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Caledonian Sleeper

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Caledonian Sleeper

Can you please share you experience on "Caledonian Sleeper". I am planning to travel from from London to Inverness. Was is comfortable. How are the facilities etc. Also is there a shower facility at Inverness Station since will be reaching early morning and will note be able to check into the hotel before evening.

Also any idea if any B&B will allow for early check in.

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1. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

If you book ahead with your accommodation provider then mention to them you will be arriving early and ask if you can at least drop off your luggage. They will need to time service your room and you have to allow them the chance to do this. Much may depend upon the length of time it takes for the previous occupant to vacate the room and whether or not the B&B proprietors or hotel staff can service it first or not.

It is possible that a room may be available and you will not have to wait, but only your hosts will be able to tell you this.

If you are just going to turn up in Inverness without booking accommodation first, then you will have to see what happens. However, I cannot imagine many places not allowing you to leave your luggage to return to it later in the day for a proper check-in.

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2. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

<<Can you please share you experience on "Caledonian Sleeper". I am planning to travel from from London to Inverness. Was is comfortable. >>

Relatively but it bumps about a fair bit, dont expect a full and undisturbed nights sleep.

<<How are the facilities etc. >>

Limited food. You might wish to bring your own.

<<Also is there a shower facility at Inverness Station since will be reaching early morning and will not be able to check into the hotel before evening.>>

Not sure, try google.

<<Also any idea if any B&B will allow for early check in.>>

Thats entirely up to your B&B, you could book it from the night before but let them know you wont be there until 7 or 8am, or as Sownack says, almost any place will allow you to leave your luggage whilst you go off and come back at the checkin time. But obviousl (?!), only the specific B&B you use can answer this.

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3. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

According to Scotrail's Caledonian Sleeper webpage, there are shower facilities for all passengers at Inverness (chargeable); and only for first-class passengers at Euston (free).

I think they may be in the adjacent hotel; the Sleeper steward would be able to advise.

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4. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

It is comfortable. Therapeutic rocking and "White noise" all night. Bunks fairly narrow though. Good selection of snacks and drinks on board, some hot meals. Quite expensive. Enjoy your trip!

Abs :)

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5. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

There are showers at Inverness train station and there are also luggage lockers which dont seem to be open all the time at the moment.

The station is right in the middle of Inverness and there are afew cafes etc around were you would be able to get breakfast after leaving the train. All you get on the train before you arrive is tea or coffee and a small packet of shortbread.

The sleeper berth/cabin is small and noisy but it get you from A-B in quick time which suits me, with no hassle.

There is a buffet car where you can takeaway food/drinks or sit in if there is space.

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6. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

I've taken it once before and really would not recommend this service. Its a throwback to the old "rail union" days, so the staff are rude and complaints do not get dealt with as they have jobs for life and this creates a bit of a dont care attitude. For the cost its a complete rip off, you can fly for a lot less (probably 40% less) and the service is better. Seriously avoid this one!

I would recommend taking a Virgin Train instead during the day, and paying for First Class, its nice and quiet, good service, food is not great but its ok and you can use the lounges.

If your are looking to experience an overnight train do it in Europe not the UK.


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7. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

I have travelled on this service 3 times now and think its wonderful. The staff I have dealt with were always polite and helpful. Do a search on the Scotrail website for 'Bargain Berths' for discounted fares for advance purchases.

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8. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

Its a great way to travel, I've always enjoyed my trips on the Caledonian sleeper. Do searh the Scotrail website - you can pick up one way tickets for as little as £19

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9. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

I have had very different experiences to LondonTraveller fortunately - the staff could not have been more helpful when I last travelled earlier this month.

I had bought a mini bottle of wine and nibbles to eat in my berth and could not open it - the attendant tried and when she couldn't either was very apologetic and went off to the bar to bring me another. She was also very helpful and carried my case onto the train And to my berth as I had a coffee in one hand (I should add I am not frail or elderly!)

I agree it is a bit shoogly so you don't get a perfect nights sleep, but I love them..

These days no-one has a job for life.....

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10. Re: Caledonian Sleeper

Not sure why Londontraveller has revived this old post, but on their only other post they are fairly scathing about the service, but they do say this about the cabin -

"The Cabin is nice and comfy and clean. And it is a good way to get from Glasgow or Edinburg to Central London is a rather effortless way."

So, it's not all bad, apparently........

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