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Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

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Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

First, I'd like to say that I've been roaming the forums for a month or so now and I am super impressed by both the knowledge shown and willingness to help by the members of this community. I am getting married on June 19th, 2015. My future wife and I have decided to go to Ireland for our honeymoon. With the help of these forums and a couple travel books, I'm in the very early stages of an itinerary. I'm finding it hard to get a good idea of what can be seen in what amount of time. And so, I'm turning to this wonderful community for some advice. Here is my current, very rough, itinerary:

Day 1 (June 22): Arrive Dublin

>Ride HoHo Bus to get an idea of the sites, maybe visit a couple smaller ones

Day 2-3 (June 23-24): Dublin

>Do some genealogy

>visit popular Dublin sites [Kilmainham Gaol, Book of Kells, Stephen's Green, etc.]

>Maybe visit North Dublin [Howth/Malahide] or South Dublin [?]

Day 4 (June 25): Kilkenny

>Pickup rental car in Dublin

>Travel to Wexford & Waterford

> Overnight Kilkenny

Day 5 (June 26): Cobh

>Leave Kilkenny

>Rock of Cashel and Glendalough on way to Cobh

>Overnight Cobh

Day 6 (June 27): Cobh

>Visit Cork and/or Kinsale

>Overnight Cobh

Day 7 (June 28): Killarney

>Visit Blarney Castle on way to Killarney

>Ring of Kerry

>Overnight Killarney

Day 8 (June 29): Killarney

>1 Day visiting Dingle

>Overnight Killarney

Day 9 (June 30): Doolin

> Cliffs of Mohr

>Overnight Doolin

Day 10 (July 1): Galway

>Kylemore Abbey

>Overnight Galway

Day 11 (July 2): Galway


>Overnight Galway

Day 12 (July 3): Depart Dublin

>Drop off rental car

I think my primary concern is that going all the way to Galway might be pushing it with the timeframe we have. Going at this route backwards is another option I'm considering (Start in Dublin, end in Kilkenny). I really don't mind driving, but I also don't want to see everything through a car window. Scenic, leisurely driving is ok though! The locations I mention are the one's we would like to visit, but if anything else fits in, is comparable or even better I am open to suggestions. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you in advance for the help!

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1. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

Can't some of the wonderfully helpful people here help his guy out? He's going to be going on his honeymoon after all :-).

I would try to help but I haven't a clue, not having yet made my first trip to Ireland. ;-) Just hate to see his post go unanswered.

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2. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

all I can say is day 7 can't be done unless you want to spend the entire day in the rent car.....nor would I backtrack to killarney from dingle and it makes no sense (to me) to drive from galway to clonmacnoise and back to galway.....you'll only be less than 2 hours from Dublin, so you'd really just be backtracking to sleep.....also, I love cobh but it wouldn't be someplace i'd stay 2 nights....

now all that said, with the time you have, i'd skip galway and add a day to killarney and then a day/night in dingle.....if you eliminate 1 night in cobh, you could have 2 nights in both villages.....just depends on what you prefer.....

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3. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

Your plan for Dublin sounds good, Howth is a lovely fishing village to visit.

Your looking to go to Glendalough via Kilkenny?

Glendalough is in Wicklow 40 mins from Dublin & is definitely worth a visit.

Cobh is also good but pretty quiet town.

Killarney is a must along with Galway & Clare.

Good luck

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4. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

Your plan for Dublin sounds good, Howth is a lovely fishing village to visit.

Your looking to go to Glendalough via Kilkenny?

Glendalough is in Wicklow 40 mins from Dublin & is definitely worth a visit.

Cobh is also good but pretty quiet town.

Killarney is a must along with Galway & Clare.

Good luck

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5. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

South Dublin is mostly a residential area, not much to see tourist wise.

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6. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

Firstly - congrats on your engagement!

Your Dublin itinerary looks doable, by south Dublin, I am assuming that your mean the coastal suburbs like Dun Laoghaire, Sandycove and Dalkey.

Day 1 - you could easily visit Stephens Green, Trinity College and the Book of Kells that day if you weren't too tired. This might free up some time for you another day. Given the others stops you have throughout your itinerary, , I would imagine that you would be interested in visiting Newgrange as a tour from Dublin.

I wouldn't overschedule for your honeymoon, as after all the excitement and preparations for your big day, you may both be exhausted and in need of a good relaxing holiday.

