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Jeans in Paris???

New York
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Jeans in Paris???


I've heard that you shouldn't wear jeans at night for dinner. However, is it acceptable to wear jeans and nice shoes/shirt as you walk around, sightseeing through the day?


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1. Re: Jeans in Paris???

Please see all the previous threads on this. There is no rule about what you can wear in Paris, no-one will care or comment. Also, please pay more attention to how your shoes feel than how they look or you will be very miserable.

Washington state
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2. Re: Jeans in Paris???

In case you haven't used it before....just type the title of your post or something similar into the search box that appears above the list of forum posts. You will see LOTS of previous conservations on the topic. You can organize them by date to get the most up-to-date observations.

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3. Re: Jeans in Paris???

Hi -

There is no reason not to wear nice jeans in Paris except to dine in the higher end restaurants. "Nice" translates to jeans that are not faded and torn, and don't have a 25" rise. IOW, a well fitting pair with a dark wash which will take you almost anywhere. I don't take jeans because they're heavy in a suitcase, not really comfortable on a 9 hour flight, and won't dry overnight if I need to do a quick hand laundry - no other reason.

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4. Re: Jeans in Paris???

Hi, if you are a female, I wear slim jeans(dark) with dressy tops to dine.

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5. Re: Jeans in Paris???

there was a time when Parisians looked sharp and people who dressed like bums stood out or looked like tourists -- but now you will see old ladies in jeans and trainers -- you can pretty much wear anything you want and not look that different from the crowd

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6. Re: Jeans in Paris???

I only wear stone-washed or faded blue-jeans anyways..........

Black jeans are not a problem, blue jeans with nice shoes, a belt, a nice shirt/blouse scarf and/or coat are acceptable.

However, for dinner, I do change into slacks ("dockers" - wrinkle-resistant) for most restaurants/cafe's - I think the effort is appreciated, but I don't know for sure. Just make them black or navy, khaki seems to be a sort of "American" uniform - also, dark colors hide stains/spills better than khakis -- easier on doing laundry.........

I did wear a nice pair of black Cole-Hahn loafers with the Nike-Air soles throughout Paris instead of Rockports or my usual touring boots....... (by the way - they were the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in Europe AND I walk a LOT, I'll never travel with Merrill's or Lowas or Montrail's again)

At night, for dinner, I was accepted everywhere we went - mostly nice places with none of the "scowl" Americans are so fearful of recieving.........

"Fake" loafers do dual duty - comfortable during the day, semi-formal by night..........

But during the day - everyone wears jeans, just don't wear the one's with holes torn in them..............

But again - like everyone else will say - wear what you are most comfortable in, everyone will know you are tourists, just make reservations, show up on time, use lot's of "merci's" and "s'il vous plait's" and "bonjour/bonsoirs" and you should be fine...........

But if you don't wear comfortable shoes, whatever they are, you will only make yourself miserable......... whatever you can walk in for up to 16 hours per day is the best choice, no matter how they look - it's you're trip........

Paris, France
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7. Re: Jeans in Paris???

I wear black jeans just about all the time, in all seasons.

the big blue marble
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8. Re: Jeans in Paris???

The French wear jeans. The French LOVE jeans. In fact, YSL said that jeans were the sexy garment ever created. We embrace jeans. They can even be worn in nice restaurants in the evenings. You'll feel more like the crowd if you've got on nice shoes and a nice top, but you won't stand out in jeans.

Dockers, on the otherhand. I don't know a soul who owns a pair of Dockers.

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9. Re: Jeans in Paris???

<<The French wear jeans. The French LOVE jeans. >>

phread - could you please comment on one thing that is puzzling me. Non-French people are giving the advice that the jeans must be dark (navy, black). (I'm not counting K2s comments that he always wears black jeans - he hasn't actually said it's obligatory for everyone else to wear that colour!).

I hang out a lot here with French people of all ages (18 - 70+). If they're wearing jeans, they're inevitably lighter coloured (but of course not torn or so low-rise it's embarrassing). Is that just because they're in Australia? I myself wear only dark coloured jeans (black or dark grey), but that's only because I'm carrying more kilos than I should be and I think they look better than light ones. :-)

I know a lot of my younger friends in Nice wore lighter coloured jeans, but again maybe it's got something to do with the climate.

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10. Re: Jeans in Paris???

I believe that jeans worn with the waistband beneath the buttox should be banned by law in any country!!!!! ;D