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Just a warning to add to several about Homelidays on these forums. We have booked gites in three parts of France with this company in the last three years. On the last two occasions we were charged €60 and €50 for allegedly not cleaning the gites before leaving. We had in fact done so, despite the second owner telling us not to bother. In the third gite the owner also extracted extra money e.g €20 for a broken (old) plastic garden chair which would cost about £5 in the UK.Such petty scams see to have become the order of the day with French owners. In 20 years on and off of renting in France I had never encountered this before. I wrote to Homelidays to complain and got the reply that they were just an advertising site and had no responsibility for the owners. The amount of money involved in our case was trivial though annoying. But you need to know that Homelidays takes no responsibility for the owners. There are some more serious cases on these forums where people have been defrauded by owners. and Homelidays take no responsibility even where people have taken out their allegedly bullet proof insurance. This is all a bit surprising since apparently you have to have a legal qualification in France to act as a agent renting out property so the French legal system apparently takes agency renting seriously. Maybe this business of jsut claiming to be an advertising board not an agency is a loophole. Beware.

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1. Re: Homelidays

Assuming that Homelidays is even remotely responsible for the actions of the homeowners is like assuming that Expedia is responsible for the actions of the airlines. It is clearly not an agency, but rather an advertising site for people renting our their properties. I have used Homelidays, as well as vrbo.com, HomeAway.com, etc. and also advertise my own property on several of them. I have had both good and bad experiences with the property owners, but would never assume that the web site has anything to do with their actions. Each of these sites has thousands of listings, whereas and agency may have a few hundred at most. With an agency, a good one will take some responsibility to see that you have a good stay, however you pay them a steep fee, sometimes as much as 25% of the total rent, for this service. Otherwise you rent on your own and take your chances with the owner directly.

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2. Re: Homelidays

Homelidays acts as a 'go between' service for property owners, and those seeking accommodation. Any reservations or financial agreements are arranged exclusively between the owner and the renter. To contact an owner we would ask renters to simply click on the link to the right of the photo on the advert which reads "contact the owner".

If a customer has feedback about a property that they have stayed in, we would ask them to please create a testimonial on this property so that the points raised can be investigated further.

In order to write a testimonial on a stay they will need to go into their Personal Dossier and click on the link 'Write a testimonial on a stay'. They can then follow the steps to create a testimonial.

Kind regards,

Homelidays Team

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3. Re: Homelidays

Homelidays: active partner and pander in cheating the renters!

I’ve rented a studio for my husband and myself in Fuengirola/Malaga for 11 nights in September. The size of the studio was exactly the half of that described by the tenant on Homelidays (212000). It was 21 qm instead of 42 qm advertised (plus the balcony, which was a bit less than 2 qm). The studio was advertised for 2-3 persons, however the opened sofa bed was only 125 cm wide, absolutely not enough for 2 adults. Therefore we had to use the 160 cm long camp bed for the second person (I’m 170 cm tall, my husband is 180 cm), extremely inconvenient, thus no space remained in the room which was 10 qm. We were lucky enough that the weather was fine, thus we could stay on the small balcony when we were not away. And we’re also lucky that there was no 3rd person. I wrote a testimonial which wasn’t posted by Homelidays at all. I’ve written to them 7 times (!), first I received an answer that „The comments in your testimonial have been passed on to the relevant department, who is currently pursuing your comments with the owner”, afterwards: ” The testimonial is still being validated by the Customer Services team”, later on they simply didn’t react to my e-mails at all. My last attempt was that I asked them if they realized the fact that they had become pander in cheating the renters as they were fully aware of the incorrect information given by the owner as I’ve written to them several times but the false size of the studio is still on Homelidays website. I have booked a lot of apartments through different websites (VRBO, Homeaway, Holiday-rentals, airbnb, et., etc.) in the last 20 years and I never had such an awkward experience (even not on Homelidays!). It’s clear, that they don’t post negative testimonials as the renters don’t pay for them but doing so they don’t give any protection to the renters. When I rented a stuio in Amsterdam through Homelidays and I wrote a positive testimonial, it was posted immediateliy! The only thing I can do is that I’ll never rent through Homelidays again and I propose it to other travellers as well!

