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Is this true?

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Is this true?

We had to switch our arrival dates in Paris one time now. And we just moved it back a day. We might need to change our reservations again and our travel agent said they might "flag" us and give us a crappy room b/c we've been such a hassle.

Is this true?!

I would really hate to have that happen and I also hate to be a pain in the neck.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


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1. Re: Is this true?

I would suggest calling the hotel (I assume it's the hotel that you mean) directly, and just talking to them yourself. A hotel of any size (and most of the small ones as well) will have at least one person in reception who speaks some English (try to time it for the middle of the day, Paris time, so that you know they will have the full staff on, rather than late night Paris time). That way, you can make sure you sound very apologetic, etc., and even if your agent otherwise made a correct prediction (actually, the room you get is more likely to depend on what's been cleaned as of the time you arrive to check in!) it should take care of it.

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2. Re: Is this true?

I would question the travel agent who would book you into a property who would treat a paying guest in such a manner.

It's a hassle, to be sure, but you aren't *cancelling* the reservations, you're just moving them.

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3. Re: Is this true?

This is why I don't use travel agents.

You pay them then they treat you like s#$%

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4. Re: Is this true?

Agree, Pixfield.

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5. Re: Is this true?

About to leave on my second trip to Europe (this evening) and have never and would never use a travel agent. The internet and these forums are more than enough. BTW I absolutely love planning a vacation. Have been working on this one for about 6 months.

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6. Re: Is this true?

It looks more like your travel agent giving you a scary story to stop you changing your dates.....thought about that?

naperville, illinois
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7. Re: Is this true?

As a former travel agent/airline employee (I retired after 9/11)

I must say that I would find it hard to believe that the hotel would be 'put off'. Perhaps the agent finds it a bother - either by calling/emailing/faxing...... whatever to the hotel.

But I must also defend the use of a GOOD travel agent. For those who are not adventurous or want to do all the planning, a GOOD travel agent is invaluable! A GOOD agent has either been to the location, or knows where to seek out the correct information so that they can pass it on to the traveler.

I often shake my head reading posts on travel boards regarding such simple/common sense questions..... questions that if the poster needs to ask that type of question - he/she really should be working with a GOOD agent.

Don't get me wrong...... I love this board. I have used it in the planning of our trips -before retirement and post retirement. I recommended it to my clients - before retirement as well. The board is a great research tool and I used it accordingly.

There are a lot of bad travel agents out there - no doubt about it. And, with the advent of the the internet, more have appeared. For a while for a 'mere' $499.99 one could become a travel agent! Forget about the classes we took/familiarization trips (5 islands in 6 days - not fun) to educate us so we could better help the client!

So to get back to the topic - I would ask the agent who is most bothered - he/she or the hotel?

And, before anyone bashes a travel agent...... please don't generalize!



Victoria, Canada
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8. Re: Is this true?

I have never hears such a story before,, I would ask my travel agent why they suggested such a hotel, if they actually think this hotel would do something like this. Frankly, I don't believe your agent,, and I would be tempted to cancel and book my own hotel, guess that depends when I was going.

I am really shaking my head over this one.

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9. Re: Is this true?

THAT is why you use a travel agent...they are supposed to deal with situations such as yours and make it all nice. If they cannot do that..and make the comment yours made..get a new agent or do it on your own!!

I used travel agent years ago, once I was comfortable and with the internet, started doing it on my own. Unless it was a complicated trip in an area I was not familar at all with. and then as a courtesy I would have her book my Sept. trip to Paris for my B'day. Plus she had developed a relationship with the hotel we preferred then and if all the dates were not available...they would become available! As I said , THAT is what they are for!

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10. Re: Is this true?

I realize my reply did not address your immediate concern..how soon are you travelling?

I agree contact the hotel yourself or if not comfortable with that ask travel agent to send a nice fax or e-mail or phone call explaining the situation and get assurances all is well..like that your preferences , such as bed size/number/ shower /tub/ street view or quieter, high low flr..if any are being met as much as possible.

Hope it all works out for you and you have a lovely trip!