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Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

southern Germany
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Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

Hi to all,

I am that kind of vegetarian that did not at all had fun eating in France in general. In Lyon when asking for a veget. option I got a plate of plain white rice with a basil leave on top and in a restaurant close to Bordeaux they got me a plate of brown overcooked lentils

(no leave at this time :) ). Both restaurants had been nice places - everbody else in my group was pleased with the dinner...

I will visit Paris with my meateating husband in January for 5 days.

And I love to come and hope, that I will get some help from you experts in my question. I went on the happy cow side and think, that we will go to one of the places once or twice, but I would like to know

if you could help me with restaurants that have "regular"dishes but

veggie options as well.

Love to hear from you, Q.

Loire Valley
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1. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

In s hort word - yes.

use the search function, you will find there are quite a fre vege questions

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2. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

Paris has quite a few vegetarian restaurants serving many vegetarian dishes. There is a fast food "subway" restaurant near notre dame; with nice veggie subs. Near Notre Dame there is also a greek falefal sandwich place. Near Orsay Museum; there is "Pasta and Basta" we liked; simple pasta but good/tasty. Lots of Pizza places on champ salezay..

Paris, France
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3. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

I'm vegan and I just got back from Paris...

I had great meals at vegetarian restaurants like: La Victoire Suprême du Coeur in the Marais, at Le Potager du Marais on rue Réaumur near the Pompidou centre.

Most Brasseries will have a vegetarian option such as a plate of vegetables, fries, salad, etc. You need to do the investigation first, rather than asking the waiter for assistance. Keep that in mind: restaurant waiters are not there to help you, their job is to take the order of whatever is on the menu. I suggest you approach them with that in mind and everything will go well. Plus, the more we veggie people ask for veggie meals, the more options we'll have!

Enjoy your trip!

Bremen, Germany
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4. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

I don't agree with the other posters on this thread: If your husband would be a veggie too, I also would recommend going to vegetarian restaurants, because there are some in Paris ...

Is your husband able to do without meat sometimes? Then you could alternate: one day vegetarian restaurant, one day "normal" restaurant, where you pick a veggie option (but there aren't many, especially for mains ...)

Lyon, France
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5. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

A good option are the ethnic food restaurants. Indian restaurants, vietnamese, thai as well, all have vegetarian options.

For "regular" restaurant, you should have a menu translator, to be able to ask for a plate of vegetables or for a salad. I recently spend a few days in Paris with a friend from the USA who is strictly vegetarian, and we never had problem to find nice meals...but I must say I did ask the waiter for specific combinations.

I insist on the menu translator. Make a search on this forum as previous posters made recommendations. What a pity you got a plain rice plate in Lyon, as there were for sure nice vegetable options if you had been able to read the menu !

Make a search for veggie restaurants as well, you will find other addresses.

las vegas
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6. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

I had no problem finding vegetarian options. Being the only vegetarian in the group, I never ate in a "vegetarian" restaurant, but never ended up with a plate of rice and a basil leaf. See my trip report from last March for some of the restaurants we went to and enjoyed, or look at the restaurant websites (you can start your search with restaurant review websites such as oubouffer.com, fra.cityvox.fr, or restoaparis.com) -- many restaurants post their menus online.

Topeka, Kansas
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7. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

Hi quiltlover-

yes, you can have delicious veggie meals in Paris-the mushrooms I found at the market and cooked at the apartment were especially divine!



London, United...
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8. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

I find Italian restaurants to be a good compromise as there is generally many meat free choices. Obviously Itlalian is less suitable for a vegan.

Paris, France
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9. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

Maceo is a "regular"restaurant that also offers a vegetarian menu.

It is on rue des Petits Champs near Palais Royal and not far from Louvre. Maceo is also an elegant and a bit pricey restaurant when you get into wines.

Do you eat fish or are you totally vegetarian?

With fish it is easy to go everywhere.

No fish, then I would stick to cafes and brasseries that have wonderful salads and meat dishes or Italian restaurants.

Cafe Madeleine on back of Madeleine has a great vegetarian salad and regular dishes as well. I know some good all veg restaurants but your husband would not like them.

Lexington, KY
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10. Re: Can a vegetarian survive a n d have fun in Paris??

I am a vegetarian and my husband eats meat. We've never had a problem. Italian is a good compromise. But I've never had to resort to rice. I find that restaurants will accommodate you if you ask, even if what you want isn't on the menu. I usually just get a salad and fresh veggies, cheese and wine. I speak French so that makes it easier for me. But most restaurants have someone who speaks English. Hope you enjoy your trip.