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Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

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Ottawa, Canada
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Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

After close to a year of preparation we finally just came back from Paris and here is a review of the Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame apartment (aka ND).

We stayed in the apartment from October 15th until October 23rd and overall the experience was amazing.

Here is a detailed overview for the apartment.

In a nutshell

Cost: 1350 Euros for 8 days.

Pros: Location, view, accommodations

Cons: No recycling / Construction noise in the apartment next to ND (Explanation below)

Communication with Owner:

I made the right choice when I chose to trust trip advisor reviews of Paris Best Lodge and I am very happy to have found the Notre-Dame apartment.

All my communication with Thierry has been great. He literally answers your e-mail very quickly and is very helpful in reassuring us about the apartment, area, contract etc,....

Once you have made your choice of when you want to have the apartment Thierry sends you electronically a contract that you have to fill (very simple name, price etc) he also asks for a deposit of 750$ in your local currency (mine being canadian... I guess US is the same since our dollar is par)

One important factor he does NOT / NOT cash your deposit. He just holds it as a guarantee.

The only reproach I would say is that he did not write to me back in french when I was writing to him in french (I really don't see a big problem in this and most english people would not even think about this ... but since I am french I was thinking that he could reply to me in french ... once again no big deal and I understand that the majority of his customer are english ... )

Overall communication with Thierry is outstanding ... seriously he helped us a lot and will provide you with everything you want about the area / apartment (how to access it, access codes, keys etc ) before your departure ... he is amazing !


We arrived at the apartment around lunch time and we followed Thierry information on how to enter the apartment and collect the keys ... etc.

We opened the secure door (prior to the apartment door) and saw that their was light in the Notre-Dame apartment .... We were scared for a second that there was someone in the apartment ... we though ! ho no double booking !

Turns out it was the cleaner ! Me and my wife were relieved ! The cleaner called Thierry and I spoke with him right away on the phone. Thierry asked that we give half an hour to the individual to finish cleaning the apartment. Although a bit disappointing we understood the necessity to give the man time to clean the place.

So we left our luggage in the apartment and went in a café for a bite to eat. When we came back the apartment was clean and we started unpacking.

Thierry was in Portugal on Sunday so we met him on monday night to give him the money for the apartment. He explained to us that the stay included a free house cleaning at the end of our stay but he would appreciate a clean kitchen before our departure. Thierry was very friendly and told us not to hesitate to call if we had any question. His numbers are in the apartment so no need to remember them. The ‘meeting’ was short and we liked it like that. He is very friendly and you could spend more time with him if you need it but for us it was pretty straightforward.

Thierry explained that the deposit will not be cashed and, instead of giving back the check, he usually send us a picture of the cheque torn into many pieces.


Please rest assure the place is very secure. Although in a touristic area, the apartment building possess a security code for the entrance door downstairs and a iron door blocks access to Notre-Dame and Esmeralda apartments. Believe me you would have time to call the police a hundred times before they could breach that door ! It’s thick metal !

The Notre-Dame Door is a standard door with an old fashion key. You have to lock the door from inside with the key.


You couldn’t get anything better then ND. Close to the RER B and C (we took the RER B to the apartment from CDG airport) it is in one of the best spot in paris for public transport. The RER station is 2 minutes away and you can carry luggage easily at that station.

There is everything close to the apartment. Two chain supermarket, one asian supermarket, a boulangerie (bakery) at the end of the street, and a entire marketplace (veggies, cheese, butcher, sausage maker, another bakery, cheese, wine, etc. ). Three times a week local farmers come and sell their product at the marché Maubert (although they close early ... just don’t arrive too late or you will miss them )

You are also very close to many, many major location / museums.

- Notre-Dame / Sainte-Chapelle / Conciergerie : Too close to even use minutes ! (about 5 walk )

Cluny museum (about 8-10 minutes walk )

Pantheon (10 - 15 mins walk )

Louvre (10 - 15 minutes walk)

Île St-Louis (5-8 minutes walk )

The thing I learned about Paris : Distances on the map look far but they are usually extremely short ! Parks don’t look as big in reality ... Nevertheless you will love the fact that there is an elevator in the building ... two people will fit but it will be tight ... one luggage and one person at the time ... two luggage the door won’t lock.

Interior of Notre-Dame apartment.

The pictures on Paris Best Lodge apartment mostly says it all. They are identical to what we found when we arrived in the apartment.

The only thing we didn’t knew was how was where the fridge, dishwasher, washer/dryer were located.

Here are some pictures of the apartment that I put online for you. You can see more about the configuration on the closet, bathroom, etc. I hope it will help you in your future trip.


The apartment is big for a parisian standard. The bed / pillows are great, comfy and very clean. Me and my wife are usually pretty difficult bed wise but we were extremely satisfied.

Another important aspect ... I really liked the fact that the apartment has an Imac / wifi ... it was very useful to orient / plan for the next days. There is a TV input on the Imac with some channels but the variety is not too impressive (it’s like basic cable in North America) some english channels (BBC / CNN / SKY / FRANCE 24 etc) and some french channel. We didn’t spend much time watching TV at night although after a long day of walking it was a blessing to have something to watch.

Temperature in the apartment:

The heating system is great although it took me some jiggling in order to understand how it work (I was increasing the heat but it was still on the AC setting ! lol )

The apartment heats up very easily but the bathroom remains a bit cold ... I found that closing the air vent in the bathroom helps to reduce the coldness of the room although it still remains a bit cold. There is also a towel warmer in the bathroom (very nice feature) so you can have warm towels when you get out of the shower.

