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Ezybook parking manchester

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Ezybook parking manchester

Following my return to Manchester ,phoned ezybook to ask for car to be brought to level 5 ,where it was picked up .advised 30\ 45 mins due to security checks being made on cars , no such checks were being made and this was said because they had overbooked they had no drivers to bring car !!!

I then waited 2hrs for car . In-between making many phone calls to ask what was happening.

Sent email saying I was not happy with service and feel I should be compensated for what can only be described as a very poor service.no reply (I wonder why ).hence my reason for this response.

If you don't want to wait 2 hours for your car , then don't use this company . Quick to take your money but service and response is far from good.

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1. Re: Ezybook parking manchester

I used ezybook in Manchester from the 3 to the 13th of September. On returning we had to wait for over 2 hours for the car and when it finally arrived it was absolutely covered in mud. There was even mud on the inside door cards?? Would I use them again? Not a chance !!!

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2. Re: Ezybook parking manchester


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3. Re: Ezybook parking manchester

I also used this company from the 2nd of sept for 10 days parking. Made sure my car was cleaned and valeted before i went. And on return they brought it back absolutely covered in mud inside and out. And from what i can gather other people have had the same problems, so much that it has reached the national and local newpapers. Apparently they have been parking the cars on a large muddy field. This company must be exposed and stopped immediately before serious damage is caused.

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4. Re: Ezybook parking manchester

There is a very long-running thread about these or similar operators that also includes a link for a form to report to Manchester City Council:


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5. Re: Ezybook parking manchester

Absolutely appalling service.

I have many details and photographic evidence, my car came back with mud inside and out, My car has been off road during the time we have been on holiday.

The delays over an hour and excuses about battery being flat are unscrupulous.

Absolutely appalling service ** DO NOT USE **

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6. Re: Ezybook parking manchester

I was about to use these in two days time, but last night they changed my booking to a new provider, to give me better customer service after they had complaints. Great I thought, well done. But thought I'd better look into the company they were moving me to.

Now to be fair I cannot find anything bad about the new company, and I use those words literally, They were a new startup which began trading one month ago.

Now slightly suspicious I asked Ezybook for more details, who this company was, and where was my car being parked, nothing complicated. I got the run around (see transcript below). And then getting more nervous I said I wanted to cancel and get a refund as you had changed the booking and I wasn't happy. They tried to talk me out of it, but eventually agreed. However, they would only refund me £15 of the £64 I paid, less admin fees!

So I will take this up with the bank and see what happens. Avoid this company at all costs. Wish I had looked on here first.

Conversation started on : Saturday, October 14, 2017, at 10:22 (GMT+0)

[10:23] Customer Support: Welcome to our site, if you need help simply reply to this message, we are online and ready to help.

[10:24] V1507962751612508: Hi, you updated my booking yesterday EZY-nqkhl040917.

Could you please tell me who this new company is, they appear to be a brand new startup (incorporated less than a month ago)?

Where is my car going to be parked? Is it secure? Is it an approved parking operator (approved by the airport or has a Park Mark Award)?

I have also noticed when I did a check on your site today, this new company does not come up as an option.

Thank you

[10:24] Sandra has joined the conversation

[10:25] Sandra: Hi

[10:25] Sandra: They provide better service and we change service provider to give better service experience to customers

[10:26] Sandra: driver will drive and park few minutes far from airport in service provider on parking place

[10:28] V1507962751612508: that's all well and good, and I am glad you want to give good experience, but who is this company? There is no trace of them on google; the company is a startup (so not sure how much good experience they could have given in a month). Simply put, where is my car is parked, and who is this company? As you know there have been a lot of reports lately of bad parking practice for Manchester Airport providers. I just want to be assured where my car is being left.

[10:28] Sandra: We are working with them from some time and customers very satisfy with services that's why we change service provider because had some complaints about last service provider

[10:29] V1507962751612508: How have you worked with a company for some time that literally started up a month ago?

