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Self catering in Paris

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Self catering in Paris

Hi I have been looking through many of the old posts so forgive me if I ask a question already answered. We are wanting to book an apartment somewhere in Paris in mid December for about 5 nights. We have a 12 yr old desperate to see the Louvre and a 9 yr old hoping to touch the Eiffel Tower! And a 7 yr old boy who will want to run off some steam. There is a lovely apartment near the Eiffel Tower then I read posts about the Luxembourg park there are so many choices.

My main issues are

The 9 yr old is coeliac so I need to source gluten free pasta and bread easily.

The 7 yr old has an auto immune disease and he is unable to eat the protein in wheat , dairy, eggs, fish, soy and nuts. Hence the need to self cater.

Where is a good place to base ourselves close to markets or a supermarket.

We don't need nightlife but would like to have a wander around in the evening.

Also has anyone one seen oat or rice milk for sale - or this is a long shot - oat bread?

The best part is we speak no French. I am beginning to think I am a little crazy!

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1. Re: Self catering in Paris


I'm also in the midst of researching gluten free options in Paris. I've found NATURALIA a Bio store that sells gluten free breads and other products. They have locations in different areas of Paris. I'm attaching the website link which is in French, BUT, you have enough time to find someone to translate for you the areas they are located and if they carry oat or rice milk. That is what we are doing, getting a local French student to go through the website with me, tell me the names of the important ingredients I need to know eg gluten free and nut free and tell me the locations of the stores. I'm also learning basic French from a cd I got from the library. We will be traveling in May.


Other Bio stores that carry organic and non-dairy milks (but which are not located everywhere) are:



p.s. If you happen to find any of these Bio/Organic store websites in English please let me know! I haven't been successful! Good Luck on your trip!

Penticton, Canada
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2. Re: Self catering in Paris


if you learn how to use this map of the metro/buses then any apartment in your preferred area close to a metro station or bus stop will work. www.ratp.fr/plan-interactif/carteidf.php…

depending on how long you stay and when you arrive in Paris look at a Navigo Découverte it could make it easier to use the transit parisbytrain.com/paris-train-metro-week-pass…

the new google map now shows all the metro stations. Using Directions gives you an idea how much walking is involved (using the stick man option) -p.s. maps are easier to read in map view rather than Earth view. https://www.google.com/maps/search/metro+near+eiffel+tower+paris/@48.8572296,2.2971091,14z

google translate is a start to get a translation- not usually (OK never) grammatically correct when tryng to translate a sentence but the main words are usually correct.

I use an online english-french dictionary for the words I need to learn and keep a notebook (or app) for when going shopping. I use this site to learn the pronunciations. http://www.forvo.com/languages/fr/ also just noticed that the little speaker in google translate is for pronunciation.....

+ getting the kids involved in learning new words could be a great new game.

to find Naturalia, an organic food store, mentioned by Lindsay you can use this site www.naturalia.fr/entreprise/nos_magasins.asp Insert the postal code (code postal) near a location i.e. Eiffel tower is 75007 or, in google map insert "Naturalia near ..........." to get a location near wherever you may be staying.

On their site this is their gluten free section on their online store http://www.naturalia.fr/bio-sans-gluten_7.htm this is their oat milk (boisson avoine) naturalia.fr/bio-boissons_boissons-davoine-q… It shows the ingredients (ingrédients) when you click on -accéder à l`offre- below the picture. Cut and paste to google translate.

this should get you started in making this trip an enjoyable adventure rather than just a crazy idea.........

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3. Re: Self catering in Paris

Of course you know this, but have your restrictions professionally translated into French so you can confer with the proprietors of these bio stores and make sure the things you buy are appropriate.

And you can cut and paste things into google translate and some sights you can just click to translate into English through google -- obviously you don't want to place life or death decisions on this, hence the good french cards with your specific requirements for each child but it does help to spot things like the rice milk you need on those sites.



Paris, France
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4. Re: Self catering in Paris

Most supermarkets have special diet sections with all of the products for people with special needs. There are also a number of organic food stores which are even more specialized in this sort of thing. Besides Naturalia which was already mentioned, another chain is Les Nouveaux Robinson.

Ottawa, Canada
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5. Re: Self catering in Paris

Not sure if you have come across this yet. www.helmutnewcake.com

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6. Re: Self catering in Paris

L'élan nature (inbetween Alésia and porte d'Orléans) carries a good sélection :


There's also Bio c bon :


Note that some of those (ie the one close to Vavin) are small shops.

Victoria, Canada
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7. Re: Self catering in Paris

If you stay in parts of the 6th you can be close enough to the 7th to visit the ET and close enough to Luxembourg Gardens to let your little one run off steam daily.. I think you would do best to find a few places you like and post links to them then folks can help weigh in on how close you are to various stores and markets.

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8. Re: Self catering in Paris

In the 11th, a completely Gluten Free cafe,

Thank You my Deer.

Everything is made on site. I've not had their oat bread but would bet they have it.

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9. Re: Self catering in Paris

Brilliant thank you all so much. I have looked at a place in the 7th but I will try and narrow down my choices with my husband and put them on. You are all fantastic thankyou :-)

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10. Re: Self catering in Paris

we are traveling in October, and I am gluten free. In my research I found more stores in the 3rd, 11th, than in the 7th near the ET. Perhaps an apartment closer to the Marais? We are already booked in the 7th, but with no children we can easily get to the transportation.