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4. Re: Homelidays

We stayed in a house in Montpellier September 09 (number 130314 on Homeliday's site. It looks, and sounds, wonderful on the website, garden lush, swimming pool blue, description of spacious accommodation.

On arrival we found what I can only describe as a SLUM! DO NOT EVER STAY IN THIS HOUSE if you are in Montpellier, which is such a beautiful place.

The pool was covered in green slime - when questioned the owner said they had been away for two weeks and hadn't had time to clean it. (We paid £2,000 for five people for five days!!). The separate toilet was broken (a plumber was called by the owner who spent one whole day banging away at pipes but couldn't fix it - he left saying that it all needed replacement it was so old). The light pulls in our room were pieces of string dangling down. The three bedrooms were divided by flimsy doors which didn't shut properly which meant it was like sleeping with five people in one room!!

The kitchen was dirty, the barbecue was dirty and falling to pieces, the garden was overgrown, we never did get to swim in the pool as it was being refilled the whole time we were there due to our complaint about it's cleanliness.

I speak fluent French and I can honestly say that the owner was bordering on the abusive. We couldn't do anything as we had paid the money in advance on the owner's request.


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5. Re: Homelidays

I had a terrible experience with Homelidays recently and you (Homelidays) could not care less about my complaint. I lost my deposit and the apt was so unclean I could not stay there.

TRIPADVISOR readers - Homelidays does NOT post reviews, good or bad, on their site. I posted a bad review after my experience and now the owner of the horrible flat switched his settings, so it just says "This Owner Does Not use the Testimonial Service".

I would advise anyone to book with ANOTHER site, such as Holidaylettings.co.uk - very disappointed with Homelidays and annoyed at their attitude to my complaint. I will be taking this further.

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6. Re: Homelidays

Agree - Homelidays is to be avoided. Had an awful experience and their customer service was useless, they barely took any notice of my complaint - I would steer well clear of using this website as I will never use it ever again and do not trust them - it's just a listings site with very bad customer service, they're happy to take listers' money but couldn't care less when a holidaymaker has a bad experience - and mine was shocking.

j b
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7. Re: Homelidays

dear sir!

we want to rent a villa near the beach in Charente Mritime

we saw a property we liked # 24 3221

we were shocked to see the comments posted on Google about your company

how can we be certain that we get what we pay for ?

can you act as an intermediary with the owner to obtain 10 % up front and the balance cash or checque upon arrival ?

please reply !

drs Braamhof <lundbraam@gmail.com>

j b
Vero Beach, Florida
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8. Re: Homelidays

dear Homelidays !

we read the comments about your service on Google

can you reassure us about villa # 24 3221 Charente maritime ?

2 of our guests are from the us and we do not want to disappoint them

sincerely jb


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9. Re: Homelidays

This is NOT the contact form for Homelidays. It is a travel board unaffiliated with them. Contact them through their website, or phone them.

We have used Homelidays a couple of times, with nothing bad whatsoever to report.

You have to put on your big-kid pants, though, because they make it very clear that they are but an advertising service, and offer no guarantees over the behaviour of the owners (although they will eliminate the bad ones)

With websites like Homelidays (and any of a dozen others) -- they are NOT agents -- you are dealing directly with the owners themselves, and thus YOU must do YOUR OWN due diligence to ensure that it is not possible to take advantage of you.

If this is not to your liking, there are plenty of agencies (a company which is in business to let and manage rental properties for the owner in return for a percentage of the profit, and who effects payments between the two parties) who will be glad to handle the details for you, as long as you are willing to pay them for the services rendered.

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10. Re: Homelidays

I have used homelidays three times over the last three years or so - the latest was in Mexico - and I have to say that I have mostly been very pleased. Two out of the three were much better than expected. The first was in Paris and because of problems with the electrics the owner put up in another property that was much bigger than the one we had booked. It was really lovely.

We did have a few minor problems with the third property (rented in April 2011) and I put some negative comments in my review. I was pretty fed up when the review failed to appear. However, it did go up eventually, so I am wondering if their policy changed. Although there are no guarantees, the properties do seem to be a lot better value for money than many sites, so I shall definitely still use them again- but will take extra care and be aware.