any big problems with this itinerary?

I've got an itinerary in mind for a 2 week (14 night) trip to France in September or October for my wife and me. Looking for feedback if there are any obvious problems with it. We have been to France previously, but only Paris and the Riviera. We are middle-aged and in good health.

A couple of notes of background. One, I have a strong preference to rent a car for less than half the trip, as I drive more than I want in my regular life and so driving doesn't seem like vacation to me. So the itinerary has a car in Normandy only. My understanding is that a car is almost essential for our destinations in Normandy, whereas a car would be beneficial but not essential in Provence, so that was the decision point. If I'm wrong and it makes more sense to have the car in Provence and use public transportation in Normandy, let me know. Two, we like having a good portion of our time on the coast, so the trip reflects that.

Here's the working itinerary:

--Overnight flight from U.S. into Paris (CDG airport). Pick up rental car at CDG and immediately drive to Normandy. Spend 4 nights there, likely 2 in Bayeux and 2 in Honfleur. For the 3 full days, main activities are visiting Mont Saint Michel (1 day) and the WWII beaches (2 days).

--Drive back to CDG airport, return car, and take direct train from airport to Avignon. Spend 3 nights in Avignon. For the 2 full days in Avignon, one day is visiting Nimes and the other is either visiting Pont du Gard or perhaps a wine tour (private or semi-private van tour). I think if we did the latter, a benefit would include going through some of the appealing villages that aren't accessible except by car?

--Train from Avignon to Cassis. I understand we'll need to get a taxi into town, since the station is a ways outside of town. Spend 3 nights. For the two full days, 1 day is visiting the calanques and 1 day is undetermined.

--Train from Cassis to Riviera. Spend last 4 nights there, probably staying in two different places. Have stayed in various places there previously (Nice, Antibes, Villefranch-sur-Mer), so will likely try at least one new place.

--Fly out of Nice

I welcome any feedback on things that warrant reconsideration, or any confirmation that this is a good plan. Thank you.