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Peanut butter !

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Peanut butter !

Hello travellers,

Do you know if peanut butter can easily be found in grocery stores?

Thank you,


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1. Re: Peanut butter !

YUK !!! Or maybe EEEW ! ! !

Can't imagine why you would even consider eating that yucky stuff when you are in France, where even the most ordinary food is "extraroidinaire,"

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2. Re: Peanut butter !

What A terrible reply

Loire Valley
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3. Re: Peanut butter !

yes. If it isnt with breakfast stuff, try the "strane foreign food" section. There should be tins of north African stuff, even if they dont have anglo penut butter

Sydney, Australia
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4. Re: Peanut butter !

I think it is in most supermarkets.

Toowoomba, Australia
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5. Re: Peanut butter !

I think what Alpilles means that if you are going for six months you may need to find a supply. If you are going for a short visit, which is what most people here do, you probably will not miss it because there is so much fabulous food to try. But yes, it is available in supermarkets.

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6. Re: Peanut butter !

Peanut butter is hated by most Europeans for some bizarre reason. When I visited Scotland it was the same way.

I think they experiment with putting it in desserts.

One guy in the uk asked "you eat it with jelly --that gelatin stuff?" So the source of some confusion is in the UK "jelly" is what Americans call "Jello brand gelatin "!! But by jelly we Americans mean jam, marmalade etc.

I've seen peanut butter in an American deli in canal st Martin in Paris.

For me it is a staple.

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7. Re: Peanut butter !

Peope eat peanut butter pieces [sandwiches] in scotland, it is not an exotic food. You can buy it anywhere.

I first had peanut butter in Scotland aged about 7 or 8 at a sunday school picnic - which is a very long time ago [and it was exotic then since i expect it was some visiting preachers that brought it over from the US]

I've never heard anyone using it experimentally as a dessert unless it was something that specifically calling for peanut butter in the recipe .

I did once try making a kind of stuffed chicken breast like a chicken satay version of a chicken kiev for a dinner party from peanut better when i was in my early 20s , -it wasnt well recieved since the satay sauce ooozed out in a fairly disgusting way though it actually tasted if you shut your eyes =]

We also have jelly type jam as well though the peanut butter and jelly jam combo on a piece is not a common mixture- peanut butter and mature Scottish cheddar would be a more usual combination.

I would guess this dates the Scotland viist to before sunpat peanut butter started to be advertised heavily on tv in the 70s.

It never used to be common in France when we first came here 18 years ago, but it started appearing on ordinary supermarket shelves rather than exotic foreign shelves over 5 years ago.

Rest assured, Masaryk . you can buy peanut butter in all large supermarkets and most small shops and health food stores

Edited: 16 March 2014, 12:09
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8. Re: Peanut butter !

<I would guess this dates the Scotland viist to before sunpat peanut butter started to be advertised heavily on tv in the 70s>

Peanut butter was already routinely available in the UK during my childhood in the 1950s and 1960s.

Edinburgh, United...
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9. Re: Peanut butter !

Sorry peanut butter is not hated by 'most Europeans' and I have never heard of it being used as a pudding ingredient in Scotland. It is ubiquitous and we have it on sandwiches etc and I use it sometimes when making a delightful salad dressing I learnt about when living in Williamsburg.

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10. Re: Peanut butter !

<Peanut butter is hated by most Europeans for some bizarre reason.>

Not true. It's very popular in the Netherlands, for example, where it is called pindakaas (peanut cheese).


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btGn596X7lQ (Caption: Calvé peanut butter: who didn't grow up with it ?).

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