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Critique my itinerary, please"

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Critique my itinerary, please"

Here's a rough plan of what my granddaughter (13) and I will be doing during our ten days in Paris to begin shortly.


Check into apartment and walk to Eiffel Tower

Walk around neighborhood, markets, shop

EVENING: Au Bon Acceuil


MORNING: Synagogue in 7ème

LUNCH: tbd

AFTERNOON: Walk to and visit Rodin Museum

EVENING: Dinner in apartment


MORNING: Walk Rue Mouffetard then Boat around the Seine

AFTERNOON: Pompidou Museum


Morning: 9:30 – 12:30 Context Travel “Louvre Crash Course”

Lunch at:

Afternoon: Walk around Montmartre


Musée d’Orsay

Notre Dame, Sainte Chapelle

Dinner at Restaurant 58, Eiffel Tower, 6:30 pm


11:30 Guided visit to Palais Garnier

Cirque d’Hiver in afternoon

EVENING Return to Louvre


Morning: Cooking Class 9-12 :30

Afternoon: Walk around Le Marais; Visit Jewish Museum




Morning: Walk around Belleville


Afternoon: Visit Pere Lachaise cemetery


To be determined

What's fixed is that we

*are staying in the 7ème, between the Eiffel Tower and Invalides

*most probably have a reservation for Au Bon Accueil for dinner Friday night

*have arranged to attend a nearby synagogue Saturday morning

*have booked the Context Travel "Louvre Crash Course" small group tour

*have reservations for our dinner at Restaurant 58

*want to be at the Wednesday 11:30 am guided visit to the Palais Garnier

*have a cooking class Thursday morning

Everything else is pretty much up for grabs. Granddaughter likes art museums, theater, and of course shopping. So I thought we could do some of that in the shops in Montmartre, as others have mentioned here. She also definitely wants to visit Versailles (given my druthers I would skip it, as I visited 45 years ago ;-) )

Granddaughter has been given guide books and has had input to our plan.

To me, this plan looks ambitious and I've put it together only so we will know what we want to see, and what we decide to skip (there is no mention of café sitting, which is generally one of my favorite activities..) i also haven't indicated restaurants; we are staying in an apartment and can eat in at night if we so choose. We do want to eat at Le Train Bleu, but I haven't put that in yet.

I've been to Paris many times, but not in over a dozen years and my French WAS very good, who knows how much I can speak now.

I look forward to your input; If I've made major goofs as I change things around, I'm sure someone will let me know....

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1. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

Moving along ---- I put in a request for a dinner reservation at Le Train Bleu for Sunday evening.

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2. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

Actually I think it's a pretty well balanced itinerary with some wandering time built in.

By Jewish museum, do you mean the Shoah Museum on r. Geoffrey Asnier? I hope so. If not do try to visit this terrific museum. Also, the Memorial de la Deportation is just behind Notre Dame; another worthwhile stop, although not a particularly lengthy one.

Do try to stop in at the front of St. Medard's church at the bottom of rue Mouffetard about 11:30 on Sunday morning. There is music and dancing that I think your granddaughter might enjoy.

Although I'm not a chocolate fan, your granddaughter sounds like the perfect age to enjoy Angelina's hot chocolate. That might be fun.

While a nice long break at a café sounds divine to us grown-ups, I suspect it wouldn't have the same appeal to a youngster, unfortunately:)

Enjoy your trip. I'm sure you'll be making a wonderful lifelong memory for your lucky granddaughter.

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Paris, France
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3. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

I think that itinerary looks wonderful! I live in Paris and have hosted my family here many times before. I would add in the suggestion of maybe on Sunday to do the Champs Elysees for a little strolling around and window shopping, since most of those stores are open on Sundays.

Also, you may want to keep the Seine cruise until until later morning/early afternoon on a sunny day! The pictures taken are absolutely beautiful from the boats, and deserve a sunny day :) If it's raining, you'll have to sit inside the boat and the pictures arn't the best through the dirty windows.

I have also realized that going to the top of Tour Montparnasse is a "must-do". The French have a joke: "The best view of Paris is from the top of Montparnasse! Why? Because you can't see the building in it!" hahaha. It makes me laugh every time. But seriously, it's an ugly building, but it's even higher than the Eiffel Tower, plus you get the added benefit of pictures of the Eiffel Tower!

The link to my favorite boat cruise is: http://www.bateaux-mouches.fr/en

Note that it leaves near Pont (bridge) d'Alma which is near your hotel in the 7th.

The link to Tour Montparnasse is: http://www.tourmontparnasse56.com/

Also, in terms of transportation, your granddaughter seems to be young enough to take advantage of reduced priced metro tickets, museum tickets and bus tickets. Let me know if you have any questions about ticket prices/metro cards/bus tickets.

I hope you guys have a great time!


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4. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

There are many more art museums in Paris, most would not need more than an hour to run through.

Putting art museum and shopping together means flea market. Maybe katienparis can suggest a place and time which would not clash with your synagogue visit.