The shower is very nice with warm water (and excellent water flow). The shower is also very big with two shower heads (you can choose between the telephone one and one rainfall style). Only downfall ... no place to put your soap / shampoo in the shower. We had to make our stuff hold on the taps. P.S: Bring your wash cloths ... we forgot to bring ours.


The kitchen is very nice. The cook top is a miele style (very popular in Europe but not in North America) that heats up food very quickly. It has four burners and it does a very good job at cooking a nice meal.

Thing I didn’t notice prior to arriving in the apartment ... there is a microwave but there is no / no stove (unless I don’t know how to make the microwave become an oven ! lol )

Fridge is big, dishwasher is great and super fast (max 40 mins), washer / dryer takes some understanding (instructions are pasted on the washer / dryer) and it takes a good 5 hour to complete the cycle ... no kidding ... but it cleans well ...

As you can see in the picture I took there is tons of stuff there already provided by the owner. Cleaning products under the sink (including dishwashing tablets and laundry detergent) Tons of dishes / glasses / spoons / etc ... coffee maker does great coffee (you can buy coffee for about 2 euros at the supermarket)

FYI ... took us some digging but he keeps more toilet paper and the hair dryer under the bathroom sink.

There is an ironing board and iron. Both works very well.

The only shocker we had is the fact that there are no / no recycling in the apartment. According to Thierry the city of Paris doesn’t oblige old apartments to recycle because they do not have the space. We felt really bad all week long to throw away plastic / paper / glass in the garbage ... we really felt in the early 80’s ... we tried to find a recycling place in the area but failed to identify one ...

Furniture is great and comfortable. The only thing I would think is necessary are little padded thing to go under the chairs ... we felt really bad and tried to be very quiet for the people below us (The Fleur de Lys apartment I think) ...


For a parisian apartment, we found that the ND is very intimate. There are no neighbor in front of the apartment. There are some on the side but we didn’t see them at all all week long ... There are some very big curtains in front of the two windows which is perfect for not letting sun in on those early morning.

The only issue I had was in the bathroom ... there are two curtains in the window in the bathroom which hides most of the bathroom window but there is a few inches opening at the bottom of the window which is just the right height to see my stuff ... although I don’t think there is a problem since the window is facing an inner courtyard ... so no problems maybe it’s just that I didn’t feel super private there. So we put a towel for greater privacy.


The street below is pretty quiet although the Quai de Montebello is pretty noisy (a lot of traffic, demonstrations, etc). You will hear some police / firefighter / ambulances from time to time but overall the noise is pretty minimal.

Opening the windows will let you hear the sounds of the street ... overall is pretty quiet. There are barely any cars traveling in the street. Some nights it’s more noisy ... the tourists / locals are often walking in the street until late but if you close the windows you won’t hear anything. The is a bar right in front but you won’t hear them that much (The nights were cold in October so they kept the door closed)

The street is very clean ... every morning we saw public workers cleaning the street.

The only thing I hated was the construction / renovation noises coming from the apartment next to ND. (not in the same building but rather in the building next to ND)

They were not renovating every day with some sporadic working hours (sometimes working early like 8AM or late until 6h30 PM)... to be honest some days were annoying but we were not staying in the apartment how long except at night.

Overall we couldn’t ask for better ... it was amazing and we had a great time. We would book it again right away.

Taxi from ND to CDG terminal 3 was 67 Euros on a sunday morning. (couldn’t take the RER because there were some renovations on the lines and our luggage were super heavy on the way back !)

Please do not hesitate to reply to this post if you have any further questions.

Thank you Trip Advisor for helping me choose this place.

Seal Beach...
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1. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

Most informative apartment review I've ever seen!

And I agree; Thierry is the best.


Montreal, Canada
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2. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

Ivan, this is a great report. I've rented one of the other apartments for next May. Thierry has been very good at replying to my emails.

We corresponded entirely in French. I wonder why he didn't do the same with you.

Walt Disney World...
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3. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

wow, great apartment review. Very detailed info, and good info for anyone seeking an apartment.

Thanks for the review and glad you had a good time. I hope you post a trip report, I would love to hear about your trip itself.


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4. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

Thank you for the very detailed report. We will be staying in the same bldg next spring and I have 2 questions. How far is the Monoprix from the apt and did you have any problems with the RER b? This will be the first time we will take the RER b into Paris.


Sunshine Coast...
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5. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

Incredible amount of detail in this report. Thankyou. I'm pleased you had such a positive experience.

Montreal, Canada
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6. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

Ivan, I haven't been able to see your photos.

Ottawa, Canada
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7. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame


The problem is the url is too long for TA... this one will work: http://tinyurl.com/3vpj7vr Or copy and paste the original into the location bar of a browser.


What problems are you expecting with the RER B? It can't be easier at CDG as there are signs saying "Paris By Train". Impossible to get the wrong one as they all go to Paris. It has been reported of late that even US credit card will work the automated ticket machines. If not, there is a staffed booth.

There are stairs but nothing insurmountable.

Ottawa, Canada
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8. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

What a wonderfully detailed review. So glad you guys had a great experience with Thierry and PBL. Thierry is such a great person to deal with and there are no surprises with the apartments, what you see is what you get.

Thanks for sharing with us.


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9. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

Thank you so much for a truly comprehensive review of this apartment. I could only wish that more reviews were like this. So glad it worked out for you.

Toronto, Canada
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10. Re: Review of Paris Best Lodge Notre-Dame

Thanks for the really detailed review! Very helpful!!