[10:29] Sandra: you can request more details through email to info@ezybook.co.uk

[10:29] V1507962751612508: Inspire Meet & Greet Limited is an active company incorporated on 7 September 2017 with the registered office located in Greater Manchester. Inspire Meet & Greet Limited has been running for 1 Month. There are currently 2 active directors and 0 active secretaries according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 7 September 2017.

[10:29] Sandra: Management transfer to this service provider to provide better services to customers

[10:29] V1507962751612508: I did request more information, I haven't had a reply.

[10:30] Sandra: backoffice is off today thats why

[10:30] V1507962751612508: and I travel monday, and you changed this at close of business yesterday, you can see how this would look suspicous

[10:31] Sandra: no sir we change only to provide better services

[10:32] V1507962751612508: is anyone answering the phone onn 0203 289 5677 that I can speak to who will be able to give me some simple answers

[10:34] Sandra: i assure you that this service provider will give you better service we change all over customers to this service provider

[10:35] V1507962751612508: I didn't ask that, I asked where my car is going to be parked, and then is there anyone in at your office who I can speak to on the phone?

[10:36] Sandra: your car will be parked in secure parking space of service provider

[10:36] Sandra: you can call on driver no which you received through new booking email

[10:37] V1507962751612508: okay, please refund my card and cancel this booking, I am becoming deeply concerned about this.

[10:39] Sandra: i assure you that you will be happy with this service provider

[10:39] V1507962751612508: you literally cannot tell me anything that I have asked. How can I be assured I will be happy if you cannot tell me anything about them.

[10:39] Sandra: what you want to know exactly ? i told you driver will park your car in company on secure parking space

[10:40] Sandra: give me your booking reference no

[10:40] V1507962751612508: where is the car park. Who is this company, they are a start up, you cannot have a long trading history with them, they literally formed one month ago. My reservation is EZY-nqkhl040917

[10:49] Sandra: i just confirm from our quality manager he says they in business from 6 months and customer satisfy with their services

[10:49] Sandra: but if you still want to cancel

[10:49] Sandra: you can tell me

[10:50] V1507962751612508: Yes, please refund my car, your supervisor is not telling you the truth. They were formed, according to Companies House in the UK last month

[10:50] V1507962751612508: So to confirm, please cancel and credit my account back

[10:50] Sandra: ok i will cancel your booking and you will receive 15 pounds minus admin charges

[10:52] V1507962751612508: I do not think so, the charge was £64, I will have a full refund, you changed the conditions. If you do not refund in full I will simply contact world pay and my bank and class this as Fraud

[10:52] V1507962751612508: is this what you class as secure parking. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php…

[10:53] Sandra: you can email to info@ezybook.co.uk and request for full refund and hopefully they will

[10:53] Sandra: i am going to cancel your booking now

[10:54] V1507962751612508: And I am then going to pass this onto Watchdog and trading standards.

[10:55] Sandra: ok

[10:55] Sandra: bye

[10:55] Sandra: i canceled your booking you will receive your funds in few days

[11:03] Sandra has left the conversation

Edited: 14 October 2017, 12:32
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7. Re: Ezybook parking manchester

Did you get any compensation?

We need taxi refund of £60 ect ect

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8. Re: Ezybook parking manchester


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9. Re: Ezybook parking manchester

I have booked a airport barking with ezy book. My car was returned one week late covered in mud!!! They foreced me to take a taxi from the airport for almost 100 £ never refunded it!

Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leeds, United...
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10. Re: Ezybook parking manchester

Just used ezybook. They are middlemen selling a poor service and take no responsibility for how bad it is. Lost car then found car but no key. To the credit of the company they uses they paid for taxi to leeds. Then car failed to be returned for days leaving as stranded for work. Ezybook take no respinsibility for the company they use to lpse your car. I am not aure of the legal side but if a company is selli.g substandard service they must have some legal responsibility. Any legal buffs out there. Ezybook needs to be closed down as does manchester parking.

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