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Avignon, France
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Nous avons réservé le 27 octobre une location pour la période allant du 26 au 31 décembre avec le site housetrip. N'ayant pas un budget faramineux (500 euros pour 5 nuits) nous avions donc pris un certain temps avant de trouver le logement qu'il nous fallait. Nous avons contacté l'agence locale responsable 5 jours avant notre arrivée, et on nous a donné les informations nécessaires.Ce n'est qu'une demi heure avant de prendre possession des clés,alors que nous étions dans le train, presque arrivés à destination, qu'un coup de fil nous a été donné pour nous dire que la location allait poser problème. Arrivés à l'agence, un opérateur d'housetrip nous a contactés afin de nous dire que la location avait été annulée par le propriétaire et qu'il nous proposait une location à la place, pour laquelle il nous faudrait simplement ajouter plus de 300 euros! Nous n'avons pas cédé et avons demandé d'autres choix. Après 4h d'attente, de propositions farfelues et bien plus chères que ce que nous avions réservé, nous avons du accepter une proposition plus "raisonnable", bien plus éloignée et plus chère (130 euros à ajouter!) afin d'avoir un logement pour la semaine. Je trouve inacceptable d'avoir à payer un supplément pour une erreur qui nous a gâché une demi journée et qui n'est absolument pas de notre pouvoir. Seul un rabais de 10 % nous a été accordé, or nous n'aurions jamais du payer plus que le prix engagé initialement, sachant qu'il s'agit vraisemblablement de surbooking étant donné les raisons confuses et contradictoires qui ont été donnés (dégât des eaux/ erreur de date...) .C'est vraiment du vol!

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1. Re: housetrip.com


Je m’appelle Sophie et je travaille dans le service des relations publiques de HouseTrip. Je suis déçue d’apprendre que vous avez eu une mauvaise expérience. J’ai lu vos remarques sur les forums et je voudrais clarifier quelques points qui ont été soulevés.

HouseTrip est un marché, alors parfois, malheureusement, des propriétaires annulent une réservation. Pourtant, nos statistiques actuelles montrent que ces annulations se produisent pour moins de 1% de toutes nos réservations. Bien que l’occurrence d’une annulation soit une déception, c’est le propriétaire – et ce n’est pas HouseTrip – qui annule la réservation. Notre service clients est disponible par téléphone ou par email 7 jours sur 7 et il essayera de reloger le client dans une autre propriété disponible qui correspond autant que possible à ses besoins. Des annulations peuvent se produire pour beaucoup de raisons, cependant, nous toujours essayons de collaborer avec les propriétaires pour s’assurer qu’une annulation est le dernier recours possible.



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2. Re: housetrip.com

Sophie – Cancellations happen, but in such cases you should provide the tenants with an equivalent option and if it’s more expensive, the owner who cancelled should pay the difference. Or you. Since this represents « only » 1% of your reservations, why don’t you cover the cost? It would be good marketing, too, because this kind of post will cost you more. I’m probably not the only one looking for information about rentals on TA and who has decided not to use your agency, in case we fall in this 1% unlucky few group.

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3. Re: housetrip.com

Well said, Tanan. I'd still never use Housetrip though. Too many nightmarishly negative posts here. They really need to clean up their act.

London, United...
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4. Re: housetrip.com

I am still waiting for your call Sophie,

J attends toujours votre appel

London, United...
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5. Re: housetrip.com

I can assure you , the 1% is utter rubbish...my bad experience alone represents 1%!!! They are a total bunch of imcompetent, unprofessional , unscrupulous liars who dont care about their customers and that is a FACT !!!

You are totally right they should pay for this in the case the property becomes unvailaible ,it should not be for us to clean up their mess between them and their hosts !!! I went on to book a riad in morocco for my wedding celebrations last december, and the property in question was under work construction !!! They decided to accomodate us in another riad next door with lower standards!!! so yes FINANCIAL LOSS AND DISASTROUS EXPERIENCE + NO CELEBRATIONS !!!! We have been abused by the local hosts and children and my elderly wheechair bound mother experienced that too. It is DISGUSTING that even when the obvious blame is on HOUSETRIP PART, they will always try to get away with anything and refuse any responsibility. We received an email a day before we arrived to the property from the host offering their pick up services so they knew about the works in the riad, but found it unrelevant for us to know . This property was booked 3 months in advance!!!!

