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Personal pet peeve re TA posters

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Ohio, USA
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Personal pet peeve re TA posters

Leaving aside the endlessly repetitive questions such as:

* Which arrondissement is the best to stay in?

* Can you recommend a good hotel?

* How do I get from the airport to my hotel?

* What will the weather be like?

* What should I wear?

and all the rest, all of which could be narrowed down to something meaningful, if not completely answered by a simple search...

What annoys me more than all the above is the amazingly large number of posters who ask a question, get at least one detailed answer (and sometimes several) that took time to compose and may have taken at least a few minutes research, and who never even acknowledge that they have read the response, far less take the five seconds to type a thank you.

Given that the vast majority of posters on these forums are American, is it any wonder that US visitors to Paris (and many other places) have acquired a reputation for being impolite?

Not that this is a universal thing, I hasten to add. Some posters graciously acknowledge the help they have recived. IMO there are far too many who do not.

Rant mode off...

Omaha, NE
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1. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters


You are so right! I love this site and all the information but for the life of me I can't figure out why some people ask the same question over, and over, and over.............

If people would bother to read the directions to the site they could find the answers to their questions hundreds of times over.

I got so many great ideas when I went to Paris last May and will be forever grateful to all the TA members who did help with that

I will continue to monitor this site everyday because I am afraid I will miss something if I skip a day!

Thanks for your "rant"--it is a valid one!


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2. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

I agree completely.

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3. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

Moi aussi. And thank you, Irish, for bringing up that subject. I admit that I'm not one who has any good, long detailed advice to offer, but it does amaze me to see the lengthy replies that you and others repeatedly give to some posters, and all of you definitely deserve a very big "thank you" to say the least.

Denmark, Europe
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4. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

bravo - well said. Thank you for this "reminder" about remembering basic gratitude and politeness

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5. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

Rant Mode On!

I have tried on many occasions to search for questions/answers and by the time I've read 10 answers I still don't have the answer to the question I'm really want to ask or am looking for. Sometimes it easier just to ask a new question than try to find one that asks and answers the same question (that may have been posted weeks ago)

Not everyone is a world traveler or in some cases have even planned a trip or maybe they are not as tech savvy as you. They may not even know what search parameters to use, or are just overwhelmed by the results of a search. What may be simple for you may not be simple for others.

Bluntly!! if you don't want to answer the question then don't read the forum.

Rover, what don't you just say what the problem really is? Seems like you're taking this a little too personally, would be a little different if they were emailing you directly.

TA provides a great service and you are ridiculing the fact that people are coming to the forum and asking questions to make their trip a little easier to plan and enjoyable.

And exactly at what point do you want us to say Thank You? after the first reply, the 10th, oh wait there may be more! I have to go to TA and check my posts for answers as I don't get Notices. Don't know if it's a TA or an IP problem. I think just asking the question is a form of flattery. Hey is there anyone out there that can help me?

Personally I think you are the one being rude!

Rant mode off or I could go on like this forever.

London, UK
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6. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

I agree completely with IrishRovr - the problem seems to be getting worse. When someone comes on and asks the open ended ''where should I stay'' or ''how to get from the airport'' questions I really pity them. If someone is so weak of character that they can't pick a hotel for themselves or too lazy to look at the endless sites on transport then they really ought to be spening their money on therapy or some sort of self help class.

There's a definate trend on TA towards extremely lazy, ignorant travellers fishing for information without having the courtesy to do some basic research themselves.

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7. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

Hi Irish,

Been a while but pleased to see you pen this post.

Most unfortunate that some people misread your

intentions and leaped to the wrong conclusions..

I thought you were very clear in your post.

I see that you have past 6000 forum posts. I'm around 1900.

I have not been doing many posts lately since I have

not been back to Paris since my 5th trip in 2005.

I'm working feverishly on my upcoming book,


Hope to publish this September.

As in the past, when photography posts appear I will be

glad to respond.

I think those who have not been around the Forum to post

and respond to many posts see things a bit differently.

Take good care,


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8. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

I'll be the first to admit that some oft repeated questions (or variations on the same questions) asked do become a bit monotonous....but the simple fact that they are asked so often is a clear indication of the level of information most prospective visitors have about anywhere. Frankly, I'm often shocked and amazed that so many people, most of whom are probably quite competent in many other areas, can be so woefully DUMB when it comes to the area of travel. They are capable of researching information on a new big screen TV. lawn & garden products or fashion accessory....but can't seem to grasp the concept of a map....or in a world where children-yet-to-be-born already have their own web sites (with information on dates of ovulation and conception, sonograms and Gift Registries) it never occurs to them that major international airports or transportation systems, etc might have them too. What scares the livin' hell out of me sometimes is that many of these are people of every-day responsibility and influence. So perhaps it's no wonder that health care, foreign policy and prime-time TV programming are in such a mess.

As for the relative amount and degree of gratitude expressed....well, '..that's life in the big city..'. I certainly don't mind receiving it...but I hardly expect it...and am even less surprised when I don't. The fact is that most of us have '..learned..' some of what we know from our own experiences and a LOT more from the experiences of others, who've been willing to share it with us. If anyone has benefited from any assistance I've provided; then they don't '..owe..' me anything ....but I do believe that they '..owe..' something to '..the next guy..'.....who will in turn owe it to the guy after that. That, at least to me, is a much more progressive and productive form of '..gratitude..'....and with any luck at all, somewhere down the line, one of '..the next guys..' will assist me.

Some time ago I corresponded with someone via e-mail on one of these forums about recommendations for things to do and '..tips..' on how to best go about doin' them. Several months later, I was scrolling through some threads and came across a similar topic. One of the responses turned out to be a verbatim Copy & Paste of passages from my e-mails...with a couple of the respondents own '..tips..' tossed in at the end for good measure. That's progressive, productive '..gratitude..'.

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9. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

Oh, by the way...onmy next visit, I tried out a couple of the other guys '..tips..' and they worked just fine....so now they're MINE...turn about is fair play.

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10. Re: Personal pet peeve re TA posters

A simple "thankyou" is not to much to ask. Courtesy is a virtue , and therefore , a good thing. Granted , many posters have only used this site a few times and should be given the benefit of the doubt. Still , there are many that seem to think (or don't think at all) that its somebody's "job" to answer these many questions ( like when you hold the door open for an unthankful person -- what, they think you're the doorman?). I've noted IrishRovr giving in-depth aid to an endless stream of would-be travelers ( and I can't see that he gets anything out of it , other than being a renowned "help-ologists"). Even though he can be a little "holier than thou" occasionally (I suspect he is a perfectionist in a not so perfect world) , I've noted him , in effect , "babysitting" inquisitive travelers only to find out (sometimes months later) that they were only "window shopping". I know , I've been the "babysitter" a few times myself (before unloading them on Irish -- sorry Irish). Sidenote: It would be nice if there was a "notices" function on TA like there is on virtualtourist.com -- would save a lot of time and help alleviate the load on Irish (among others).