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Passport-always have it with me?

atlanta, ga
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Passport-always have it with me?

A lot of these posters are writing that they carry their passports with them at all times. Is this really necessary? Will I need my passport at places? Will my credit card and American drivers license with a picture not work?

Please advise.

Kamloops, BC...
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1. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

Hi --

My husband always carries his with him, but if I can lock mine up in the hotel, I carry only a copy of mine. Additionally, I carry an International Driving Permit that I get from my local AAA office for about $20 including the required photo, as a secondary ID.

This combination worked for the KGB in the bad old days. I've never found anyone else to be more demanding. If police personnel say they really want to see the original passport, I tell them to meet me at my hotel at a mutually convenient time.

No one has ever found it necessary to take me up on my offer.

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2. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

I never carry my passport original since I got robbed of it in Barcelona a few years ago. I do carry a COPY of my passport but am not sure that this is sufficient, so I also am interested to know what is required.

Manalapan, NJ
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3. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

I never carry my actual passport with me when I am doing the "tourist thing" around town, but I do carry a photocopy of it as well as a copy of my health insurance card. I usually keep my passport in a safe place like a hotel safe or secreted somewhere in the apartment I am staying in. I only have it with me when I am going to need it for airport security or a train out of town or checking into a hotel. Sometimes I have been asked for it when using a credit card (this happened consistently in Madrid, but not in Paris) and my copy was sufficient. I would not carry my driver's license either unless I was going to be driving. I try to have as little with me as possible in terms of documents because the less I have on me, the less I can possibly lose or have taken from me.


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4. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

I've been going to Paris once or twice a year for the past 8 years, and I've never been asked to show my passport (with the exception of checking into the hotel or airport). I do keep a copy of my passport in a place separate from the original, but I don't carry that with me, either. I've read that it's required of foreigners to be able to show it to officials upon demand, so it would probably be smart to carry a copy. I'm going to try to remember to do just that from here on out!

Sydney, Australia
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5. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

My understanding is that French law requires that all adults carry formal identification at all times. For citizens of France, and many other European countries, this is an identity card issued by the government. Citizens of countries that do not have identity cards (UK, USA, Australia, etc.) should carry their passport instead, as it is a formal document issued by their national government.

If you are stopped by police and do not have your passport on you, could could be in trouble if the police decide to be officious.

Put your passport in your money belt, along with your credit cards, driving licence, and spare cash. There will then be no danger of losing it.

Victoria, Canada
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6. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

I have never carried it around for touring ,, I leave it locked up at hotel. I carry my drivers licence.

In many trips I have never had a problem.. so I don't anticipate changing my routine.

Perth, Australia
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7. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

I am only in Paris for one day from London so I don't have a hotel to leave it with. I always stay at budget accomodation anyway so I have to always carry my passport, creditcards and cash in a money belt everywhere I go. Uncomfortable at times and a total pain at beachside resorts as it means I can not go for a swim. I slide the belt right down below my pants towards my groin and also use a safety pin to double-secure it. That way, if it does break it will stay in my pants and if someone wants to try and get it....well..... their going to have to dig deep (so to speak)!!!!!

Toronto, Canada
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8. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

We brought copies of our passports and also had the originals in our money belts (they're a pain to access so it was handy having a photocopy readily available). Unfortunately we did not bring our drivers licenses with us, but wished that we had, because we often had to leave ID (drivers license, credit card or passport - but we wouldn't leave the passport) at the museums when renting audioguides.

Also, if anyone is travelling on to Italy after France, note that you will need your original passport when using an internet cafe. Fortunately, I don't think this is the case in France though.

New Hampshire
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9. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

We always leave our passports in the room or apartment safe and carry copies.

We have never been stopped by police officers.

You do need it for exchanging money, detaxe purchases, etc., but a copy has always been acceptable.

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10. Re: Passport-always have it with me?

We have passport book and passport card. I know the passport card is to be used in Mexico, some caribbean islands or Canada but we are are going to carry it around since it has the same info as in the passport book, also the bar code.

We also scanned all our documents and cards and placed them on one of our emails in case we loose the documents.