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Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

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Tacoma, WA
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Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched


So this is how our trip started after the flight from hell on British Airways being totally squished in our seats for 8 hours. Arrival May 17th. I wanted to fly on Virgin but my mom thought she knew better!

Purse Snatched!!!

We were previously booked at Best Western Olivia Opera hotel but got bumped to Holiday Inn. At first I thought it was going to be a great thing since it was quite an upgrade. As we were checking in after being up all night on a flight, we asked to use the luggage rack. They guy said sure! Not we have a BELLBOY Madame! My mom set her purse down to help me load and then a thief who had been in the lobby stole her purse! The next 3 days were basically spendt on documents, getting money, etc. They reported the theft drew up a map for us to get to the police station the next day. That next day after the day from hell trying to find places when we returned there was a note from the Manager requesting we see her in the morning.

She recommended we not try to file a claim with their insurance since the lobby is a public place. She said she had been told we would be contacting her the previous morning. She said they would have offered a ride to the police station. We again explained a map with directions and advice to go there first thing is the morning was the only offer.

To top it all off. We had dinner in their restaurant immediately after the theft and we were explaining to the waiter about the theft and he simply changed the subject ignoring our situation and stress. We have since nicknamed him the "WEASEL"

We were comped a dinner-Same waiter-Same Menu

The room was nice enough. The plug to the bathtub almost impossible to ply back out of the tub. Heated towel rack not working.

This ended up being an extremely expensive bump for us. Also for future reference it is way to far away from everything. Next time I'll pay more and stay more centrally located maybe St. Germaine.

Dinner with a TA group on 18th "La Coupe Chow"- Wonderful food and desserts- Excellent group of people!!!

Dinner at Vickysfloyds favorite restraunt" La Treveste (Sp?)" One of the Best dinners ever. I had Lobster with Zucchini Squash with Curry. Dessert Oh LA LA! This chocolate dessert that had the most delicious hot fudge in the middle.

The only Museum I got to see in our 4 days was Rodin's Museum. It was wonderful and the gardens were beautiful.

I made the mistake of buying the Visitee pass as the attendant told me it included the museum pass. Wrong and then when I figured out the mistake and went back later there was no refund.

So actually I had a great 12 hours in Paris. Oh, I also got to have a chocolate and banana crepe! Yumm!

Tampa, Florida
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1. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

Oh Frenchcountry, I'm so sorry to hear about how bad your trip went for you. I know you were looking SO forward to it.

You were going to other cities besides Paris, non? Were they any more enjoyable for you?

Monterey Bay area...
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2. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

What a shame about your mom's purse! I'm sorry for the inconvenience and frustration you experienced. At least telling us your experience will serve as a lesson for the rest of us.

When in public anywhere never, ever let loose of your purse. The alternative is to sew extra pockets to the inside part of your pants pockets and carry valuables such as money, passports, tickets, etc. in your inside pockets. Fabric shops and any store that carries notions will carry these pockets. They're designed to replace the bottom part of a pocket in a pair of pants.

A friend of mine carries a decoy wallet when travelling in areas where he feels there's a chance of getting robbed. Inside the wallet, along with very little cash, he carries a note in the language of the country he's in that reads "Congratulations, You now have enough money to pay to have s*x with your mother."


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3. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

>>>A friend of mine carries a decoy wallet when travelling in areas where he feels there's a chance of getting robbed. Inside the wallet, along with very little cash, he carries a note in the language of the country he's in that reads "Congratulations, You now have enough money to pay to have s*x with your mother." <<<

Not so funny story about an old co-worker of mine who used to carry a '..drop wallet...' and thought he was being real clever. He got stopped by three guys on one of the streets on the upper-east-side of Manhattan, on his way home from a local hang-out late one night. They took his watch and '..drop wallet..'. He was missing the watch but feelin' pretty cocky about the wallet. Several minutes later, as he was continuing down the street, 'the guys', who had gotten the wallet (with his variation on the same message inside) returned to discuss the matter with him at greater length. The rather lively discussion lasted just long enough for several of his teeth to be knocked out and a couple of his ribs stove in before leaving him in the gutter. It's usually a bad idea to be overly clever with crooks and thugs...they tend NOT to have especially well developed senses of humor. The infinitely wiser course of action is to simply be more more aware of your surroundings and situation and careful of your possessions when out and about in any large, crowded city.

