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4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

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4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

Hello TA!

I'm leaving for Paris in a few days and I'm looking to get some feedback on my itinerary. I know the itinerary might be busy for some people, but I'm in my 20s, an active tourist and traveling solo who HATES shopping and staying in one place for too long (except museums). It's also my first time in Paris so I'm trying to get a glimpse of the Paris highlights. I used Tripomatic to plan out the highlights and distance, but I would appreciate any useful feedback. Thank you in advance!

Day 1:

Musée d'Orsay

Concorde Square - famous for the Luxor obelisk


Elysee Palace

Champs-Elysee Palace

Triumphal Arch

Trocadero (famous to view the Eiffel Tower)

Chaillot Palace

Gardens of the Trocadero

Eiffel Tower

Day 2

Musee du Louvre (open from 9am, cost 16 euros)

Seine River

The Holy Chapel

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Lunch in Latin Quarter


Luxembourg Gardins

The Moulin Rouge (best to see in the evening, near Le Village Hostel)

Day 3

Versailles (all day)

Day 4

Espace Dali (open at 10am, cost 11 euros)

Sacre Coeur Basilica


Pompidou Center

Le Marais

Notre Dame Cathedral
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Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites, Churches & Cathedrals
Basilica du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre
Historic Sites, Architectural Buildings, Churches & Cathedrals, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Tours de la Cathedrale Notre-Dame
Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites, Churches & Cathedrals
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1. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

You can do this. Day 1 might be tight, but remember, you can push the Eiffel Tower and area around it to sunset/dark and see the tower when it's lit.

I wouldn't take the time to go up the Arch, unless that's really important to you. The Champs Elysee Laduree could have a long line but it usually moves fast.

I would also do the Moulin Rouge and Sacre Coeur later (I so don't get why Moulin Rouge is on so many itineraries but at least you don't want to see the show like my high school Facebook friends!). From Sacre Coeur at sunset you get an amazing view of Paris turning pink so maybe do the Moulin Rouge then visit Sacre Coeur in time to be there at sunset.

Versailles is great, but maybe not for a first trip. I think I finally made it on my 10th! There is so much to see in Paris. There are a lot of smaller museums in houses that you might want to add to the itinerary. Cognac Jay in the Marais, Jacquemart Andre, the Marmottan, or Nissim Camando.


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2. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

already edited but I should add - you don't have any markets on your list. Not for shopping - for eating or getting a look at true Parisian life (if you go to the neighborhood markets). They are all over, with varying levels of touristy-ness. My favorite is the Bastille market on Thurs and Sunday. Great food, and great accessories. My 3 euro polka dot fake pashmina was one of my best purchases ever!

When Im in DC, I always go to Eastern Market

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3. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

I think you can certainly accomplish this schedule if you go at a dead run, but I would suggest you plot those sites out on a map first. I don't recognize the names of some of your destinations, but I feel you are doing a lot of unnecessary back tracking. You have yourself running back and forth across the city, when planning your sites to follow some sort of logical route could save you a lot of time.

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4. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

you could use 4 days and scores more. I am leaving Feb 20 for 10 days, probably my 50th trip if not moreThought I would give my comments on your plans, D'Orsay closed Monday, Louvre closed Tuesday.

