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Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

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Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

LOL! I just did a search on "shoes" in this forum and am so tickled and relieved to find I'm not alone in my worry about looking chic and yet comfortable in the feet department while in Paris!

The last time I was in Paris, I was a poor undergrad who wore sneakers throughout Europe and a backpack too. But I don't think I can pull that look off now, almost 15 years older with 2 children in tow! :-)

So, as it's gonna be summer when I go, I'm really keen to just wear my FitFlops Electra (I've got Black, Gold & Bronze) which are so comfortable and not too shabby with its sequins.


My usual footwear on previous trips to the US, Tokyo & London are my trusty full black, waterproof Salomons (salomon.com/us/…xa-pro-3d-ultra-gtx-w.html) for the countryside and black ankle boots with a short heel for the city. But I must confess my feet hurt towards the end of the day with the boots.

So can I get away with Fitflops in Paris, especially when (casual) dining at night or do I have to carry a pair of ballet flats to change into?

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1. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

No, absolutely not. As a mesure to keep its dignity to the city of lights, the Paris tourism office has put a specific ban on Fitflops. Any tourist caught with them will be given a hefty fine and forced to eat its weight in Ladurée macarons.

Hem. Sorry about that.

Casual dining in paris really means casual, and you can wear whatever (short of a bathing suit). If hords of whoever they are can wear crocs and uggs all year round, you won't stand out.

I find a change of shoes (of form, too, not just colour) is useful, because it gives the feet an different balance and helps relaxing them. But if you're certain to be comfortable even after lots of walking...

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2. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

Unfortunately, Fitflops are just not a good idea for Paris. For one thing, they are too dangerous! You'll be crossing streets and navigating curbs and probably riding public transportation involving lots of stairs and getting on off trains/buses.

It would be very easy to step up/down incorrectly or "lose" one or the other off your foot and create the possibility of serious injury.

In crowded areas (trains, museums, etc.), your toes would get stepped on all day long. And, you're feet would get filthy as the day goes on.

It would be one thing if you were taking a stroll through a garden, or walking a block or two to lunch, but for pounding the pavements all day, day after day, you really need something far more safe and practical.

West Sussex, England
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3. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

Whenever the question of summer footwear is raised, there are always those who will say 'Don't wear flipflops'. I'm never quite sure what exactly comes under the definition of flipflops in this context.I guess they mean rubber beach sandals - ? Certainly you will see literally hundreds of women wearing sandals with a toe-post, and will also see lots of sandals of this kind for sale in the shops.

For myself, I do not find a toe-post comfortable and could not possibly wear them all day. I much prefer my Birkenstocks 'Madrid' style sandals, and you will certainly see those being worn as well, but in previous years I've been there, toe-post styles have been more numerous.

I'm told espadrilles are the thing to be seen in this year.

Whatever sandals you bring, you should also bring some kind of lightweight closed-in footwear in case it rains. Summer rain in Paris is mostly of the showery variety, so you will not want anything heavy or too hot which may become uncomfortable if the sun comes out later.

the big blue marble
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4. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

Last summer flipflops were all the rage being worn by lots of people everywhere. If they work for you, wear 'em.

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5. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

what phread said.

Every single summer one foot will get stepped on once in the NYC subway - and although I do my best to position myself next to women - not oblivious men - it happens and I dont stop wearing sandals as a result.

My feet can be black when I arrive home - but they would be black in orthopedic sandals or flip flops.... First thing I do when I arrive home is take off my shoes (always left by the door) and wash my feet.

That said, I personally would be more likely to wear uglier Merrell slide sandals for long periods of walking - and I'd switch to the flip flops for dinner or walking around the neighborhood at night. My favorite Ecco sandals that I could walk in for hours - and go day to night stylishly - were discontinued unfortunately.

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6. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

They sound fine to me if you're used to them. I wear Ecco sandals and fitflops when I emerge from my fitflop boots!

Paris, France
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7. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

Anything you want to put on your feet in Paris is completely acceptable. And in case you decide you prefer to wear something else after a couple days, there are one or two establishments that sell footwear in France.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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8. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

I would recommend a comfortable pair of shoes, regardless whether they are flipflops, sandals or whatever. I always make a BAD choice where footwear is concerned although to be honest, it isn't that hard to do that here in the States where everything is made in China and shoes really aren't meant to be worn for long periods of time walking around large cities.

For instance, my trip last July, I took a pair of Steve Madden ballet flats (made in China, poorly put together, my feet had blisters all over them after a few days in London (we hadn't even it made it to the Continent at that point). I also took a pair of Dr. Scholl's two inch fashionable sandals (part of my shoe broke on one of the few cobblestone streets in Paris (again, made in China).

This past December, I took all flat heeled boots. One pair had no heel at all and caused the most excruciating discomfort in the balls of my feet (Steve Madden but made in China). I will be heavily weighing my selection of shoes a lot more carefully this time around.

Please don't think I am trying to be racist as I am sure there are some very good products which are made in China and sold here in the States. More than 90% of what I buy tends to be made there nowadays. I am merely reporting what I see and I would hazard to guess perhaps France is a better place to buy a few pairs of shoes to wear around in the City (and country alike). At least chances are they won't be made in China and will probably take more of a beating than a lot of the shoes sold to us non-walking Americans (Yanks who live in big cities like San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., New York, et cetera are of course excused).

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9. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

You will walk *far* more than you even think you might possibly cover on foot.

Whether you wear Louboutins or the boxes, just make sure that you can walk for miles in them without blisters or sore feet.

Good, sturdy support is far more important than looking like a cover girl -- because tomorrow, your cover girl look will be seriously hampered if your feet are swollen, bandaged, and you're limping.

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10. Re: Shoes for Summer - Fitflops Electras acceptable?

I wore very comfortable sandals when we had a day in Paris from Disneyland in summer, on a very hot day.

I had no problems until we walked from the Louvre through Jardin de Tuilleries to Place de La Concorde, going to the Arc De Triomphe.

It was very dusty and gritty, and I kept having to stop and shake out my sandals as the grit was getting under my feet and inbetween my toes. Not very comfortable at all - very annoying.

I wished I had worn my trusty comfy trainers that I wear all day around the Disney parks, like my son had on.

When we went to Paris for the day again last summer, I wore 3/4 crop cotton trousers and clean white trainers. I don't think I looked scruffy, and had no sore feet or problems. Far more sensible for walking down the Eiffel Tower!

P.S. Regarding age......I'm over 50!

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