Tacoma, WA
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4. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched


I went on Venice and then to Florence and finally to UK four nights with friends and 2 more nights with them in London. Highlights of trip:

1. Dinner with TA'ers in Paris

2. Dinner at La Treveste

2.5 Doge's Palace Secret Tour

3. One of the most fabulous days ever in Florence looking at Churches, etc. and the Uffizzi finishing with dinner with 3 more TA'ers.

4. Day with Private Guide driving through Chianti/Tuscan country side.

5. Dinner with Friends near Hastings, UK and a group of fabulous, interesting, women.

6. Visiting 2 coastal towns, Hastings and Rye. Castle-Bodium

7. Play in London- Blood Brothers

8. Shopping at Harrod's "Got to Be the World's Largest Department Store.

9. Tons of quality time with my mom.

It was the trip of a lifetime. I'll just have to go back to Paris again soon.

Tampa, Florida
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5. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

Well it sounds like you were able to have a wonderful trip, despite the trouble you had while in Paris. Yes, you will definitely have to go back to Paris and re-experience it!

And to spend all that quality time with your mother sounds truly wonderful! (My mother is across the continent and I rarely got to see her/my family)

Again, sorry to hear about her purse being stolen.

Jacksonville, FL
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6. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

Hi FrenchCountry - glad you had a good trip. Sorry to hear about the purse snatching incident. Also, I'm so glad you enjoyed the restaurant you went to, but our favorite is the Taverne du Sargent Recruiteur. We actually met up with some other TripAdvisor couples there a few weeks ago (there were 12 of us!) and they all loved it, too. So...we'll add your favorite restaurant to our list and try it next time we're there, and then maybe it, too will become one of our favorites! Thanks for the report.

London, United...
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7. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

Frenchcountry what an interesting trip! Do come over to the London forum and tell everyone about it-especially Hastings and Rye- there is very little about them.

Perth, Australia
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8. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

Hey Englishrose, Are you trying to lure our Paris Forumers over to the London Forum? LOL

Just Joking


How wonderful Frenchcountry that you were able to meet up with other TAers (whether from the Paris or London forum).

I'd love to do that one day - it would give me confidence to travel solo, although currently, like you, I have the joy of travelling with my Mother too.

Hove, United Kingdom
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9. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched

Really sorry to hear about the problems you had on your trip, especially your mothers purse being snatched! Sounds like that hotel is one to avoid if yo are particular about level of service also! Glad you managed to enjoy at least some of your time in PAris, and the food you describe sounds wonderful! I will be there in 3 weeks and can't wait to try all of the delicious sounding menu's!

Can I ask what problems you had with BA? I have travelled with both BA and Virgin, and got pretty much the same service etc. on both trips! I do think Virgin are particularly good with children though! If you could elaborate it might help others make an informed decision on which airline to choose in future!

Tacoma, WA
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10. Re: Paris Trip Report Purse Snatched


Brighton that's the name of the one town I couldn't remember. I really enjoyed the Royal Pavillion Tour.

British Airways- My main complaint was that the seats on the flight over were way to small. I'm a size 12, not extremely huge. When we booked our flight we were told to go on the internet to get our seats and when we did we were told we had to wait until our flight. The seats were so small and close together it was miserable. The flight was packed solid. Additionally, we were given London Pass' as part of our package but instead of mailing them you had to go and pick them up and we had a horrible time finding the offices. One of them had no address only Picadilly Square. So we ended up picking them up at the end and now we'll just try to sell them on E-bay. We booked at least 6 weeks in advance. But the food on the return flight was especially good. Lucking out on the seat next to us being empty made all the difference. The free movies are nice. Why do they put so few bathrooms for soooooo many people?

Are the seats just as miserable on Virgin?

Anyway, I'll do a trip report on England next weekend.

Ryan air- Cheap flights, airports far from the cities, extremely low luggage allowance. If you want water there is a charge, but for the price difference you have to go with the flow. It cost us 138 Euro to take a cab to Beauvais. There is a bus but my mom didn't want to hassle with it.