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Paris Metro Scam Again

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Paris Metro Scam Again

My Fiancée and I have had a very frustrating encounter with 4 (what at first seemed to be authentic) metro ticket inspectors.

They stopped us just around the bend away from the ticket turn-styles, as we were leaving the station.

They then asked for our tickets and and put them through a scanner. They then said that the tickets were invalid. I produced my receipt which I still had as I had purchased my tickets on London at the Eurostar Station. They said that they still had to fine us €33 each for having invalid tickets.

I protested and was told that I had not used the

turn style correctly. I advised that I had. They said that I hadn't and they would be fining us the €66 euros total. I refused and at this point was extremely angry and they said they would call the police. To which I replied "please call them"

They then got the fine book out I advised that I would not be giving them any money.

I said look at the CCTV footage of me using the turn style. The one who had no English was just talking to me in French. I advised him to speak in English and call the police. I was at this point speaking in a raised voice another alleged ticket inspector approached me and said that I should calm down. Well I feel if I am being wronged I have to defend myself.

They took my ticket to prove it didn't work. But I snatched it back and walked to the turn style and proved them wrong. At this point they were still trying to tell me that I had to pay the fine.

I lost my temper and shouted at them. They then decided that it would be better to let us go.

This is a scam!! Or they would have called the police. It has left a sour taste in our mouths this was a romantic break in what is meant to be the most romantic city in the world.

I feel sorry for people who get caught out by this it's not a cheap place to visit let alone be robbed by con men in uniforms.

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Calgary, Canada
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1. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again

You didn't have to post it twice.

Paris, France
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2. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again


And when did this happen to you the first time? Why are you so convinced that these inspectors were con men?

Another interesting aspect of your story that is not clear: ¨But I snatched it back and walked to the turn style and proved them wrong.¨ How did you prove them wrong? If the ticket worked at the turnstile a second time, it couldn´t have been validated the first time because a ticket will only allow turnstile passage once (with some exceptions for connections). Could you have mistakenly handed the inspector a fresh ticket and not the ticket you had just used to enter the turnstiles? Sometimes loose tickets can become mixed in your pocket.

One observation I do have is that you have a very combative attitude for someone who is guest visiting a foreign city. It´s too bad the police were not called but they usually have duties more pressing than appeasing foreign tourists who may be unclear about using the métro.

Nothing in your narrative indicates that you were victimized by these inspectors and nothing validates your claim that they were con men. What really did happen and why you had a problem with tickets is not clear and drawing concrete conclusion would be difficult with the information thus far provided.

Le Bugue, France
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3. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again

<< I advised him to speak in English>>

He should have advised you to speak in French.

Tucson, Arizona
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4. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again

This doesn't sound like a scam to me ... just people trying

to do their job.

New Hampshire
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5. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again

As mentioned above, if you were able to validate your ticket after being stopped by the inspectors, that means you didn't validate it previously, as a ticket cannot be validated twice. So, the inspector was correct. When "they took my ticket to prove it didn't work", they were probably trying to show you that there was no validation stamp on the back of the ticket because you had not validated it. Having a ticket or a receipt is irrelevant. It must be validated for the ride.

Many aspects of your story make no sense, such as "They then decided that it would be better to let us go."

Of course, it is completely unreasonable to expect anyone in France to explain things to you in English.

It is completely unfair to report your situation as a scam, since you were clearly in the wrong, or to suggest that the inspectors you encountered were not "authentic" - they do wear uniforms and ID badges...

Paris, France
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6. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again

Please explain how people trying to do their jobs is a scam? Do you always argue with authorities. Why in the world would you expect them to speak English? That's quite arrogant IMO.

I've been stopped by these same people, I handed them my Navigo Decouverte card, they scanned it and I was on my way. Do you always argue with authorities.

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7. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again

I find it hard to believe that con men have gone to the expense of investing in scanners.

But wouldn't the "responsible" thing to do be just to ask to see their identification?

And do the authorities in your town all speak French when they stop a French visitor. Apparently since you expect the world to only speak English maybe you should just not visit other countries where it's not the primary language.

Honestly you are probably lucky they didn't call the police and have you arrested LOL!

And if it ruins your trip, please see a mirror for the real cause. Instead of moving on you are wasting time ranting on here LOL! The only thing in life you can really control is your response to situations.

Edited: 12 March 2014, 16:52
Chicago, Illinois
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8. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again

Always heartening to see that it isn't only American tourists who behave badly.

Hove, United Kingdom
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9. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again


And when did this happen to you the first time? Why are you so convinced that these inspectors were con men?"

I think when Matt says 'again' he's referring to all the other posts that mistakenly peg this as a scam.

Paris, France
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10. Re: Paris Metro Scam Again

Another one post wonder. I've noticed that these people also always have 1 review as well now.

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