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1st three day report

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1st three day report

I am by no means as eloquent as some previous posters and do not want to duplicate too much info but just a few things. This from a senior, white, solo female.

1. We landed from Toronto at 8:30 am and by 9:15, I was sitting on the Air Coach ready to go downtown Dublin. Immigration was a breeze and by the time I got to the carousal the first bags were making their way around.

2. Out the main door and there is a small stand selling bus tickets .7E to Trinity stop. 40 minutes after pulling out I was checking into Trinity Capital.

3. Did the HOHO bus, only got off at the Jail. Do not miss this tour! A lot of Irish history is tied up in the building.

4. Wed, was walking day. So easy to walk with a good map (ditch the HOHO bus map and use a better one from guidebook- has more streets shown). Another not to miss was Christ Church Cathedral. Has St Pat's beat by miles. Go down to the crypt area.

5. After reading a previous thread about O;Connell St, was not too sure about spending much time here but never felt unsafe, although there were a lot of beggars ( which you get in every metropolitan area with perhaps the exception of Singapore)

6. The then today, Thursday, my biggest fear realized- driving on the wrong side of the road. After hitting 2 curbs and countless roadside branches, I was super happy that I had bought the SDW!. Avis upgraded me to a diesel Audi Quattro free (other car was not ready), hooked me up with gps and sent me on my way. (automatic). The way out of Avis downtown is easy- right, left onto Naas and then left onto M50. Anyone who has driven on Canadian or American superhighways can handle the M roads, Although at first it looks as if no one is driving the car ahead of you because your eyes go to the left side of the car! Thank goodness for the cat eyes on the road (don't know what you call them here) but they help keep you on the straight and narrow.

7. Stopped in Glendalough- not busy except for a school tour and one but tour. Did not walk too far. Then took the R route to Hollywood via Wicklow Gap and my first narrow road experience! Did I mention the SDW for those branches etc Met one bus coming at me and he actually stopped to let me go through. Not much traffice on that road at all, so could pull over and take pics. Then took an N road down to Tullow. Wider and with more paved shoulders. Still don't know how you could do the posted 100 kph easily. Made it from Glendalough to Cork in about 4 hrs, stopping for a short lunch break.

Anyway, I guess the driving was becoming more comfortable. So it all future drivers out there - you too will survive your first day. Take it easy, no hurry, no worry- after all we are on holiday.

Many thanks to all the DE for their advice over the last 6 months. I did not ask a lot but I read a lot.

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1. Re: 1st three day report

Thanks for a lovely report. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories.

A funny story regarding driving on the "wrong side". I was driving on the Condell Road in Limerick last Saturday. This is a long road that bypasses some of the suburbs and has the river on one side and a nature reserve on the other. A lovely road.

Anyhow, at one stage coming against me, I could see a sports car with what appeared to be an Old English Sheepdog driving and a woman in the passenger seat. It turned out that it was a left hand drive rather than a right hand drive but very funny and quite disconcerting initially :o))

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2. Re: 1st three day report

Lovely report

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3. Re: 1st three day report

Math lady, thanks for the first instalment, and in particular for your take on driving on the wrong side of the road - I'm sure this will encourage others and I love your advice , no hurry no worry, do hope travellers stil in the planning stage take note, it's the best advice possible and all the better coming from a recent visitor.

So glad you enjoyed the tour of Kilmainham Goal. It's always my number one recommendation in Dublin.

Thanks also for your realistic assessment of the O'Connell Street area, There are some great budget hotels around O'Connel Street and your observations will hopefully reassure others. I always stay on the Northside because it tends to be less expensive, and because it's where my family lived. I've been sad to hear the area demonised in some threads, it's really not that bad!!

Enjoy the rest of your visit!

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4. Re: 1st three day report

If I'd known you were in Carlow, I could have had the kettle on!

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5. Re: 1st three day report

Mathlady- thanks for the report. I too will be a solo female traveler driving on the left for he first time.

Bean- that had to be hilarious! I can just imagine thinking the dog was driving the car.

30 days and counting, K

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6. Re: 1st three day report

Great trip report...I just came back home on Monday and straight away to work Tuesday, but I will get trip report as well. I loved the feeling of driving knowing I was covered fully with super insurance...gotta have it over! Looking forward to more.

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7. Re: 1st three day report

I'm really enjoying your report - like the style a lot.

We're at Kilkenny near the end of our trip now, and I could copy your 1, 2, 3 and 4 almost word for word!

Every single day my husband comments on the 100 kph roads - we're that tourist ahead strugging to do 65 (pulling over OFTEN to let them pass) :) Never once been beeped at, not like at home for sure!

Keep it coming.

Cork, Ireland
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8. Re: 1st three day report

Glendalough to Cork in 4 hours - not bad !!!

Culutre night in Cork city tonight - do you know about it? Lots happening and some of it will spill over to tomorrow.


Go to the tourist office, they have all the details and a good booklet on it. Also Cork international Short story festival currently running.

Tourist also have a lovely pack called 'Cork Walks' It's a well produced booklet of three self guided walking tours of the city. A great job indeed.

Edited: 21 September 2012, 08:24
Wakarusa, KS, USA
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9. Re: 1st three day report

Enjoyed your Trip Report and your "style" of reporting! Looking forward to more! Thank you!

Whitney, Texas
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10. Re: 1st three day report

loved the report....you have the best attitude a tourist can have... go at your own pace, take your time, stop and soak up wherever you find yourself....good on you.....can't wait to read more...these trip reports stave off the lonliness of missing ireland....

bean, i thought i saw that dog driving too, but it turned out just to be a shaggy fella......