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Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

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Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)


I am posting this in both the Paris and Rome forums so I can get a fair poll! I am doing research on a honeymoon for Europe for about a week in early October. We've narrowed our choices down to Paris or Rome.

We LOVE food/wine, want to experience a new culture, and enjoy walking around. We want to try to relax and see the sites at the same time. So maybe have a couple of full days, but plenty of time to just stroll around and get a feel for the city (i.e., we don't need to see ALL the sites).

I was thinking of either spending the whole week in Paris or Rome. Or doing 4 days in Rome and the rest in Paris...Something like that.

Any feedback or suggestions is really appreciated! I've been going at this for a while and reading other posts, but I can't find anything that really helps me decide.


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Paris, France
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1. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

Either would make perfect sense per se, so it would depend on your personal interests.

However, for a honeymoon and first visit, I'd strongly urge you not to consider doing both cities in the course of one week. Both cities have plenty to offer to cover a whole week, and then only scratch the surface, especially on a romantic occasion. You could always include one day trip from the city you choose, such as Versailles for Paris or Tivoli for Rome.

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2. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

I completely agree with Parisix. You'll do a disservice to both if you attempt to see each of them in a week; to say nothing of being rushed and therefore not relaxing. Pick one or the other. I don't think you can go wrong, but I love Paris, so I'm biased.

Good luck on your marriage, and enjoy your honeymoon, wherever you end up going.

New York City, New...
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3. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

The decision on which will really have to be made by you and your fiance based on your interests and expectations of the trip. Paris is my all time favorite city to visit so I cannot give a non-biased opinion (actually I wouldn't expect to receive many non-biased opinions on either forum ;) )

I absolutely think you should choose just one city though and then you can do a day trip or overnight if you want to see more of the surrounding area. I am currently planning an 11 day Rome-Paris trip with someone who hasn't been to either place and am concerned it's not enough time so a week would be very rushed which is not something I'd want to feel on a honeymoon!

Both are amazing places to visit and I don't think you can go wrong whatever you decide. Enjoy!

oops, didn't see the other responses before I sent mine. Totally agree with both.

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Victoria, Canada
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4. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

I think you will find the same thing on both forums, on both forums most experienced travellers will suggest you choose one or the other, especially since after a hectic wedding and all the prep that goes into it, its nice to be able to truly relax. Sit in cafes, stroll little side streets, have long lunches and coffee breaks through out the day etc.

Many on the Paris forums will suggest Paris as being ideal, and many on the Rome forums will suggest Rome being ideal.

I like both cities but give the nod to Paris( no surprise) , there is more street life that is centered in one central area, Rome is a bit more spread out, on other hand, by October you may find weather a bit milder in Rome..

It really will come down to personal tastes.. both are romantic and beautiful cities..

Paris is about an hour less flying, lol ( see can't help adding that in , Paris bias)

New York City, New...
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5. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

You can't go wrong either way.

The weather may be milder in Rome (but that is not certain for the week youll be there). If you are thinking of doing a side trip outside the city that may help you narrow the choices

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6. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

I agree with everyone who said to only do one of the cities in a week, especially if you want to relax. For wandering around, I think I'd give the edge to Rome, since it's the best city I've been to for finding randomly cool old things just by turning a corner.

Both have places to sit outside and people watch, although I think I saw more people sitting with just a coffee in Paris than in Rome (in Rome I think more people were eating a meal).

I liked the food close to tourist locations better in Rome than Paris, but overall, I think I liked the food better in Paris (and France in general), if that makes sense.

I think the traffic in Rome was more of an adjustment than the traffic in Paris, where crossing a street is not quite as nerve-racking as in Rome. It only took us about a day to adjust to Rome, though.

I think it really depends on what you want to see. There's easily enough to fill a week in either city.

Fairbanks, Alaska
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7. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

Hmmm, tough choice. If your tastes are historical, then Rome. If they are artistic, Paris.

I find Rome more chaotic than Paris. The Italians are nuts, but in a nice way.

Unless you anticipate never returning, you could do 4 and 3---fly to maximize time in the cities. If you think you'll come again, pick just one.

For me it would be Paris. (which explains why I'll be heading back there next week.)

Chicago, Illinois
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8. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

I prefer Paris. I have never warmed up to Rome although we once spent a couple of months in Florence which we loved. But many people find Rome their favorite place.

Whichever you pick, one of these is plenty for a week. You can vary the experience a bit with a day trip or two, but either city has more than enough to do for a week.

Los Angeles
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9. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

Rome was my husband's favorite city until we went to Paris on our honeymoon and his mind was blown. I have never been to Rome, but have been to Italy twice (Florence and Sicily) and although pretty amazing, I never dream about it the way I do Paris. Paris is terrribly romantic and full of beauty. If you are a visual person, Paris is spectacular. I have been 3 times and can't wait to go back.

I agree that you should pick one city and enjoy it to its fullest.

New Hampshire
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10. Re: Paris or Rome or Both (Sunday-Sunday Honeymoon)

I think you should do both if that's what you really want to do.

There will be plenty to return for, and it's always beneficial to experience a city for future reference.

For sure, though, it would be far more relaxing to pick one or the other, perhaps considering a day trip or two.

If you do both, you would want to book multi-city airline tickets, so you fly into one and out of the other home. But, if there are no non-stop flights to Rome and flights connect in Paris, it would make sense to go to Paris first, then Rome.