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6. Re: housetrip.com

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Chicago, Illinois
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7. Re: housetrip.com

the hallmark of a good agency or landlord is that they make good when there is a problem -- for example we rented a VRBO property for the month of November last year -- the hot water and heat went out the first day (same system) it was a holiday weekend and the agency that had their plumbing contract couldn't get anyone out to the place for 4 days; the local manager brought in a friend who was a plumber and got the heat going and the owner agreed to put us up in a hotel till it was fixed (we didn't take them up on it because we feared that the problem was significant and we didn't want our money back and no place to stay if it proved so) the agency hired to fix the plumbing basically whiffed -- very French -- 'it was impossible' 'the whole system would have to be replaced' 'it was not an emergency as hot water is not necessary' -- so the manager again brought in a private plumber who managed to get it working. now nearly a week without hot water was not a joy BUT stuff happens and in this case the owner and the manager stepped up and aggressively worked the problem -- and the owner gave us a rebate for the trouble on our rent -- I would not hesitate to recommend them

an agency that doesn't make sure a property is available, and that doesn't take responsibility when something goes awry is one to avoid. if I hear that an agency has told a client that their reserved apartment has a 'water leak' and that client discovers other renters are using it (as has been reported here several times) then that agency will never get my business or any of the people's who rely on me for advice on renting.

if there is work on a place, that is not unexpected and that can be communicated in advance and options made available -- the cost should not be born by the client -- that is why the huge fee is paid to agencies -- so housetrip is off my recommend list

Pontault Combault...
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8. Re: housetrip.com


I found an appartment in Croatia for the last week of August. I was really happy when i saw the price, but I decided to do some more researches. It appears that Housetrip (their fault or the landlords'fault) doesn't seem to be reliable...

I have another Appartment on Airbnb, but more expensive and more far from Split.

Please be honest, do you think I should use Airbnb or Housetrip ?

Thanks in advance !!


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9. Re: housetrip.com

Depends, Hiken. Do you intend to enjoy your vacation? If so, I might suggest you avoid Housetrip like the Plague. I'd sooner stay in a phone booth.

Madrid, Spain
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10. Re: housetrip.com

First of all, AVOID HOUSETRIP!!! And again, seriously, AVOID HOUSETRIP!

Please, read the whole story to understand better our frustrations.

I can see that there are many reviews with five stars. Well, it could be that those people have not experienced any problem. But if something goes wrong, seriously wrong, then you will realize what kind of company you're dealing with.

Here is what happened to us, in as short description as possible.

About arrangement:

- We (4 persons family) booked a flat in Madrid (Apartmentos 2 – address – Calle Penafiel 18 – owner Susana Munoz) from 31.03 to 09.04.2015.

- We contacted Susana and she confirmed that the flat is free in that time interval.

- It is 2 bedrooms flat, with a place for 6 people to sleep (2 sofas in living room)

- We were allowed to take our little dog with us.

- Susana agreed with us that two more people (6 at all) could come and stay with us (10 euro more pr. man pr. night)

- HOUSETRIP has withdrawn our booking amount few weeks before the trip started (approx. 800 euros).

In Madrid:

- We arrived from airport 31.04.15 about 19:15 at apartment. Pablo Munoz (Susana's father) has been waiting for us.

- He could only speak Spanish.

- He showed us the flat. And it was flat with only one bedroom. We protested, because it wasn't the same flat we booked. And there were no place for 4 people to sleep, not to mention that we were supposed to be 6 in short time.

- As we couldn't discuss it with Pablo (lack of English) we phoned to HOUSETRIP.

- We got to know that our apartment is already booked (Pablo said it to their Spanish speaking consultant), and that we can get this one with one bedroom. It was not acceptable for us (4 adults plus 2 more arriving).

- About 20:00 o'clock we were outside on the street. With lots of baggage and a dog. Now what?!

