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What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

Victoria Australia
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What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

We are presently 3 days into a month staying at Louvre Rivoli suite #120 booked and paid with my Paris visit services and so far we are quite disappointed

As we were staying for such a lengthy period it was really important to get the information we needed to make the right choice of apartments

1. Firstly I asked especially about the dvd player as we often like to stay in at night with a wine and some nice tasty cheese after a big day out and about and we were told there would be dvd's in the apartment for tenants to use by My Paris visit - I have an email to say the same - we arrive No dvd's - we of couse thought to bring our own, but as we are a different zone they do not play - So No dvd's No apologies by my paris visit !

2. So now we think we might like to watch some cable Television which is advertised as part of the apartment - Mmmmm Television does not work!!!! Cable does not work - the channels are displayed on the bottom on the screen but there is no picture no sound !! Off we go to the My paris visit office and they sent someone around later that day to look at the Tv, this is after wehave spent 3 hours trying to see why it will not work the day before

Parsi visit services suggest we have it on the wrong AV setting - but after their man arrives he too find that it will not work ! So he rings Orange the provider who keep him on hold one hour and then again for another 1/2 an hour - still no picture - The my Paris visit man gives up and says he will come back tomorrow

3. Day 3 of our trip - We wait for the My paris visit man to come - he's not here by lunch time so we go back to the office to find out where he is? He is now here again speaking on the phone probably asking the same questions as yesterday to Orange - keep in mind here that he works from my paris visit and I believe is not a technician employed by Orange to fix the Cable connection.

4. There were no batteries in 2 of the remote controls and the 3rd were flat so we were already going to have difficulty trying to even turn any Television on in the first place!

5. We swim weekly back home for specific health reasons and the apartment chosen was close to a pool, and when I asked about information about the pool prior to booking because what I found online was in French , I was not given any feedback apart from a link which was in French - So when we go to look for the pool after we arrive and after we had already paid our balance - this pool which also happens to be a block from the My Paris visit offices it is in fact closed until November

6. There is no shower screen over the bath so when one has a shower water sprays everywhere all over the tiled floor, so when you climb out of the bath you run the risk of sliding over the floor and breaking your leg - And as there is only one towel per person, this is insufficiient to wipe up the spillage - They did provide us more towels when we explained the situation, however they already knew this was an issue but had not addressed it!

So we have an apartment which has no Televison working, no cable working, no access to a pool, no dvd's to use as promised and we will be here for another 3 1/2 weeks

We are so disappointed and its really thrown us out of kilter and there appears little we can do about any of it

You would think that My Paris visit would check the apartments before renting to ensure all is operational - that would be the professional thing to do, however they cannot have done so as they would have noted the Cable and Television was not working ?

There were also some other minor things like bedroon light globe blown which was a nuisance but not so difficult to fix and no provision of a cloth in the kitchen area to wipe up spills - seems very strange to miss any important thing re cleanliness in the kitchen area!

Would I recommened my paris visit - NO NO NO

What you read about My paris visit services and their Apartments may or maynot be correct , but the stress we have already experienced and the inconvenience we are still experiencing has just about ruined a holiday we both really needed and waited for 4 years to have together

They say they will come back to the Apartment and try to get the Cable and Television working with Orange and that we dont have to stay and wait ...BUT ... who would leave all their valuables in an Apartment for someone to come in when we are not there?

Also if we dodnt stay and wait how will we know they will ven bother to come back as was the case this morning when they were a no show and we had to go looking for them ?

So far day 3 and we have been nowhere and haven't seen anything and have spent our time waiting on My paris service to fix problems which should not have been a problem in the first place

I can see that others have had success with this company , but our experience is just so stressful and disappointing and our holiday we had planned and saved for for so many years is turning out to be more stressful than staying at home

Madison, Wisconsin
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1. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

Sorry to hear about your problems--it is always frustrating if things don't go as planned. I know you said you are going to be there for 3.5 more weeks...but to me those are small things. Is this apartment in a good area? Is it nice despite these problems? Although we do like watching TV after a long day out...read a book or magazine. The "no" shower curtain is a normal thing in Europe and we have not mastered that either. Instead of exercising in the pool...walking was our mode of exercise. Enjoy your trip to Paris...it is a wonderful place.

Ottawa, Canada
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2. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

How many valuables do you have with you anyway? Stop sitting around waiting for a stupid TV to be fixed and get out and enjoy Paris! I understand things can be frustrating but stop letting what should be minor irritations ruin your holiday!

So get out there... first order of business is to find the next nearest pool. Then a flea market or video rental place so you can watch some DVDs....

Bedoin, France
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3. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

And if you have a laptop (and it appears you have an Internet connection), you can watch movies or TV via it.

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4. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

Is this the first time you've rented a vacation apartment? If so, you might want to consider one of two things. Either go with a luxury rental agency next time where you pay for them to cater to your every whim, or go back to staying in hotels. I'm sorry these minor inconveniences are ruining your time in Paris. I do hope nothing *major* goes wrong. I can't imagine how you'd cope.

New Jersey
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5. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

Can anyone suggest a nearby market or rental place where RBH could pick up some DVDs?

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6. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

Cripes, you are in Paris!! Go OUT and experience life while you can, forget the telly!!

Don't 'watch' someone else's life, LIVE your own!

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7. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

Come on, you are 007!!

Use some of that famous ability and resourcefulness!!

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8. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

And wait until you discover the TV is in French

Time to move on. If you waste your vacation waiting on a tv repair the responsible party wi be looking back at you in the mirror.

Go to fnac, but a few movies or even a book. Move on.

Paris, France
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9. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

Can you please tell us the closest métro station to your appartment so we can give you other swimming pool adresses ?

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10. Re: What I am currently experiencing with My Paris Visit Service

While I can see your frustration...welcome to the joy of travel. Not everything goes to plan. Buy some DVDs, research other pools, start walking. Paris is a very walkable city. Look into some evening activities - I take it you speak French if you were planning to watch television - perhaps go out to a movie?

Buy some books, go for a stroll, plan some day trips instead. If you do a search on this forum, there was a post a few months back about swimming pools in Paris.