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Is Paris safe for teenagers

South Africa
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Is Paris safe for teenagers

We will be in Paris in June with 16 year old twins - a boy and a girl. My son wants to do as much climbing as he can e.g. Eiffel by stairs. Is it safe to let him do the stair route while we take the lift. We won't be in telephone contact. I am worried about getting lost. What other sights have lots of stirs to climb. Is there any place where I can leave the teenagers for an hour or two while my husband and I go somewhere else?

Paris, France
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1. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

I think Paris is safe for 2 16 years old who are somewhat street smart. Follow the basic rules.

Steps at Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur etc. are definitely no problem.

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2. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

There are alot of teenagers on school trips in Paris . The main tourist attractions have numerous security staff and city centre areas are heavily policed . The only real danger I saw was crossing the road ! The green man doesnt appear to guarantee your safety !

There are river cruises on the Seine (go to pont d'alma for Mouches boats) that you could put your kids on as they last an hour and a half , are supervised and you will be close to other attractions to go and see with your husband

If you find out what metro station is next to your hotel if your children get lost they will be able to get back . There are so many stations they will stumble across them all the time .

The staff that sell the tickets in the station booths will tell you exactly what to do if asked, and they all appear to be accustomed to answering the top 100 daft tourist questions (in English if need be) as I must have asked 99 of them

Good luck

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3. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

When I was in Paris recently with a 16 yr old, I made sure she always had a slip of paper in her pocket with the apartment address on it. That way, if we got separated, she could jump in a cab and would be able to get "home". It gave both of us some peace of mind.

Denmark, Europe
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4. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

Agree with HappyGoin about the taxi. See to it that they both have an envelope with the adress and telephone number of the hotel PLUS a 20 euro-note to pay for a taxi home.

Also a good idea to arrange for a "plan B" if your party gets divided on boarding/leaving the metro. The ones that are on board the train go to the next station and then get off - and WAIT !!! The others take the next train and then they also hop off at the next station.

There are always thousands of people swarming around the Eiffel Tower. Be sure that your son - before climbing up - agrees to a fixed meeting point afterwards, no matter who comes down first.

BTW - just curious ? Why don't you bring you mobile phones ?

Victoria, Canada
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5. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

Well it has been two years since my trip to Paris with my then 14 yr old son. To keep him happy we had to keep very active. Lots of walking, and lots of stair climbing , up, and down!!

Climb up the : Eiffel Tower( we went to the second level) , he then took the elevator to the top on his own, I waited on second level for him.

Climb up Notre Dame. ( Windy narrow stairs)

Climb up Arc D' Triomphe.( Great views)

and for the climbing down catergory, LE Catacombs... Climbing down underground in tunnels( full height , no crawling).. You should go with them if you are worryied about seperation as the entrance to the Catacombs and the exit are quite far ( serveral blocks) apart.

You can also keep them active by renting bikes on the grounds of Versailles, they can ride around and explore the very extensive grounds on their own( my son did alone and at only 14) while you can have some time to yourself.

the big blue marble
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6. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

My 12 year old girl takes the metro alone. I know, she speaks French, has a cellphone AND knows her way home. But she has never needed any of it. I first came her on a summer exchange as a 16 yr. old and the family basically let us have the run of the city on our own.

I have found that it helps to have a reasonable meeting time and place. That lessens the panic if you can't find one another once you reach the top.

Also use the hotel address on a card trick with emergency money.

Gainesville, FL
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7. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

If you are concerned about safety issues, I would recommend sending your teenagers on an organized trip. I went on a Contiki trip this summer that went through Paris, and I had a great time. I felt that I had a lot of freedom to do what I wanted to do, but at the same time I had someone to help guide me through a foreign city. www.contiki.com if you are interested.

Pacific NW
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8. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

I took my (then) 16 yo stepdaughter to Paris in 2002. After we got our bearings, I allowed her to explore our neighborhood in limited doses on her own. I made sure she had a business card from our hotel, a phone card for the phone booths and money for a taxi. Her favorite thing to do was to go to Quick for a burger to go, late at night. She did just fine.

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9. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

When we took our teen daughters to Paris the first time, they had never been in such a huge city and they spoke little French.

We had told them several times that they could both go do something on their own but they stuck like glue! LOL

The girls did walked the stairs of all the sites and on a few ( Tower of Sacre Cour, Tower of Notre Dame etc.) we went too. We just had a meeting place and they had the hotel info and money for the taxi too...( we had no cell phones back then).

The girls loved the area we stayed near and explored it by themselves in the early evening. We sent them to buy fruit and roasted chicken etc. for dinner as we were tired and wanted to rest! They came back with some great finds for dinner! and they werre so excited that they used their little French and felt capable of being in a huge strange city!

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10. Re: Is Paris safe for teenagers

Just pick up a set of 2-way walkie talkies. I'm not sure of where you could find them in South Africa or for how much but I know in the USA you can pick them up for about 20 bucks. They usually have a radius of 2-5 kilometers for the cheaper ones.