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Tipping in Scotland

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Tipping in Scotland


I've read quite a few articles about tipping in Scotland, but there seems to be a lot of different ideas on what the norm is. Could anyone tell me if the following is correct:

1. Restaurants - 10 - 15% if a gratuity is not added to the bill

2. Pubs - More common to offer a drink to the bar tender

3. Porters - £1 per trip (more if excessive baggage)

4. Taxi's - 10%

5. Maids - £2 per day

6. B&B - maybe a small gift from my country, but generally no cash tip.

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41. Re: Tipping in Scotland


I disagree that most B&B owners don't live on the premises. I stay in a lot of these when I go hillwalking and I've NEVER come across one that wasn't someone's home. Given that American B&Bs seem to be a different thing altogether, it's useful for visitors to know there's a difference.


I must have missed the post by whoever was claiming to represent Scotland. Which one was that?

Never had a tip in my life. I've got a cupboard full of Quality Street tins. Trying to ignore them....

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42. Re: Tipping in Scotland

By Incongru...

[I repeat, the tipping of taxi drivers and bar staff is not normal behaviour.]

That did not sound like the expression of a personal opinion to me.

But as I am a reasonable person I will rephrase it. "My opinion is that you need to get out a bit more." ;o)

(Oh and if you think that is a personal attack and you want to frequent this forum I would recommend the purchase of a pachyderm suit.)


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43. Re: Tipping in Scotland

At post 15 i mentioned i had visited Cuba but honestly the Thomas Cook Pilot went there of his own free will, just in case you thought I had Hijacked the plane!!!!!

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44. Re: Tipping in Scotland

Incongru you seem to be mixing up your own personal opinion with the opinions and actions of everybody else in the UK. You don't tip, we get it. Welcome to the forum which is only full of personal opinion that's what forums are.

No-one here is a tourist or tipping czar we just give advice as we see fit. Hopefully most of the time it is correct and useful. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that you or they are correct but just in my personal experience (which is what I post) I and others I know do give the odd tip to bar staff, certainly to waiters and sometimes to taxi drivers. Tipping is optional but always appreciated.

Perhaps it is a generational thing. I think I read that you are a senior person and although I am getting there myself I know my mum is always kinda loathed to tip also.

At the end of the day this forum is to provide information to the OP (original poster) to allow them to make an informed decision. I hope we have done that and now not confused them.

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45. Re: Tipping in Scotland

Incongru, grow up.

People represent their own perspective, not Scotland.

People post their own view, and interpretation of what they see. You have no right to say people cant speak that, its not some dictat police state much as you dream it might be.

The posts on this topic have been straight forward and clear, no one apart from yourself is disputing the right of people to hold a view.

Grow up, and accept on a forum there will differing views, and maybe, just maybe, your view on a subject might not be shared by everyone else

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46. Re: Tipping in Scotland

I'm with Bluebreezer on this . If you do a job and get paid why expect a tip. The Frommer's advice is incorrect for Uk.I am a registered tour guideWe do not expect a £2 tip. In fact, we rarely, if ever, get anything from clients other than the occasional North American.

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47. Re: Tipping in Scotland

I think that what happens here is that a few people post what they themselves do with regard to tipping, which is not necessarily the "done thing". I think that when someone is asking for advice on something like this we should try to offer the best advice. We should tell people what <does> happen not what we think <should> happen.

Incongru goes so far as to say that he/she reckons that the tipping of taxi drivers in "not normal behaviour". Madscotsman drives a cab. He says that some people tip and others don't. I prefer to believe him and I know from my personal experience that tipping cab drivers up to and even beyond 10% is very common amongst my circle of friends and acquaintances.

I like to imbibe so I am often in taxis with various other people and I would say that the VAST majority of them tip the driver when paying. If my fare was say £4.30 I would not dream of taking any change from a fiver meaning that the driver gets more than 16%.

["If you do a job and get paid why expect a tip."]

This has nothing to do with the actual <concept> of tipping. We are trying to tell the OP what to expect here in Scotland with regards to tipping.

I am self employed and I don't expect a tip but then I am not on minimum wage. I am quite happy to supplement some low paid people's earnings by offering them a tip. Perhaps it is not the ideal situation. Perhaps they should be paid more but that is hardly their fault.

One thing I have noticed is that it is often those who can best afford it that don't tip. Hrmmmm?

Anyway we have probably talked the OP into going somewhere else where peopl don't bicker so much. :o)

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48. Re: Tipping in Scotland


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49. Re: Tipping in Scotland

>>> sownack - I think you're right about the difference between US and UK B&Bs. But in the UK I would describe someone letting rooms in their home as being a guest house really, and I would say that the difference between a B&B and a guest house is that the owner of a B&B generally does not live on the premises - although the difference between the two is a bit blurred at the edges! <<<

My B&B had three letting rooms and that is why it was classed as such. Any more and it would have been classed as a Guest House, by Visit Scotland and the local council. This would then have been reflected in the rates of insurance and the Council Tax payments I had to make.

I most certainly did live on the premises and had I not, my insurance premiums would have gone through the roof. It was a very, very rare occurance when there wasn't someone in the house to take care of guests, or deal with any problems which may have occured.

As for the hidden agenda comment from another poster, well I do not have one nor have I ever had one.

Over the years I have worked in several restaurants and hotels and all I ever wanted from those I served, ie guests and diners, was some respect. Cash tips were nice to receive, but the words "please" and "thank you" went much further with me.

It was the same when I ran my B&B. Receiving tips and gifts from guests was very nice, but I much preferred everyone to observe social niceties where my home, family and other guests were concerned. Sadly, for a variety of reasons, this did not always happen :-(

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50. Re: Tipping in Scotland


I must apologise, obviously I do not know the tipping habits of "persons who like to imbibe" in the Renton or wherever.

All I am saying is that no visitor to Scotland should feel obliged to tip taxi drivers and/or bar staff.

Please also consider the impression you are making on potential overseas visitors, when you respond to these genuine postings.

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