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How many % of German who cannot speak english?

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How many % of German who cannot speak english?

Last night I went to Damtor station at a famous fast food.Unfortunately,a staff at the counter couldn't speak english.I was not sure maybe include the managers also??? That wasn't the first time and place that I found some of german couldn't speak english.I have my own language in my country but it is necessary for me to know english for the 2nd language and I also know that I am not excellent in english.Of course,there are not many people in Asia can speak english also in my country,but it is strange that I found this thing in European country!

So,how many percentage of german people who cannot speak english?

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1. Re: How many % of German who cannot speak english?

Fast food counters, taxis, bus drivers, ... - one can be happy if the staff speaks more than a few words German ;-)

Basically anybody in West Germany younger than 50 have had English in school. In the GDR Russian was the (unloved) first foreign language.

The question is really how many of the stuff at fast food counters have etc. have finished school or have been in a school in Germany at all.

The main difference to countries like the Netherlands and Scandinavia is however: many don't need it after school anymore.

While in these countries films are shown with subtitles (and more fun if you understand the original language = mostly English) they are dubbed in Germany.

German is also the most spoken first and 2nd most spoken foreign language in Europe. You can survive thus pretty well without English

- if you don't need it really for business

- if you don't like to travel beyond the classical tourist destinations

Often you also have the effect:

People don't use English often and become sooner or later afraid of speaking it. Here a survey won't help much. They will understand the qestion "Do you speak English?" and check the "yes" box - this is easy. And if it comes to a conversation they will say as easily "No. Ich spreche kein englisch.".

There are of course the others which try to use any situation to improve their English (which is less funny for the ones who try to learn German if their counterparts always switch to English).

I had ones a discussion with the tourist manager of a quite well known tourist region about the "necessity" of homepages in English etc. He said: "Look we have 1,9% tourists from abroad and probably half of them even don't speak any English or don't have internet access.". By the way - they have fairly good pages in English.

Generally tourism plays no big role in Germany (in the "global" picture, not for single towns or regions). And international tourism even less. This is only slowly changing recently.

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2. Re: How many % of German who cannot speak english?

Even in Germany not everyone is well educated, owns a Mercedes or a BMW and speaks several languages fluently. If you stay for a longer time try to learn some German so it will become easier for you to communicate.

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3. Re: How many % of German who cannot speak english?

My German friends love it when I come over so they can practice English...by the time I leave everyone is quite fluent..sadly I cannot say that for myself the other way around as they always switch to English for my benefit.

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4. Re: How many % of German who cannot speak english?

Of course,I am learning German course now for easy to communicate and more understanding.German language is more difficult than others I used to learn but I will try my best. It doesn't mean that people here are not well educated.I respect to all other cultures and tradition.

It would be great if the people in my country don't need to pay tay for import Mercedes and BMW:-) Although,they know that how expensive of both brand name cars but I found many show rooms of those cars all over my country:-)

Thank you very much for all of information.