Communication with HOUSETRIP (31.03.15):

- I called HOUSETRIP to hear what we were supposed to do. Where to go, where to sleep. Hotline consultant said he'll try to find another flat for us.

- He called back 20 minutes later to tell us that he can't get owners of other apartments on the phone, and that we have to spend the night in hotel. In the meantime they (HOUSETRIP) will try to book another flat for us. OK, I said, but.. who is paying for hotel? HOUSETRIP is paying, he said. It is fair, I thought (how naïve ).

- We got hint form him which hotel (on the other end of Madrid, but, OK, there is a Metro) has available rooms.

- We checked in hotel about 23:20 .

Communication with HOUSETRIP (01.04.15):

- Well, it is vacation, but we can't enjoy it, because we don't know what is our next step. HOUSETRIP will call us as soon as they booked another flat for us. It was almost 12:00 o'clock, and we have to check out from hotel or they will charge us for another day (will HOUSETRIP pay for it? Unknown…)

- Nobody called us from HOUSETRIP again and therefore I called them. Got another consultant on. She said that she doesn't know anything about our case, and after I told her a story, she promised she will do anything to help us (find another flat  ).

Fine, I said, but… what are we supposed to do now? Stay in hotel another night? Will they pay for two nights? Then, THEN… she said, their rules are that they will pay for hotel, for both nights, but WITH MY MONEY!!! And for the rest of the money they will try to book another flat. WTF!!!

It means following – we already paid 800 euro for 9 days in apartment, then… one night / two rooms in hotel costs 118 euro (two nights = 236 euro)… 800 – 236 = 564 euro.

THEY WIL HELP ME PAYING WITH MY MONEY!!!?? I lost apartment which I have booked via HOUSETRIPs website because of HOUSETRIP's affiliates, and it is me who is paying for those extra costs!?!

On the other side, I understood, too, that other potential flats costs much more than 1000 euro, which means, too, that we risk to end on 1400-1500 euros instead of 800 euros for 9 nights.

I said that I 've no intention to pay more than I already paid, and that I want 2 bedrooms apartment for 9 nights as I booked. I said, too, that it was not my fault that I'm on the street now, and that it is HOUSETRIP's responsibility for their partner had double booking. Hotline consultant said that IT IS NOT HOUSETRIP RESPONSIBILITY! Period. We are only mediators, consultant said. On my claim that if you are earning money as mediator then you have responsibility, too, consultant wasn't agree.

So, HOUSETRIP is not in charge if anything goes wrong. Apartments owner is not in charge, neither. Nobody is in charge, and it is nobody's responsibility that your vacation became nightmare. And, not only that, HOUSETRIP will try to sell you another apartment!?!? Much more expensive!!! (It is farce, it is game, there are NO EMPTY FLATS!!!)

Well, it was clear, if we choose to wait for HOUSETRIP find another flat for us, we can't go out and enjoy Madrid (day 2 of our vacation will be lost). HOUSETRIP refused to pay for extra costs their host has caused to us, and at last, if they maybe, MAYBE (!!) find another flat, we risk to pay much, much more for 9 nights in Madrid than planned.

The only way out was – cancel the deal. We have done it. We stayed at hotel, paid 250 euros more than planned, but… that's it.


- It took 2-3 days to come over everything we experienced with HOUSETRIP host, discussing with HOUSETRIP's consultants, realizing that no help will come from them, realizing that HOUSETRIP has no understanding, that HOUSETRIP has no responsibility, that HOUSETRIP is not in charge for anything in their business. No consequences, no compensations, nothing.

PS. After some time (after we cancelled the whole booking with HOUSETRIP) we got few e-mails with info that all flats in Madrid are booked and that they can't help us?!?! Imagine what would happened if we have chosen to wait for HOUSETRIP find another flat? We would spend 2-3 days in hotel waiting and doing nothing.

Anyhow, HOUSETRIP, great coordination, superior professional's. With one word HOUSETRIP.

No two words - AVOID HOUSETRIP!!!

You deserve better. NOT HOUSETRIP!

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