunch

Do not go to Sally Lunns it is a tourist trap!!

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Bath, United Kingdom
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1. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

Hi dogleash, agree with some of your choices, but think OnefishTwofish miles better and much more interesting than loch Fyne. Have you tried it yet?

Also i think best curries and very resonable prices are to be found at The Desh in Chelsea Road Weston. Bit out of town (as you know) but well worth it. Take away to(collection only)

Petit Couchon reliably good-especialy if christophe cooking, as is the White Hart, but ring o bells hopless unless Jaques on , I would allways advise anyone going to eat at the ROB to phone and check this out.


The Pear Tree at Whitley (Has very nice rooms)

The Moody Goose at Midsommer Norton One michellin star and lovely rooms

The Crown at Dyrham

The Old house at home Burton

Totally agree with you about Sally Lunns plus the cafe opposite the pump rooms!

St. George UT
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2. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

DogLeash...O.K. I just have to ask: is your forum name a play on the Adam Dagleish character in P.D. James' mysteries?

Thanks for providing info. on eateries in Bath. I'll be in your part of the world in lovely May.

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3. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

Its so difficult to find good places Bath, so let me share my recent experience over the last 12 months:

Top 10 for me!!!

1. King William - London Road - My favourite place in Bath - Hence No 1. Starched tablecloths and napkins. Candelabra on table. cosy and dimly lit. very romantic. food good highlighting best of our national cuisine. like it!!!

2. White Hart - Widcombe High Street. Great food. Good wine list and puts Le Petit Cochon to shame. A good Argentine Cabernet Savignon - Valentin Bianchi costs £14.95 here - go across the road and an inferior Argentine red costs £3 more. Why I dont know!

3. Martini - George Street. QUALITY

4. Le Petit Cochon - Margaret Buildings or Widcombe High Street. Formidable!!!!! Worth the price once in a while!

5. RingOBells - Reliably good - always.

6. Fishworks - Very pricey but what do you expect fish doesnt come cheap in UK. Buy their chefs books and replicate what you've enjoyed at home. I consider dining there to be a cookery lesson.

7. Bombay Nights - Best asian cuisine in bath

8. Hudsons Bar and Grill. Upmarket. smart. good service in bar (not so good upstairs). Steak is great quality but at a price. £19.95 but tastes great!!!!

9. Il toco di Italia. Best views in bath of the weir and the old Empire Hotel. Good size round tables for larger parties make this an enjoyable venue. Service is excellent. Wine list entensive. Food coould improve in its Italian authenticity. Rissotto a little bland.

10. Pria - extremely good value. Marvelous selection and I believe they share the kitchen with the more fancy Rajpoot (downstairs).

Other recommendations:

Chequers Inn - Just out of top 10.

Grappa - Now for the over 50's. Pricey but good. Ensure that bar staff ask whether or not you want a single or double G&T. Otherwise its expensive.

The Bathtub - Reliable. Needs a facelift maybe!

Jafflong - In the top 5, but only just.

Papillon - Margaret Buildings. Good

Yum Yum Thai - good thai food. Slightly nouveau cuisine in terms of portions. US visitors suggest you eat a cornish pasty prior to meal otherwise you will be dissapointed.

Mai Thai - Manvers Street. More substantial portions and nice ambience.

Bengal Brasserie - Milsom Street. A little dark and dingy (its in the basement). Food is tasty which compensates for the location.

Cafe Retro - Amazing brunch. yummy.

yakyetiyak - Nepalease Restaurant. Try and sit on the floor. good atmosphere. great use of spices not tipical to UK palate. Friendly staff. Central location. However portions must enlarge please.

Ha Ha Bar and Canteen - Reminds me of school diners. Not bad though!

Marmaris - Tasty. However eat before 10, otherwise the company is a little roudy.

Arabesque - A tent upstairs in the Podium (above Waitrose). Nice Leabanease food. I have lunch there on my days off!!!!

The Italian in the Podium is good. Shame about the location. Ideal for lunch with or without kids.

Il Botellino - good with kids. Large pizzas!!!!

Same Same but different - (behind Allen and Harris). Friendly staff. Good tapas!!!!! Good prices.

Lock Fynne - Not bad for a chain. I didnt expect much but was extremely impressed by the food and service.

Pizza express - always suitably impressed for this chain.

Light lunch venues above retail shops:

Shoon cafe (above Shoon obviously) and Bloomsbury (Metropolitan cafe). Worth the wait.

Approach with caution:

Belvedere Wine Vaults. Sadly changed hands the tapas used to be so good.

Firehouse Rotiserie - nice atmosphere, good service but very bad accoustic downstairs. Ask for a table upstairs!

Zaza - bad accoustic. Service slow. Food ok.

La Flamenca - exactly what you would eat in Spain. Tasty (muy bueno) but why is it so expensive??????????? If prices were slashed I would eat there one a week.

La Tasca - Chain - Try to avoid.

Demuths - Main courses over £8 when there's no fish or meat. Gimme a break. I cook better vegeterian at home. I dont think its immaginative at all. Sat downstairs next to kitchen and staff didnt seem that passionate about food. Hence the menu.

Not my cup of chai:

Cafe Uno - I refer to it as cafe 1. A chain thats all.

Garfunkells - maybe at the airport but not in Bath please.

Browns - Sorry but no thank you.

Wife of Bath - Hopefully the menu has been given a touch of inspiration. Maybe will try again soon. Give it a chance!

