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Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

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Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

To make a change from the raft of complaints about transfer companies I thought I would write up two recent positive experience instead.

Alpybus - travelled with them both ways in March. Driver was great nice, very chatty and despite some problems with the van, transfer wasn't too delayed. Transfer was on time leaving both directions, although they moved our time fowards leaving but only a little, there was enough space for our luggage and ski's.

Cham Express - used them last for transfers in September. No problems with them. Nice to be able to book online so didn't need cash for a driver (with Alpybus you pay the driver and need Euros to do so). Was out of season and landing my flight was delayed. Phoned to tell them I was running 15 minutes late and they waited for me quite happily.

I have also had some bad experiences with transfer companies over the years, the worst resulting in a very expensive taxi. At the time I was livid with the company involved and swore never to use them again and to darken their name wherever I could. However, time is a great healer, but also in hindsight the circumstances were beyond their control and were for the benefit of the majority of others travelling rather than me. It would appear that this is true for most of the people that have had negative experiences.

I would advise however to always have a back up plan (lots of other posts around trains and buses), avoid the last flight of the night into Geneva and never assume that your insurance company will pay for a taxi when you miss your transfer...

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1. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

I agree, and I had recent positive dealings with Cham Express. Rather then trying to get an early pickup and mad dash to the airport, we spend the last night in Geneva which takes off the morning stress of getting to the airport.

When using shared transport you need to remember there are other pick ups and drop offs so by no means keep cut your time short. Its funny, most everyone is going there to ski but when it comes to getting to and from the airport many people seem to forget about weather conditions. Don't cut your time too close.

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2. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

I agree with both the above posters.

Last time I used Chamexpress we waited for a family at their hotel, they had already checked out, for 20 minutes.

The guy had gone off with his two daughters into Chamonix , shopping !!

The driver tried the hotel management , called Chamexpress and just hung around for them.

The guy finally turned up and 5 - 10 minutes later his kids sauntered up.

No appologies to the others on the van.

I would have left them but this is the 2nd example I have seen from Chamexpress where they have gone beyond what I would consider is good service.

Fair play to them !

And to repeat I have absolutely no connection with any transfer company.

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3. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

Having been in Chamonix for the last 7 winters, I have seen the various problems from several different perspectives; as an office manager for a transfer company, as a driver for a transfer company and now as a transfer operator.

We will all receive complaints at some point. The fact that two companies in particular receive a lot more negative feedback than others (especially on Trip Advisor) is not necessarily because they provide a poorer service. The companies in question use larger buses so can transfer a lot more people. Therefore they are statistically more likely to receive complaints.

Most operators in the valley use minibuses with 8 passenger seats for transfers as they are economical, do not have to pay the higher motorway toll for vehicles exceeding 2 metres in height and the driver does not have to have the D1/D driving licence entitlement.

On shared transfers there will be more problems than private transfers, but that goes without saying.

Some advice for people booking a shared transfer.

1. Don't select your own pick-up time for a departure to the airport. Give the company you book with your flight time. They will know the best time to pick you up. There may be traffic events going on which you don't know about and they do. Take the Geneva Motor show for instance, every March for 10 days. It is right next to the airport and can cause huge tailbacks.

2. Don't assume you are the last pick up. If you are the first and are running late you will make the driver late for every subsequent pick-up.

3. Provide as much information about your destination/source address as possible (particularly important when you have only booked a one-way departure).I've lost count of the number of times that clients have given their pick-up address as Chalet ........., Chamonix - with no street address. There are hundreds of chalets in Chamonix and very few are easy to find just by googling their name.

4. When there has been heavy snow fall don't expect a transfer bus to get all the way to your door. All of the operators in the valley have snow tyres fitted and have chains in the boot. But some roads are impassable.

If you live at the top of a steep drive leading off a main road, walk down to the road. It will save the driver fitting the chains (which takes about 15 minutes). For the driver to have to remove them as soon as he reaches the main road again (another 15 minutes).

5. Read the small print (especially when arriving late into the airport). You can get left behind if your fight land late. Whilst everyone will do their best to find you a solution, don't expect for them to refund your taxi fare to Chamonix. Some companies say they can make you wait an hour for other clients, some say 2 hours.

6. Book with a company that operates it's own transfers in Chamonix. There are several booking agents who are middle-men and will increase the price of your transfer. Here is a list of all of the transfer companies in the Chamonix Valley who operate transfers. I hope I have included everyone and the list is in alphabetical order:

Alpine Transfers 4U www.alpinetransfers4u.com

Alp Links www.alplinks.com

Alpybus www.alpybus.com

Biarritz Airport Transfers http://biarritzairporttransfers.com

Cham Express www.chamexpress.com

Chamonix Cabs www.chamonixcabs.com

Chamonix First www.chamonixfirst.com

Cham Van www.cham-van.com

Deluxe Transfers www.deluxe-transfers.com

Haute Pursuit www.hautetransfer.com

Geneva Airport Transfers www.geneva-airport-transfers.com

Mountain Drop Offs www.mountaindropoffs.com

Peak Transfer www.peaktransfer.com

OK, rant over.

Toronto, Canada
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4. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

I posted earlier this year looking for recommendations, and got some great input. To add to the list above - don't leave your booking too late. Because they use small vans, you may not get the departure time you want. When only booking a week in advance, some companies only had space 4 or 5 hours after our flight arrival time.

In the end, we ended up booking late, and didn't have a lot to choose from.

We ended up going with Mountain Drop-Offs, and they were great.

They have an office in London and one in Chamonix, so we were happy to be able to have a conversation with someone and confirm the pick-up and drop-off times.

They were easy to find in the airport, with our name prominently displayed on their sign, and they were prompt on their pick-ups for the return trip.

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5. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

I have since been contacted by someone in the Chamonix Valley who also operates transfer and they informed me that I have left two companies off the list. My apologies and here they are:

Mont Blanc Transfers www.montblanctransfers.com

Huski huski.com/airport-transfers-geneva-chamonix.…

If anyone has any more I'll be happy to add them in another post.

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6. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

I'll pretend it's 'cos you saved the best till last..! ;)

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7. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

Lots of good advice there!!

Hexham, United...
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8. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

Ahem, we used chamonix shuttles(I had never heard of them before!) for our return leg as they work with chamvan that we booked with. Both were spot on but the english guy who owns chamonix shuttles says he doesnt make you pay in advance... keep those euros in your pocket till the service is provided sound good to me. Another one to add to your list. I could think of a couple to scratch off... haha!

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9. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

The reason I didn't add Chamonix Shuttles to the list is because they are operating under Cham Van's transport licence. So therefore do not technically operate transfers themselves.

But yes, Chamonix Shuttles is a well-known reputable company that has been in Chamonix for years. This doesn't mean that they are any better the the others listed though.

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10. Re: Transfers Cham to Geneva - some recent positive experiences

Well, keeping your euros in your pocket until the last minute sounds good. However, if you haven't paid before you arrive in the airport then its a lot easier for your transport provider to simply not turn up if they cant be bothered, a lot harder to prove you have any sort of contact if you have not paid, don't have a receipt and all you have are a few emails.

I am not referring to Chamonix shuttles, they are very reputable and to my knowledge have never done this. I would happily use them myself. But some of the large companies that take cash Payments on arrival do so for a reason!