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PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?

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PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?

Hi everyone, it would be much appreciated if you could answer my questions. I would love to take my girlfriend to Paris for her 18th birthday, in september. Firstly, is this a good time to go or would august be better? She loves art so the louvre's a must and we would obviously like to see the usual tourist attractions. I understand that the metro makes it easy to travel around the city so is the location of the hotel that important? In which district would you recommend staying, louvre/museums, eiffel tower, champs-elysees.etc? Also, can anyone provide a review on the moulin rouge show - enjoyment, cost, and location?

Kind regards,


Irish in Paris
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1. Re: PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?

August tends to be much hotter than September and I'm guessing that hotels and such are a little cheaper in Sept (maybe?).

The metro is great. Fast and cheap, so it really doesn't matter where you actually stay but of course closer to the centre is usually better.

The city is broken into 20 sections and getting a hotel in any from 75001 to 75006 will put you in walking didtance of most things you'll want to see. 75003 is a favourite of mine. Champs-Elysees is too expensive IMHO and isn't where most of the action is anyhow.

Moulin Rouge, in my opinion, is over rated and overly expensive.

birmingham MA
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2. Re: PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?

Sounds like you want to be somewhere fairly central, but it really is going to depend on your budget.

One tip is to use something like expedia to look up prices, then go away and check how much it would be to stay as an independent traveller and get flights, hotels etc. yourself. This can often be a cheaper option than booking via expedia and I've heard that hotels keep the worst rooms for expedia customers (not sure how true that is though). You can also check out the hotel reviews on this site to see whether they're any good or not.

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3. Re: PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?

August is cheaper than September in Paris hotels because in Spetember there are alot of exhibitions so Paris is over-crowded bu businessmenand hotels'prices are higher...that's what an hotel told me once!

But as season is concerned, September is better in my opinion because it is less hot so nicer..after, it is a a personal opinion!

If you want to remain on budget, maybe have a look at Hotel Rive Gauche, a nice 2 stars hotel located mear metro stop Saint Germain des Pr��s. Rates are affordable and hotel is really greatly located. Not far away from Latin Quarter, from Musee d'Orsay(great to visit if your girlfriend loves art), at the heart of Saint Germain...it is quite central...

You can see the hotel on http://www.hotelrivegauche.com

I hope these information will help you to prepare a great birthday to your girlfriend!!!

Have a nice trip!

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4. Re: PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?


My first four trips to Paris I stayed in the Latin Quarter (5th)

in September. This September I will be staying in St. Germain

des Pre (6). Although I understand August is warmer and

less expensive, I prefer September.

Your girlfriend's love of art might draw you, in addition to the

Louvre, to the D'Orsay, Rodin, Cluny and Marmatton to name

a few. You also my want to go out to Montmartre.

There are also churches, landmarks and parks galore.

Then there's shopping, Paris Walks, the Seine and let's

not forget eating !

The Metro is the greatest thing since sliced bread. At most

you are 1-2 blocks from a metro station. It is fast and

inexpensive. It can be learned easily, just do your

homework BEFORE you get to Paris.

Best Wishes

Hudson Valley, NY
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5. Re: PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?

Just some food for thought...

August tends to be a time when some things may close for the month.

Rochester, New York
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6. Re: PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?

My husband and I will be visiting London and Paris and Spain this summer.

We will stay at the Hotel de Senlis at the advice of a friend who has been there several times. It is in the Latin Quarter. We are in our 20s so we wanted a fun area to stay in and she says that for the price you can't beat it.

Here is the website:


I actually called them and they were very nice and helpful!

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7. Re: PLEAsE HELp - Where do I stay?

>>>August tends to be much hotter than September and I'm guessing that hotels and such are a little cheaper in Sept (maybe?).<<<

Actually hotels will tend to be less expensive from mid-July throughthe end ogf August as this is the traditional '..low season..' for Paris. Hotel rates go back up to their usual in September. There's no denying that August tends to be warmer than September...but it can still get hot in September as well. A week or two isn't going to make a whole lot of difference to weather. And, if you look in many editions of Webster's, under the listing for "..unpredictable..' the only notation is "..see also: 'Paris Weather'..".

The Parisian public transportation system is EXCELLENT...inexpensive, convenient and easy to figure out and use. BUT...the very best way to see, experience and enjoy Paris is on foot and to maximize the time and stamina available, it's a good idea to look for a hotel with the most coinvenient LOCATION to the sights attractions and experiences of Paris that interst you and are most important. In selecting a hotel, trade '..stars..' for LOCATION...OR... if you're budget permits, trade Pounds for LOCATION...OR..both. Did I happen to mention that I think LOCATION is important?

If you look at a good Paris street map, you will see that the '..core..' of Paris tends to be the 1st-Louvre/Tuileries, 3rd-Marais; 4-th-Iles/lower Marais on the Right Bank and 5th-Latin Quarter; and 6th-Saint Germain des Pres on the Left Bank. In either case, the closer to the Seine the better. If you want to 'expand this 'core' area a bit, you could add the lower-9th-Madeleine/Grand Boulevards/Opera on the Right Bank and 7th-Invalides/Ecole Militaire on the Left Bank. Within this 'core' there are probably 1,000 different hotels in a broad range of prices ans categories to choose from. But, unless you're a 'silver fox' who will be introducing his just-turned-18 girlfriend to people as his '..niece from Manchester..', you'll probaly find the neighborhood of the 3rd-Marias (and the lower Marias portion of the 4th on the Right Bank and 5th-Latin Quarter on the Left Bank as more lively and having the most '..action..' after dark.