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What was you biggest mistake?

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What was you biggest mistake?

Thought it might be interesting to have this thread.

Mine were.

1. Travelling with a companion who was withdrawing from nicotine and having a relationship crisis a the same time! LOL! (probably due to the nicotine withdrawal in the first place)

2.Not taking a warm coat for a month stay in May. It started off very warm, then the temperatures plummeted. I could not buy a winter coat as the shops all had summer stock. Nothing more miserable than sightseeing in freezing weather. I always take a coat now, whatever the weather forecast.

3.Staying in Montmartre for the month visit. I thought it would not matter and wanted to be "away from the tourist crowd" but I got SO fed up of travelling on the metro and buses everywhere. AND I damaged my foot in the process. Now I stay near to line one as I can.

4. Staying for over a month. I love Paris, but three weeks was enough at a one time. Got museumed out, churched out, parked out. Missed the hills of home....for me would have been much better to spread out my visits or go to another place the fourth week.

5. Travelling with three other women who had done no research, expected me to guide them around, and did not want me to leave them .

6. Going to restaurants recommended on TA. ....Never meet expectations.


Love from England

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11. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

Last Nov-Dec 2010, at the Eiffel Tower: spent too much on the first level (it was so interesting to see all that was there, who knew!) that it started snowing and they kicked everyone out --we had bought tickets to climb to the 2nd level, then planned to get to the top. Next time, move it along; what a great reason to plan the return trip!

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12. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

Great thread, Denise!

My biggest mistake was not visiting Paris until 2007. I can't stop thinking of all the trips we could have taken before........and I've been constantly trying to make up for it ever since, lol

Kerouac, you are right on about the travel companions. Last September, we went with another couple and experienced the same issues. We have been on several trips with them, but they were more of the all inclusive type where there are not a lot of decisions to make besides pool or beach and which resort restaurant are we going to tonight, lol. Your second paragraph is pretty much what happened to our trip, so lesson learned.


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13. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

Oh the traveling companion, for sure. I was once treated to an all-expense paid trip, to accompany a work friend who was visiting her daughter, who was in Oxford doing a semester abroad. We went to Paris for a weekend.

She didn't like *anything* about *anything*. She complained about the food, the water, the weather, all the walking, everyone spoke French (!), she couldn't get her brand of ciggies, smog,...I could go on and on and on. Her litany of complaints knew no bounds.

Oh, and her son and DIL came too and they fought the ENTIRE trip. I remember standing at the Place de la Concorde wishing the guillotines were still being used. I'd have volunteered myself just to put myself out of my misery.

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14. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

Staying only four days on our first trip. Saw just enough to break your heart when it was time to leave. Also staying in a "budget" hotel(which was in all the guidebooks as a real steal). It was too shabby chic for my husband and by a noisy square. Felt like we never slept well. But the bill was cheap!

I hate traveling with other couples. Too much comprising. It is hard enough with your spouse or someone you love. Went to Dublin with another couple and did not do anything I wanted. Never again.

Hayti, Missouri
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15. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

Oh, the traveling companion thing. Once I traveled solo for the first time, I decided that was the only way to go! I liked that freedom entirely too much! LOL

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16. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

not buying a place in Paris 20 years ago when we could have afforded it -- if it weren't for grandchildren we'd be trying to figure out how to do it now

we have luckily avoided the curse of traveling companions by always splitting up a lot on trips with others -- no assumption we will do everything in lock step -- our first trip together as a couple 25 years ago in the midst of career building and child rearing put us together 24/7 for the first time -- the habits of living together and consideration for each other we developed on that trip have seen us well into retirement -- traveling together can ruin a relationship but it can also reinvigorate one

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17. Re: What was you biggest mistake?


(1) Not studying French before my trip. I felt bad about not knowing basic words and phrases. I'll do better. Je vous promets!

(2) Pre-paying for a shuttle service!!!! NEVER AGAIN...I spent 2+ hours waiting at the airport for the shuttle to appear. (They said they were 15 minutes away) However, I had plenty of time to talk to the Tourist Information guy, Monsieur Fabrice ,and he explained the Roissybus.

(3) Not buying a Navigo card...that darm Paris Visite was a pure waste of money. I was in Paris for a full week. . .

(4) Traveling to Paris without doing any research...now I need to return to see certain museums/places. I was just wondering the streets which is totally okay, it's just now I need to return focused. Of course, any excuse will do. lol

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18. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

It would also have to be choice of traveling companion for me too. I love my aunt dearly, and she treated me with an airline ticket to Paris. In return I treated her by paying for her hotel room. But she was out of sorts dealing with family issues. When we'd have a break from sightseeing and sit at a cafe or even while eating a meal she'd share with me the problems and end up crying. Then I'd have to placate her. It put a somber mood on our trip, and I sort of regretted the two of us traveling together which made me feel guilty.

Edited: 03 July 2011, 18:26
Chicago, Illinois
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19. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

I do regret not getting up at the crack of dawn to stand in line at Mao's tomb -- but I was out of energy at that point in our China trip.

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20. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

We've made many mistakes when traveling and not just to Paris.

I have o agree that the biggest is the traveling companion one. Hubby and I do ok together except when it comes to his getting us lost.

I took a trip wihth a long time friend a few years ago.She had been to Paris before so I figured she would be a good travel companion for me. When we got there she complained non-stop. She wanted to spend all of our time on the Champs Elysee drinking Champaigne at Foquets and shopping at Galleries Layfayette.

Another big mistake is failing to learn a few basic phrases along with a little research about your distanation.

Edited: 03 July 2011, 20:00
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