Cafe du Globe - Menu is too ambitious as gordon ramsey would say. Thai, Marrocan, Spainish Italian, American,French. I'm aghast next they'll be adding Mongolian BBQ. Theres non in Bath.

Be adveturous:

I've yet to try Tilleys. Very much for the over 50's. I understand its good. I realy must go before it turns into some chain.

I understand that awful restaurant in North Parade (Tratorria de Salvo) has changed hands and is now a decent place to eat. One2fish I believe its called.

One final comment. Come on guys get on an open at least 5 sushi joints in Bath cos I'm leaving if they dont arrive soon - I give you all 24 months!!!!

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4. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

Oops forgot. Moody Goose has flown out of town and has been replaced by Mezzaluna. Great menu. A little pricey. You could always ask for the pasta of the day. Probably the only place in Bath that really does make its own homemade pasta

Bath, United Kingdom
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5. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

Wow pretty extensive list there! Have to disagree with you on a few things though!

1) Ring o bells only good if Jaques is cooking, went one night when sulky english 'alledged chef' Ben there. Food apalling, got money back...ahh would never have happend in Cristophe Lacroix's day!

2)King William. food ok but what is with the bizzare pricing structure?! £9 odd for cauliflower cheese, surely not?!Also if i wanted to be romantic would not even think of there, you would probably already had a row trying to find somewhere to park.

Also you really should try onefishtwofish, fish as good and often more interesting than fishworks (which is great!) and cheaper. Good inexpensive wine too, unoaked chillian chardonnay £15.00.

I have heard very bad things from foodie friends about mezzaluna, but good things about Strada. chain but apparently good.

For great pizzas and good salads, delfter krug very good. £6.00 deal pizza and glass of wine/beer 6-9 mon-thursday.

New Chef at The Priory supposedly excellent for an expensive michellin starred night out.

Had high hopes for chequers, but last time we went, it was appalling, 3rd chef since they opend and not a good one, also very expensive. £12 for shepherds pie!

The Fig Tree at Monkton Combe is an intersting choice for a fri or sat night, rooms too. Not cheap, but you can take your own drink, with no corkage charge. Food and service excellent (if you go in the winter take a torch for the walk!)

Is the sushi restaurant in town any good? What about a decent south american restaurant as opposed to the dire Las Iguanas?!


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6. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

My foodie friends also slated Mezzaluna. However I went last Saturday lunchtime and was very surprised. Their Pinot Grigio was quite pleasant. The evening menu is pricey. I checked it thoroughly. Suggest lunch venue only. I havent tried Strada. Thats next.

Thanks for your advice regarding RingOBells. I refrained from entering their premises after my credit card was debited incorrently. I tipped separatetly, but they proceeded to take £3 more from my card. Chip and Pin gives me greater control.

I like The Priory - Nice michelin star sunday lunch £90. A little croquet in their fabulous garden is fun. However that is special ocassions only!!!! I was dissapointed by The Olive Tree. Exepensive for what it is.

I understand Le Beaujolais is opening again. I bet the owners has really made a killing from his insurers for all that "lost business"........ I liked the rusticness of the place, however it needed sproosing up anyway!

I know what you mean re parking for the King Willy - maybe take a taxi or walk.

I would really like some good recommendations for quality pub food in the surrounding villages. Something similar to the Northey in Box or The Crown in Dyrham.

If I won the lottery I would open a genuine Argentine Steakhouse. I would probably buy the Larkhall in and gut it throughout.

Latin American.... We need something like new York's Sushisamba. Japanease/Peruvian Fusion.

Maybe a Brazilian Rodizio with chilled Caipirinhas mmmm. A real family run mexican. Please please open the floodgates and live in Bath and expand the local choice to residents and visitors to Bath

San Diego
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7. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

Wonderful list--thanks! I was wondering where to eat because I had heard a number of places were tourist traps. Given this list, sounds like we will be staying for dinner!

Bath, United Kingdom
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8. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

Hi Groncho, on your recomendation i will give Mezzaluna a try for lunch.

I too am a fan of the crown and the northey. Have you tried the more old fashioned of the group-the old house at home in Burton.Very good, worth a visit. Good sunday lunch to be had at The Richmond Arms, ignore the cliquey old guys at the bar!Apparently the sunday lunch at the Velore(or whatever it's called!) restaurant at the Bath Spa rocks! it's about 23.00 pp. Another friend tells me that the Talbot at Mells is very good, but it's £12.00 for mains and a pudding, so only good value if the pudd is good. Sometimes is crap, like sorbet, which is never going to win the world's most exciting pudding competition is it?!

Have you had sunday lunch at The Chequers since they changed chef. I went the first week it opened on a sunday and thought it pretty good. however, now the evening food has gone down, don't want to waste time by going.


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9. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

Havent been to chequers to eat for a while.

The Circus Restaurant do a 2 course lunch for £12.50. It was empty las Saturday whereas Le Petit cochon or Papillon were heaving. The latter offers a 2 course lunch for only £8.50!

I shall try Strada next to the Thertre Royal this week. Has anyone eaten in Rafaels?

Bath, United Kingdom
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10. Re: Good restaurants in Bath

Yes why is the circus restaurant always seems to be either empty or half full/empty-you decide!

They used to do a great thing on the opening night of the festival. you can book a table for entire evening, and nip out between courses, so you don't miss the teenages off their heads chucking up in the bushes! don't know if they still do it-the circus that is.

Still hearing great things about Strada. They have some good deals on, like free bottle of wine with 2 people eating etc., Off on holls tomorrow, bt will try it when back in the swing.