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Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

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Victoria, Canada
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Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

Less then 24 hrs till we leave for Europe,, after a few days in Amsterdam will be in Paris on thursday,, very happy , but,,,

Does anyone find all the prep work exhausting,, its like 10 at night and I am vacuming and dusting,, emptying the fridge out,, making sure the emergency lists are in the hands of those they need to be in,, I am actually a bit burnt out.. not as excited as I thought I would be,, and recall this happening before too,, anyone else hit trip planning and organizing overload just be departure?

Calgary, Canada
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1. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

Travel is not relaxing any more. I hit the random body search lottery before my domestic flight today. sigh

I do know how you feel though. I find I often relax once I get through airport security and am waiting for the flight to board. Maybe it will hit you then or when you raise your first glass of wine.

Have a great time.

Sunshine Coast...
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2. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

That happens to me everytime too.

I always say I am going to be very efficient and be packed and have all the home stuff organised a few days ahead but I usually find myself racing around doing a million things on that last day. Not fun at all.

Have a wonderful holiday.

Mumbai (Bombay...
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3. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

Moods like this descend on me every time too. And for a moment I deeply regret ever having made a plan to travel until they invent a robot caretaker for the house and a "Beam Me Up, Scottie" type of transporter for travel. Luckily the fun of the vacation sweeps this mood away real quick!

You'll have a great trip, I'm sure :)

Edited: 16 July 2012, 07:01
Phoenix, Arizona
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4. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

I know the feeling and it used to really get to me. I nearly let it ruin some trips. Then before one trip something clicked and I remembered that no matter how stressed, overworked, tired, frustrated and angry (about WHY DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING!!?!?!) I was, the feeling would dissipate once I was on the plane, and miraculously everything got done.

It is stressful to travel, but it's well worth it. Have a great time, enjoy a glass of wine or two on the plane and let that stress melt away. It most definitely will.

Bon voyage!

Bolton, United...
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5. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

Yes this happens to me also. I don't know WHY, I feel I have to leave the house clean from top to bottom and the washing basket empty! ........ for the burglars? ( Bolton Joke!) Try as i may I can't give up the habit, maybe it is a woman's instinct type of thing, like nesting before you have a baby.

I get so grumpy and tired, panicky that it all wont get done, Meanwhile my husband, takes it easy, packs at the last minute, whatever is clean that day and gets up 15 minutes before we are due to leave!

My daughter who has watched me do this and told me off for years, now finds herself doing the same thing now she goes on family holidays. "I'm turning into my mum!" she cries. LOL!

Still it IS nice to walk back into a clean house.


Love from Bolton

Manchester, United...
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6. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

I don't know if it is a woman thing Joan, but yes, I am just the same. We travel to Paris on Thursday and I am rushing round like mad getting all the washing done and making sure everything is perfect for our return.

I've already been told off by Denise for wallpaper stripping this weekend instead of getting ready, lol!

But it is good to come back to a clean house with freshly made up bed ready and waiting! The silly thing is that our daughter lives with us, so there is really no need for me to go through all this as she will make sure everything is done before we get home!

Bedoin, France
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7. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

Yes, I suspect it is a woman thing. I experience the same frantic run around. I try to control it as best I can, but I too like to come home to a clean home with clean sheets to collapse into.

As was said, most travel is just not relaxing anymore, at least not travel to big cities. That doesn't make it unpleasant, just tiring. Long haul flights are not pleasant either, though I remember when they used to be.

Take a deep breath Joan and know that the travel stress will lift the minute you land in Europe.


Melbourne, Australia
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8. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

I am exactly the same, it must definitely be a woman thing as my husband couldn't care less either.

I have my mother coming to supervise my late teen kids and that makes it worse, as I feel I have to leave everything just so for her, fresh sheets obviously, but I also leave lots of meals frozen to make life easy for her. The funny thing is she is a terribly untidy person, unlike me, so I would never come home to anything like what I leave but I still do it!

For me, the minute I get to the airport I can relax, particularly once the first glass of wine is in my hand.

Melbourne, Australia
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9. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

Oh boy, after reading all of the above I'm glad it's not just me!!!

I agree with everything, I do the same as all of you and I feel the same way. My husband is the same as the others mentioned in the above posts. We're all a bit crazy!!!!!!

I forget about it all once I'm travelling and when I get home I couldn't care less how the house looks. (I still have older children living at home and no one checks on them). They're fine and so are my cats who I worry about as well...

Melbourne, Australia
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10. Re: Less then 24 hrs till I leave! Trip overload?

I understand the fridge thing. But as for vacuuming, dusting, etc. Forget it. By the time I've taken mothér's child (Misty Wattle - tabby and white baby) to boarding school, I am so wrung out that just packing the last few things takes all my energy. The last things are to turn off the central heating and put the gas hot water service onto "vacation", give my neighbours my mailbox key and that's it. Although I have been known to remake the bed with clean sheets for my return - if I remember