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h.e.l.p. phase II

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h.e.l.p. phase II

Thank you all for your responses. Much appreciation for those with constructive thoughts and views. I will (and have) taken them into consideration.

It seems that many responses have taken a negative turn so I am politely bowing out ..... I will not respond to future responses re: my itinerary. Life's too short to continually respond to the negatiave as I have already modified my journey and it seems to suit those who actually care about offering the best advice on this forum.

I am a happy person just looking for some suggestions ...and willing to take suggestions from those who offer it in a positive light.

So .... Good Luck to you all! Esp to those who find glee in the negativity; I truly hope you find serenity and peace and something more than responding with negative criticism to tripadvisor posts looking for helpful advice :- )



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1. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

I read this Post just now and thought 'ooh wow what were people saying better go find the original post!' but actually reading the original I think everyone did exactly what you asked of them and weren't rude about it like this post is and suggests..you asked for their opinions of your itinerary and they gave them..not much point in posting it on here if you wanted everyone to just say its wonderful..anyway not a big deal just thought Id defend those who tried to help :)

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2. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

Like you did Wyfee, I had to look at the original post to see what happened. I couldn't find one negative comment, only constructive advice that would make the OP's holiday more enjoyable and less rushed.

It was an overloaded itinerary, visitors under-estimate how difficult and time-consuming driving in Britain is. When locals mention this, it isn't meant as a negative comment.

2and2 - I hope you follow some of the advice on your original post, I don't see any negative comments so maybe don't be so sensitive next time.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Scotland

Bath, United Kingdom
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3. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

How disappointing. You ask for advice and receive a number of replies all of which, save one, you think negative.

My replies were designed to assist and give you options to consider as were all the posts I read.

I am unclear as to why you felt the need to start another thread simply to berate those who have tried to help.

All that has been posted is no more than advice, you are under no obligation to accept it but having asked it comes across as petulant to dismiss most of it if you don't like it.

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4. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

When reading the development of the original thread yesterday I thought everyone gave good advice. Finding this thread I presumed that overnight things had taken a turn for the worse, so I too went back to check. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone could take offense at the replies and advice given.

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5. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

Just copied this from your original post

"AND so truly looking forward to a critique of our itinerary .. any suggestions are more than welcome"


I think you should just go with your own itinerary. You know best. Good luck

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6. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

How strange. This new thread seems quite at odds with what OP wrote in her original thread at about 14.00 UK time yesterday (post 8): 'Truly appreciate your suggestions and got a good laugh out of some of the comments!'

And that was BEFORE Abs140 posted the only response which OP now regards as positive!

Maybe golfing husband then took a look and didn't like what he saw - i.e. fewer golf courses ;-)

7. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

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8. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

Dhmellor - that sounds like you could have spotted the issue.

OP, or OP's husband - Constructive does not equal negative and you have spat sour grapes at many people who gave up their time to try and help. I rather wish I had not responded on the basis of this new post and I gave a lot less of my time than others.

Further, as StevieD says, no-one is TELLING you what to do, and no-one is posting to make you to arrange your holiday to suit them.

It is free advice after all you know!

Bath, United Kingdom
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9. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

"I/you/we may not agree with her decision, but I don't see why there are so many replies berating her for it."

Re-read the opening post on this thread.

The OP has accused many people of gleefully posting negative comments about her proposed trip and doing so to gain some sort of perverse pleasure.

To my mind they haven't and she is well wide of the mark.

If that means I am now berating the OP then so be it and I make no apology.

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10. Re: h.e.l.p. phase II

How very odd.