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Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

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Fareham, United...
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Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

Not having had the benefit of reading these posts we had parked on the line of a bay - there was no bay on the other side of the line and got stung for £90 - cash only. Whilst we were there another 4 people were clamped. One person at 15.31 on a ticket that expired at 15.29.

The cashpoint machine is in a pub in the village- when I entered I was advised that it had run out of money and the lday behind the bar said, without prompting 'Have you been clamped?'

We will not now return to Haworth. I know that the car park is private but if the local community really wanted to stop this then they could take some sort of action.

Halifax, United...
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31. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

Fortunately the law is being changed and from October 2012 it will be a criminal offence for a private operator in England to clamp a vehicle.

This will be a mighty blow to the most profitable business in Haworth, and the men involved who will really feel the loss of this practice (a practice which in Scotland is already legally defined as extortion).

In the meantime, Summer 2012 approaches, The tourist traffic to Haworth is substantial. I would be heartened, if the shops and businesses of Haworth were motivated to take whatever legal methods they can adopt to publicise to those entering their town, that a poorly marked parking place in this dusty, lawless car park could cost them most of their holiday money.

This summer will be the last for clamping in Haworth, and one can only imagine just how frequently the clamps will be used in the coming days.

Yorkshire police said, "there is nothing we can do, it has been going on too long". A sad admission of inertia.

north of england
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32. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

Well said !

The powers that be in Haworth , who had been so conspicuous by their abscence with regard to the clamping outrage , suddenly seem to have become more vocal about it ( see their responses to the change in law in the local newspapers ) .

It would be a small measure of consolation to previous victims if a concerted effort was made by all concerned to prevent the Haworth clamping gang from having yet another profitable summer at the expense of visitors to their town .

Sorry to say it , but there are a lot of people who need to redeem themselves .

A public apology to victims would not go amiss ! ( Obviously one would not come from the clampers ) .


South Pole
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33. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

news of the infamous haworth car park has spread to australia with letters to the leading sydney newspaper about it over two weekends now from australian tourists caught there.

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34. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

We too were clamped today. We were on a trip on behalf of our University's English department as we were considering bringing a large residential group of trainee teachers to Howarth and recommending the museum to their pupils. We will not be making this recommendation, or bringing the teachers. We will be going to Grasmere instead. We estimate that the village has lost over 100 adult and numerous child visitors as a result of the behaviour of this car park. Shame on you.

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35. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

My wife and I were unfortunate enough to start our three-week vacation in Great Britain by visiting the charming Bronte village of Haworth and parking our car in in the infamous Changegate car park.

Like many tourists, we were clamped and had to pay £90 to have the clamp released !

The three parking attendants looked and behaved like thieves, ready to pounce on their next guilelessvictims. One of them even claimed he was a French resident : an obvious lie !

This car park should be avoided at all costs.

Mr Charpentier, FRANCE

Cambridge, United...
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36. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

Maybe someone should clamp him and refuse to release him until everyone is refunded.

My other point is you are allowed to use reasonable force to remove such clamps by law, so legally you may be able to remove the clamp without paying up as you'd have used reasonable force.

The other simple fact is if he is also clamping disabled drivers displaying blue badges he would also be in breach of the law in that respect so could be in even more trouble.

Now, my only thought is, see if he 'rents' the land and if so find out the landlord and ask him to take action as if he does 'rent' the land he could potentially be thrown off this land plain and simply.

Cheshire, U.K.
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37. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

I can add more lunacy to the previous reports. I was in this car park today, when I saw the car park thug trying to clamp a car with a lady, her child and elderly mother on board. The lady actually lay down by the back wheel so that the clamp could not be attached. She called her husband on her phone to come to her aid. The car park thug then moved to the front wheel to try to put the clamp on. The lady then move to the front wheel. The husband then came back and pushed the car park thug away from his wife and car. At which the car park thug grabbed him and threatened him with something I could not hear.

By this time the lady had managed to get into the driving seat and start the engine. As only the back part of the clamp was in place she could have driven away, but the car park thug had called for reinforcement. This is where car park thug number 2 arrived and tried to bash in the back window. He then, unbelievably, made his own children stand behind the car so that it would deter the driver from moving. They seemed not to be a stupid as their father and got out of the way. The car and its occupants then managed to drive away.

The moral of the tale is; Don't park on this car park, as greed for money is put before the lives of children.

Manchester, United...
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38. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

obviously being an ex-JP makes you above the law. Just back from lovely day out walking from whycoller to Haworth, nice lunch in local pub to return to our transport and be robbed of £240. The local police were called on numerous occasions and we were basically fobbed off with not enough police to even bother turning up. Nothing they could do they said whilst the scrubbers or thugs chauffered each victim down to the cash machine a mile away, one woman in tears as they said she had to go alone. Surley that alone must be wrong. What if that was someones 18 year old daughter who never came back. Would the police have regretted not attending. One German victim who took the trip for cash was told by the chauffer that around £4000 was made in the afternoon which they didnt even have to pay tax on. Well that could be one reason that the police have have no staff. Is that not where there wages come from!!!!!!!!!!!!! neither my family, the German visitors or the other ten or so people will ever cross Haworth's doorstep again.

Manchester, United...
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39. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

These men are thugs who profiteer from various scams.

A popular one at the moment is to have a woman (usually a large lady leaving in a BMW) offer you a ticket with lots of time left on it. They then clamp you for transferring the ticket. This woman is clearly in on the deal.

Intimidation, bullying and harassment are illegal and the Police must respond. They clamped my sister in law for displaying the ticket on the dashboard, not the windscreen.

They need teaching a lesson and if there's a farmer with a muck spreader on the blink, he knows where to visit!

Leeds, United...
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40. Re: Changegate car park - avoid at all costs

This was on Radio Leeds last night as they can no longer clamp on private land.

They even interviewed a man who was clamped whilst his engine was running after he'd dropped his wife off and was changing the channel on his radio!!!

The locals are also up in arms, with the local representative from the chamber of commerce saying that it has damaged Haworths reputation badly with stories circulating around the world.

Unfortunately, pikey's and chav's like these clampers will find a loophole...