New York City, New...
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5. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

Thanks Happy Goin for the encouragement and the hot chocolate suggestion. That is indeed on our mental list of things to do. And yes, the Shoah museum is the one I mean.

I think I had the Rue Mouffetard dancing in mind for Sunday morning, and I need to make sure I remind us about it. Thanks for pointing out exactly where the dancing is.

Katie --- yes, Tour Montparnasse would be great. And I think a friend who visited Paris recently told me about the view from the Institut du Monde Arabe. I will keep flexible about the timing of the Seine cruise. Granddaughter is quite eager to walk the Champs Elysées, so we will surely head in that direction early.

THANKS, all!

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6. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

I cannot but have a friendly laugh when I see the detail of you plans, it is so NYC to try to plan every minute in advance (I used to live in NYC so know... :-) How about fixing a few absolute things to see/ do (like you have) and leaving some time to swing it and do want you both feel like doing at the time, also taking into account that you both may get tired after all the walking around (which is definitely one of the best things to do in Paris, for all ages!). After a lot of walking your granddaughter will certainly also be pleased to sit down in a street cafe for a delicious patisserie and see the world go by... As you have already been to Paris several times, you probably know quite a lot about the french culture the "in situ" is one of the best ways to share it with her. One of the favorite things I have found to do with the youngsters who visit me is to play this imagination game about the people that we see passing by, e.g. "Mr Pierre Dupont, a functionnaire in the ministere de culture, walking home from his office and thinking about the delicious meal that is waiting for him..." the kids love it, especially if you manage to put the local flavor to the story and include subjects that are close to their hearts... Good luck and please do enjoy Paris also for its "real" life and people! This way your granddaugher will also never get enough of it and will want to come back for more and more as it will continue to facinate :-)

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7. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

When I was 13, I would have gotten major attitude if someone tried to play imaginary games with me :-D

ItalophileNJ, I think your plan looks great. I would try to aim for a sunset Seine cruise, so you can see both the daytime views and the night lights, which are gorgeous.

In addition to shopping in Montmartre, there are nice shops on Champs Elysees (which is missing from your plan? Arc de Triomphe traffic is one of a kind). Also, on rue de Rivoli - plenty of teen fashions. But I'm sure you'll hit some stores as you walk around...One more place you may want to consider (maybe SUnday) is Bercy Village - nice park and cute little shops, cafes, and the automated Line 14 of the metro...

Sunday: If you are walking from rue Mouffetard to the Pompidou, you will get to walk through the Latin Quarter and Ile de la Cite, really pretty walk. And you could see the bird market on the Ile de la Cite too.

Monday: Lunch at Montmartre! Place des Abbesses. Then walk up the hill to Montmartre :)

Tuesday: Are you planning on climbing the towers of Notre Dame? It's worth the line, in my opinion. If you are doing that, start with Notre Dame in the morning, then go to Orsay.

Thursday: During your Marais walk, you may be interested in another Jewish museum - the Musee d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaisme, a very interesting collection. There is also a Guimard Synagogue in the Marais (I haven't been inside) that might fit your interests?

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8. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

Just in case, this has become one of our favorite restaurants in the 7th, maybe in Paris,



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9. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

Thanks again, all, for your help here.

Merrie: I think of an itinerary as a way of keeping track of what you are NOT doing when you decide to hang out or walk serendipitously. We've blocked out all the things we think she wants to do --- and some that I want to do ----, and we'll know when we are bagging it for Parisian R&R.

As for imaginative games: I think my granddaughter would be with Rasteriasha. She does however like to watch people; I took her to Rome a couple of years ago and she was impressed by how elegantly dressed the men were compared to NY, never mind her town in NJ. And she has expressed the opinion that in Paris all one has to do is walk around the streets and see how beautiful everything is. We'll work it out. ;-)

I will keep in mind the various suggestions about Seine cruises, and will likely opt to start from the Pont d'Alma Quai Branly. Approaching sunset, if the weather works for us. As for the Jewish Museum ---- you may be right about this one. I need to look at my guidebooks again to see the various descriptions. My recollection is that I went to the Shoah memorial a whole bunch of years ago

Lots of good advice, Rasteriasha. As for climbing Notre Dame ---- that is a sore point with me. I've done it a couple of times but at this point am not sure I am up for it. And my granddaughter is likely too young to go up on her own (or for me to feel comfortable about her going up on her own). We'll have to play that one by ear.

Shopping on Champs Elysées --- we will definitely walk around there but I've explained to her that I am unlikely to buy her anything from Louis Vuitton et ses amis.

You folks are great ---- I will keep you all informed of how it works out.

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10. Re: Critique my itinerary, please"

Oh, I see what you mean about the Notre Dame towers.

Well, there's plenty of other great things in Paris :-) (including the Arc de Triomphe, which has an elevator to the top? and still a nice view)....By the way, Champs Elysees has some cheaper stores too - like the H&M, Etam, Sephora...

Have a great trip!