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What was you biggest mistake?

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What was you biggest mistake?

Thought it might be interesting to have this thread.

Mine were.

1. Travelling with a companion who was withdrawing from nicotine and having a relationship crisis a the same time! LOL! (probably due to the nicotine withdrawal in the first place)

2.Not taking a warm coat for a month stay in May. It started off very warm, then the temperatures plummeted. I could not buy a winter coat as the shops all had summer stock. Nothing more miserable than sightseeing in freezing weather. I always take a coat now, whatever the weather forecast.

3.Staying in Montmartre for the month visit. I thought it would not matter and wanted to be "away from the tourist crowd" but I got SO fed up of travelling on the metro and buses everywhere. AND I damaged my foot in the process. Now I stay near to line one as I can.

4. Staying for over a month. I love Paris, but three weeks was enough at a one time. Got museumed out, churched out, parked out. Missed the hills of home....for me would have been much better to spread out my visits or go to another place the fourth week.

5. Travelling with three other women who had done no research, expected me to guide them around, and did not want me to leave them .

6. Going to restaurants recommended on TA. ....Never meet expectations.


Love from England

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51. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

My biggest mistake is falling in love with Paris and did not want to leave..will be eating hot dogs and mac and cheese too,to save for the next one..early 2013..maybe I can sell my blood..lol!

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52. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

My biggest mistake was in thinking that once I visited (and enjoyed) Paris, I wouldn't feel the need to return. So wrong! After 4 trips to Paris, I yearn for my 5th.

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53. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

You never really know someone until you travel 3 weeks with them. My girlfriend of 30 years got Botox instead of car insurance then wrecked it 15 minutes into trip. Turned into a nervous nit and refused to drive . Crazy. Still had fun just could have been better . I think traveling alone or a weekend test drive is a good idea. I wasn't going to take a coat in mid may to south of France so glad I did! Slept in it every night as there was no heat. Thanks for all your stories. Feeling better about mine.

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54. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

Rumples, I thought my group was the only one that had eaten the entire bowl of chocolate mousse. Glad to find that I wasn't alone.

My biggest mistake was when, on my first return after a 30-year absence, I spent too much time walking up and down the Champs Elysee, for no apparent reason that I can now remember. On my last three trips I don't think I set foot on the Champs at all.

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55. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

My biggest mistake was:

1. Thinking that Paris was so expensive and just thinking that 2 days would be fine, thank God i did not book 2 days, but booked 4 days instead, still a big mistake coz that was still too less

2. My husband getting us lost after arriving at Gare Du Nord, our hotel was

only 5 minutes away, it took us about 1 hour or more to find it, i still have a

good laugh, but it was the only time we got lost, not too bad for a first timer

3. Not knowing about this forum until now when i am planning my 2nd trip,

4. Believing people who said the French people were so rude, wrong we

only encountered people who were kind to us

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56. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

Trusting www.feelparis.com website in renting a flat in Paris!

I booked a flat through www.feelparis.com and after they confirmed it is available, I paid the deposit. The next day as I was flying to Paris, confident that I have a room, I got a call from feelparis.com saying they did not reserve the flat and that it was already rented by someone else! They sent a mail saying sth like "Sorry, the flat is not available.We have no other place available. We'll refund your money. It was late to book a room one day before you arrive anyway"!! They offered no other help and did not respond to any of mails after that. I had to spend the one full day of my vacation to find a hotel room and had to pay a fortune to it, as I had no other option.

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57. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

I have to agree with many of prcious posters....my biggest mistake was falling in love with Paris and not finding a way to move there. I wonder I really had moved there, if I would still love it like I do.

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58. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

About 25 years ago, before I met my husband, I wanted to take my second trip to France, spending over two weeks in Paris and then by train to various other places, for a total of 6 weeks. I don't like traveling alone, and had no one to go with, when I ran into the well traveled mother of a childhood friend (I hadn't seen either of them in years), and we decided to join forces...BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC mistake. I did sense some of what she was while planning the trip, as she refused to do any research, which I love to do, and made no helpful suggestions. She left everything up to me.

She was a mean, dour person, but I didn't fully realize it until we boarded the plane for Paris. As my mother was seeing us off - she said, 'I remember that you didn't like her when you were a little girl". Then it hit me, and went downhill FAST from there. Our flight was almost empty and almost all of the passengers in our coach cabin, were able to lay our things over a row of four seats, so we could spread out for the night. She gave my seats to someone else, while I was talking to a fellow passenger elsewhere in the cabin. The stewardess observed this and her nasty attitude, and just before we disembarked the plane, she gave me a bottle of wine, telling me that I would need it. I did indeed.

From Day One, she whined, complained, made herself the victim, and made my life miserable all day, every day for over over a month.

We finally separated in Avignon, but not until after she latched onto an American couple living in Paris. She returned to the hotel in Paris where we had stored our luggage, as we were going to stay there again for a 4 days before returning home. She cancelled my reservation, telling them that I wasn't coming back and she didn't know how I would get my stored luggage. Fortunately they kept my luggage until I did return to honor my reservation. They were fully booked, but bless them, they did manage to find me a room.

It was really a fabulous trip otherwise, one of the best I have ever planned. When I got home I saw a friend of hers who said that the trip must have been fabulous, because when she saw Mrs. X, she told her that the trip was wonderful - an adjective that neither of knew were in her vocabulary.

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59. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

My biggest regret pertaining to France is, though I have been there 5 times now, on my last trip in May this year I booked a 4 day/3 night stay in Le Harve. I secured the hotel room and the train ticket but I cancelled it a few days before departure from home. I say this because I did a day trip to Giverny and the countryside was breathtaking. I'm sure if I had gone on to the Normandy region of France it would have been just as majestic as Giverny.

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60. Re: What was you biggest mistake?

1. Running from monument to monument. It's so easy to fall into this trap when in Paris and I'm sure I missed out on a lot because of it.

2. Not planning dinners. I plan to ask for nearby restaurant recommendations on this forum (and OPF) once I lock down an apartment rental for my next trip.

3. Worrying about traveling alone. Paris was incredible to experience on my own. I could never be bored there.

4. Worrying about looking/sounding like a tourist. Of course I'm going to look like a tourist. I don't look French! It's not worth worrying about.

5. Not saying "Bonjour" when entering a store. I simply did not know you're supposed to say hello when entering a store and feel like a jerk about it. While it still feels a little "Walmart greeter" to me, I realize it's really about manners.