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7. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

Hi there, best of luck on your upcoming wedding!

First off, Ireland while it has lots of motorway, lots of routes you intend doing don't so will need extra time to get around! You will spend at least 2 to four hours driving a day with the trip you have planned; not sure do you mind that or not; and you really are not getting off the beaten track so could find sites busy and again find yourselves working against the clock to get to next destination!

If I can make a few suggestions, in my own opinion!

A bus trip around the sites in Dublin is a good idea, gives you an idea of what you would really like to see, the city at the moment is geared towards public transport; lots to do in around the city centre; Guinness', Collins Barracks; Trinity; Museums; Christchurch; you have a lot organised for the second day, I'm not sure it is all doable as Howth is a nice bit out from the city; maybe visit Dun Laoighaire or Howth at end of first day?

Skipping to Day 5, Glendalough is just outside Dublin; if you wanted to see I would suggest on Day 4, leave Dublin and travel to Kilkenny via Glendalough; will be cross country so narrow roads, hilly, etc; Kilkenny is beautiful; a wonderful example of a medieval town each stop could take a day tho if willing could split day 4 between them; will have a 2 hour drive between each if roads are busy..

Day 5; travel from Kilkenny via Rock of Cashel/ Holycross Abbey to Cobh

Day 6; starting in Cobh; oh you could spend days here; it is only 2 hours to Killarney from here so I wouldnt stay a second night I would continue on to Kilarney tho its not as straight forward a trip as again busy and there is lots to do in Cork city and off the route like Blarney; Clonakity; Bantry that ye might enjoy and could miss out on if trying to get to Killarney;

Day 7; assuming in Killarney would give whole day to Ring of Kerry! either solo or by bus

Day 8; starting in Killarney work my way up to Dingle; it is at least a 3 hour trip to Doolin via Car Ferry and West Clare...

Day 9; Dingle to Galway... a lot of driving again on narrow busy roads; so much to see;

Day 10; Galway; Kylemore Abbey is a 3 hour round trip! again on narrow busy roads; wonderful views;

Day 11; Back to Dublin via Clonmacnoise..

You can see it is all go!! Agree with previous poster; to maybe drop something; or can I suggest, as it is your honeymoon to just pick a spot and base yourself there? With the intention of say bookending your trip in Dublin so Days 1, 2, 10, & 11 in the capital so on Day 2 or 3 ye head for your base and return on Day 9 or 10; and while at your base take day trips or maybe a over night mixed in with local trips;

Can I suggest something like this basing yourself in Clare

Day 1 and 2; do as planned in Dublin

Day 3 head west to Kilrush in West Clare via Limerick City ( you have a great stop in Newbridge Silver; Japanese Gardens; Irish Stud or Limerick City itself) it is a 3 hour trip which you can break up as I say with stops as you go)

Day 4 spend day exploring West Clare (check out loophead.ie) its only a hour back so quite leisurely but lots of great views etc..

Day 5 & 6 Travel across the Ferry to Killarney (2 day maybe visit Muckross & Ring of Kerry and stay over night in Killarney

Day 7 Rest day; try some gentle cycling; spa;etc

Day 8 Head north to Galway via Cliffs of Moher; Burren; Ballyvaughan; it takes a few hours but again if you break it and start early..

Day 9 Spend exploring Galway City; and maybe venture up to Cong and back!

Day 10 Head east again to Dublin via Clonmacnoise; maybe stay in a North City seaside place like Howth;

Day 11 Depart Dublin...

Now I am not sure what you like; hiking or history etc..and I must warn you I'm biased as from West Clare!!! and think you would just love it as a base; Merchant House Kilrush is my brother's heritage self catering which is ideally catered to honeymooners as bang in middle of town and we would just love to have you come visit! Let me know if I can be of any other help;

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Lafayette, Louisiana
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8. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

Thanks so much for the feedback so far, been busy with work so haven't had time to really sit down and read these in detail but I should by the end of the week. So the itinerary really came off the top of my head after exploring the site and the travel guide, so I'm sure I got some of the locations/days confused. There is soooo much we want to do and so little time. Thanks again everyone. I'll check back in when I have some more time on my hands.

Lafayette, Louisiana
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9. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

Well, I got back to this way later than I thought I would. Work has been a little rough. I can't thank you guys enough for the feedback so far. Because of this and the generosity of you guys on other forums/threads, I now have a more thought out, but still tentative, itinerary for our honeymoon.

