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Dublin airport - WOW

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Dublin airport - WOW

I'll do a full-blown trip report sometime in the future. I just wanted to let other travelers know - if you think you're going to have enough time arriving at the airport at 5:15 am for a 6:50am flight, please rethink that strategy. I have never seen such airport chaos as that which I saw yesterday morning. Clearly there is much opportunity for Dublin airport to improve in terms of security check-through, as the queue snaked through the entire terminal building, crossing itself multiple times. Tempers were flaring, rightly so.

Dublin, Ireland
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1. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

Ahh good old Dublin Airport!

It can be like an assault course in their at times :-)

Hope your enjoyed the U2 concert.

Here's something short and sweet to bring down the stress levels but hopefully you are winging your way now!


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2. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

On my trip, I "misremembered" our departure time. I thought the flight was leaving at 4 p.m. We planned to get to the airport two hours early, and took our sweet time leaving the hotel in Enniskerry, drove the speed limit, stopped at a gift shop, returned our rental car calmly... didn't have a hint of a potentially serious problem until we got our boarding passes, which listed the gate closing time as very near the current time. I thought it was surely a misprint (ha!).

Made it through security and customs with no lines or delays, still feeling very calm and relaxed, got to our gate, and the last few people at the in the waiting area were boarding the plane! Thought maybe we were at the wrong gate. Double checked the flight number and departure time (14:00! not 4 p.m.), still feeling a bit dazed, handed our boarding passes to the attendant. We didn't fully recognize or appreciate our near miss until we took our seats and were in the air a short time later.

We were SO glad we planned to get to the airport "early" and had no luggage to check. Also SO glad we didn't realize my error until we were actually on the plane. It made for a really relaxed departure day! Consequently, I don't remember hardly anything about the airport since we breezed through so quickly, but I'm really glad for DUB's efficiency on that day!

Dublin, Ireland
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3. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

Yes apparently it was caos yesterday at the departure gates. Some of the scanning equipment broke down.on one of the busiest weekends of the year...hense long queues and I imagine high blood pressure.

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4. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

flying in Europe is much different! We just got back as well....trip report soon....The check in area is so close to the security area that it creates the chaos and blends all together. the security personal are very friendly though and hey, you dont have to remove your shoes! Also, just be aware checking in online is not like checking in in Europe...just cause you have a boarding pass you might still have to wait in line to get issued a boarding pass at the airline check in counter..which kind of defeats the idea, but no worries. I have some intersting views as we flew to Prague from Dublin and back on czech airlines...I will post those soon too.

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5. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

"you dont have to remove your shoes"

This depends entirely on which airport you are flying into and out of - in recent months we've had to remove shoes at Gatwick (UK), Manchester (UK) and Knock (Ireland) although the latter two it was not everybody who had to remove shoes just those that were asked to by the security officers. At Gatwick it's compulsory for all and you have to go through a second 'shoe only' scanner immediately after the first one which causes more chaos as people are having to re-assemble themselves with their coats and bags and then de-shoe themselves all in an area the size of a small car - pile-ups were inevitable...

Same goes for belts for either gender - some EU airports (from the list above Manchester) you have to remove them, others you don't (again from above Gatwick) - sadly nothing's standardised when it comes to air travel security in EU airports!

Haven't flown in/out of Dublin in the last 18 months but it's particularly bad first thing in the morning it seems...


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6. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

How early do you suggest that we get to the airport for a British Air flight at 9:50am on a Thursday? We will be flying to Heathrow and then changing planes for a flight to the USA.


Dublin, Ireland
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7. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

9.50am is past the busy time. You should be OK arriving for 7.50am, but get through the security as quickly as possible and then have cups of coffee or whatever airside.

Dublin, Ireland
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8. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

We keep warning people here that Dublin Airport is hectic between about 5am and 9am (the earlier European flights are generally cheaper) and is even more so when there's an event such as a big concert, rugby match etc. And then there's the occasional unforeseen even such as equipment failure.

The general advice is to check in for European flights 2 hours before departure and 3 hours for transatlantic flights (the same time frames are recommended for most European airports). I use Dublin Airport regularly, and even with online check in I adhere to these times and never have any problems making my flight.

The good news is that a sizeable new terminal is due to open at Dublin Airport in April of next year and that should go a long way to relieving the congestion.

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9. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

Hi all

Flying from Dublin 6.50 Thursday morning. Was planning on getting there 4.50. This surely leaves enough time doest it? I has assumed (obviously incorrectly) that it would be quite at this time!

Dublin, Ireland
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10. Re: Dublin airport - WOW

It depends on where you're flying to - if it's a European destination, then 2 hours is fine. If it's transatlantic, I'd allow 3 hours.

My tips for getting through Dublin Airport at that time of the morning as painlessly as possible:

- check in online if you can and go straight to the bag drop when you get into the departures hall

- head airside as soon as you can

- check which security queue is shortest (there's one at each end of the departures hall but you end up in the same place) and join that one

- have all your 'stuff' removed and to hand by the time you get to the screening point

- check the monitors just after the security screening for your departure gate as at this busy time gate changes are common. The most up to date information will be what's on the monitors

- once airside, head straight to your pier and grab refreshments, reading material, etc. there.