Laduree food, I know of one on Champs Elysee and Blvd Royal, usually lines and a wait. How about Angelena's, One on rue Rivoli and one now part of Luxembourg Museum. The hot chocolate and desserts, are so good. Croque monsieur is ham sandwich toasted somehow, croquet madame is the same thing only with an egg on top. Just don't have a mont blanc dessert and the hot chocolate. It is just too much sweet all at once. I did it few years back, and I could not look chocolate in the face for several days. Elysee Palace all you can do is look thru the gate, so Me, I would forget it unless you are just going up St. Honore for a walk with nothing else to do. Arch Triumph on a clear day is worth a trip up to the top. Chaillot/Trocadero do together. Metro is Trocadero and comes out right beside it all. Several museums in there, fountains are real nice if they are working. Eiffel, is you want to go to top, get ticket ahead of time. It is more expensive to get the elevator than walk up if you are strong and healthy. Usually long lines unless you go real early or real late. If you want to take a Seine boat ride, you can catch it over by the Eiffel. I have heard the food has gone down hill on the boat dinner cruises, so I would forgo that one. Holy Chapel? Do you mean St. Chapelle. It is worth going to if the sun is out. Fantastic then, but no sun, you really don't get the fantastic affect that the sun gives it. Also usually long security line to go thru. I would not bother with the Conciergerie. I went couple years ago and was disappointed. The one big room, hall, is fantastic, but they have tried to recreate the cells that Marie Antoinette was in, with dummy models and it takes something away from it for me. Notre Dame thrills me. I go to church there only in Paris, I don't go to church here at home. I go to the 11:30 a.m. service. The organ is something else in that beautiful place. Madeleine Church sometimes has concerts at night. Moulin Rouge - very expensive, so I feel. chalk it up to experience, several options - like a meal and show, booze and show etc all at different prices. I'd rather go to Las Vegas. Make sure Versaille is open the day you want to go. Get the RER about 30 minutes or thereabouts. Hang on to your ticket whenever you are on train or metro. the metro police have been, showing up more than usual. If you can't prove you are legal, you will get fined there or then and maybe get carted away as I have seen before. The palace is maybe a 2 or 3 block easy walk from the train station, but consider it just about an all day trip to enjoy it. Espace Dali - just around the corner from Place Tertre at Montmarte where the artists are. There is a tiny sign pointing the direction on the corner of one of the buildings. Sacre le Coeur is a beautiful church, different than Notre Dame. If it is a clear day, the view of Paris from that hill is something else. A metro near there is Anvers which comes leading to the base of the hill. You can walk up about 100 steps or get the funiculare up the hill. The street up from the metro stop is something else. Lot of junk souvenir shops, fabric shops, junk clothing shops, food, and shills, lots of them, Don't be a fool about them. Pompidou is modern art, which is not my cup of tea. It is a nice area to wander, lots of eats, shops etc --les Halles. The shopping center there has been under renovation, don't know if it is done yet. Marais, get off metro St Paul and walk maybe two blocks in. Closed on Saturdays. Delicious bakeries, now some ritzy shops, nice to look in windows. Close to Place de Voges where Victor Hugo's house it. Used to be free to get in. There are several other museums in area, Picasso, but don't know if it is open yet, been under renovation for a while now. enjoy your trip. Stay longer if you can.

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5. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

- Versailles won't take you all day. YOu can probably do some more sightseeing that afternoon (maybe the Marais?)

- I agree that you are doing some backtrack (ex: Moulin Rouge & Dali Museum/Sacre Coeur/Montmartre should be on the same day)

- I assume you've checked that these places are open on your designated days?

- Any place that is a "priority", make sure you see that in the first half of the day - so that you don't show up to the site right as the doors close for the day :-)

Enjoy your trip!

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6. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

Cut Versailles to a 1/2 day, you don't need all day, Move some of the heavier days' events to the remaining half. The way you are going from place to place you can zoom through the palace in a couple of hours

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7. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

I agree with others that you can see more on the day you are visiting Versailles. It will be really tough to tour Versailles in 1/2 day though - you would need to be focused and move fast (not sure how you could really enjoy it).

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8. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

Unless its open to the public and you have an invitation,, I see no reason to visit the Elysée Palace Its just a stone wall with a large door and a lot of fancy dress cops around.

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9. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

I'm quite worried about Day 2 (morning).

>>Day 2 Musee du Louvre (open from 9am, cost 16 euros)

Seine River, The Holy Chapel, Notre-Dame Cathedral

Lunch in Latin Quarter

This is a lot to try to squeeze in before lunch unless you plan on eating quite late. The Louvre takes time, even the most hurried of visits will probably result in at least 90 minutes racing around and trying to exit the museum. Notre Dame deserves 45 minutes of your time. I think you mean St Chapelle, which is not far from Notre Dame. This is worth 30 minutes as well. Plan on some transportation time in between these attractions and you might spend time in queues as well. Make sure to manage your time on the day.

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10. Re: 4 days in Paris. Is this too much?

I noticed that BradJill mentioned 90 minutes for Louvre, Notre Dame 45 mins, Sainte-Chapelle 30 mins. I suppose these are not considering the wait time right? OR would it be possible to all those in the minutes estimated?