June 22 (Arrive)

• Land at Dublin Airport

• Take shuttle to hotel

• Take HoHo Bus Tour

--Maybe stop at some of smaller sights

• Overnight: Dublin

June 23 (Day 1)

• Genealogy Research

• Tour Dublin

--Kilmainham Gaol, St. Stephen’s Green, Trinity College, etc.

• Overnight: Dublin

June 24 (Day 2)

• Giant’s Causeway

• Belfast Titanic Museum

• Overnight: Dublin

June 25 (Day 3)

• Pick up rental car

• Glendalough

• JFK Arboretum (tentative)

• Hook Head Lighthouse (tentative)

• Overnight: Waterford

June 26 (Day 4)

• Waterford Crystal

• Tour Kilkenny (Tentative)

• Rock of Cashel

• Blarney Castle

• Overnight: Cobh

June 27 (Day 5)

• Tour Cobh

-- Titanic Museum

• Tour Cork

• Overnight: Cobh

June 28 (Day 6)

• Ring of Kerry

-- Valentia Island

-- Tork Waterfall

• Gap of Dunloe

• Overnight: Killarney

June 29 (Day 7)

• Tour Dingle

-- Slea Head Loop

• Overnight: Dingle

June 30 (Day 8)

• Bunratty Castle

• Cliffs of Moher

• The Burren

• Overnight: Galway

July 1 (Day 9)

• Kylemore Abbey

• Ashford Castle

• Overnight: Galway

July 2 (Day 10)

• Clonmacnoise

• Newgrange

• Drop off rental car

• Overnight:Dublin

July 3 (Depart)

• Depart from Dublin Airport

My fiancé and I still need to sit down with the travel guide and double check the days but it seems right so far. I might remove the current day 5 and replace with the current day 6. Then I would make day 6 a Skellig Island Outing. Also, I have Galway as the overnight, but it will probably be a different town. I've read on the forums its more or less a club town at night, and even though my fiancé and I are only 25, I'm just not into the kind of scene. I really just couldn't remember the name of the town so I put Galway until I find it again. Can't wait to iron out the last few details and start booking the places to stay. Open to suggestions on any good B&B's in/around the areas I've mentioned. Any other comments are more than welcome as you guys definitely know the place better than I. Again, thanks for all the help.

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10. Re: Honeymoon Itenerary.....help please

I think some of your days are still rather busy, if not impossible!

Day 3: factor 4hrs for the drive from Dublin to Waterford, via Glendalough, and allow 2-3hrs for Glendalough itself. You may have to play it by ear for other sites that day.

Day 4: waterford-Cashel-Blarney-Cobh is rather a circuitous route, but it seems that you're keen to see Cobh. I don't think you'll have time for Kilkenny as well; you need several hours to explore the city.

Day 6: it's almost 2-hr drive from Cobh to Killarney where you would start the Ring, and it takes a full day to drive around the Ring. The Gap of Dunloe takes half a day if you want to walk and/or take a carriage ride through the Gap.

Day 7: is fine! Lots to see on Slea Head, which lies beyond Dingle town.

Day 8: too much for this day, I'm afraid. Dingle to Galway via Bunratty and the Cliffs is around 5.5-6hr drive. If you include several hours at Bunratty, and an hour at the Cliffs, you won't have time for the Burren, apart from driving through a small part of it.

Day 9: I've not stayed at Ashford Castle, but from reading reports, I believe that unless you've booked an activity (golf etc), drop-by visitors are discouraged. Your time might be better spent exploring Connemara, rather than visiting a hotel, unless you're thinking of booking an activity.

Day 10: just be aware that visits to the Chamber at Newgrange are capacity controlled, and if you turn up in the afternoon, all tours may be fully booked for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, not something that can be prebooked.

It's a fairly fast-paced itinerary, but if that's that way you like to travel, nothing wrong with that, but you may have to omit a place or two.

Have you come across the aa routeplanner? It allows you to plan routes and print them out, and will give you an idea of the Minimum drive time between places. I tend to recommend that folk add 20% to the quoted times to allow for possible delays and for driving on unfamiliar roads:


If you would like a slower-paced itinerary, perhaps you could consider omitting 2 nights in Galway, add a further night to Killarney and maybe 1 in the Burren region (Ballyvaughan or Kinvara would be nice options).