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Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

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Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

My wife traveled to Germany to see our daughter and granddaughter. She booked a van through Thrifty for slightly less than Euro 200 for two weeks. When she arrived at the counter after a flight from Los Angeles, she was given a subcompact car and charged triple the rate. They refused to take either a Mastercard or Visa for CDW waiver (she had both). In the end, the bill on our credit card was over $1700, not the $200 we had agreed upon. Thrifty customer service offered us $162 and $50 worth of coupons. Terstappen is also the agent for Budget. Never, ever consider using them unless you plan to be ripped off. We are currently challenging the charges through Visa.

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1. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

This Terstappen firm is a horrible, horrible company. The price that was quoted on carrentals.com was no where near the price they DEMANDED from us when we got to their rental counter. They told us that they did not take VISA that carries insurance and in addition to an increase in the daily fee of 14 euros, they demanded to charge 1200 euros to my visa. I lost about 75 dollars when they credited my account back with this money due to the change in exchange rate. HORRIBLE experience.

Currently they rent as Thrifty and Dollar.

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2. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

I have found a German consumer protection website where you can direct complaints to.


If enough of us write to them, perhaps they will take action against this fraudulent company, Terstappen. Dollar/Thrifty loves their arrangement with them because Dollar can quote one thing and then Terstappen delivers on quite another as the subsidiary. Dollar then conveniently supports Terstappen, saying the consumer signed the on-site policies/contract. Like we have options, in a foreign country most of us are completely unfamiliar with. And because the transaction is international, the American consumer doesn't know where to turn to for help and Dollar/Thrifty can keep this lucrative ripoff going.

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3. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

They have replied and have advised I use this website instead:


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4. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

I reserved car from Dollar on Feb 17 for guaranteed price of 282.73. I would not reserve from unknown company since I wanted customer service quality and support available from USA companies. Unfortunately, when I arrived at Frankfurt Airport I observed that Dollar subleased to unknown Turkish company called Terstapen.

First issue started when picking up the car:

I reserved car midsize (Ford Mondeo indicated on reservation) but was given compact car (1 series). Rental counter lady was extremely rude and refused to provide car I reserved (Ford Mondeo or larger) even though it was available in the garage.

Second issue:

The rental paperwork indicated that the car had spare tire as is REQUIRED BY LAW in all countries of European Union. Few days later the car did get flat tire due to excessive wear on existing tires. When the mini size car did get flat tire, I discovered that the car had NO SPARE TIRE. I was unable to reach Terstappen on their emergency number. I spent 4 hours running on highways in rain/snow storm trying to resolve this issue. Finally, friend of mine managed to reach Terstappen who advised me to tow car to their affiliate repair shop. When I did so, the shop informed me that the tire is not in stock and will take 3 business days to arrive. More importantly they also said that even if the tire was in stock, THE CAR IS ILLEGAL TO DRIVE – UNLESS IT HAS SPARE TIRE. The shop told me that they are LEGALY NOT ABLE to release the car to me to drive unless it was equipped with spare tire due to liability issues and that the rental company will have to tow the car out of the shop or supply it with spare tire.

I called Terstappen numerous times (on hold, never answered) after few hours I reached lady who told me to leave the car in shop and refused to make the car COMPLIANT WITH LAW by equipping the car with spare tire in the shop. I begged for replacement rental and was refused. I was told that I’m on my own and contract is terminated. The repair shop CHOOSEN by Terstappen would not release me the car unless equipped by spare tire due to liability issues and Terstappen refused to allow car to be equipped by spare tire or provide replacement rental car for the remained of the rental contract. Me and my family had to take train and bus to airport, had wasted our vacation and had expenses of $2987.47 due to negligence and failure of Terstappen to have spare tire in the car as is required by law and as was deceptively indicated in the contract. The behavior of Terstappen agents was extremely rude and the fact that they left my family stranded by their negligence in foreign country without providing RETURN transport is unbelievable by US standards.

As a result of Terstappen renting me a illegal vehicle without mandatory spare tire (WHICH I RESERVED) , I could not get back to the airport. Terstappen defrauded me due to:

a) Renting much smaller vehicle than I reserved

b) Guarantying that the car was legal to operate BUT providing vehicle that is ILLEGAL AND UNSAFE TO OPERATE.

c) Fraudulently indicating that the car included spare tire where in fact it did not – this resulted in my family being stranded in foreign country, numerous expenses, injury

d) Being responsible for leaving me stranded in Poland and injuring my wife in the tire blow up and subsequent ordeals

I asked Terstappen to rectify this issue in numerous emails and phone calls. The agents were ALWAYS extremely rude and refused to accommodate any requests for refund.



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5. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

There are plenty of cars models which are coming without any spare tyre already by the manufacturer. Only with some kind of tyre mobility set like this one


This is totally legal. Only the seal spray/liquid expires at some time and has to be replaced.

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6. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

Many BMW are fitted with runflat tyres and carry no spare. Doesn't make the behavior of Terstappen any better though

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7. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

OP, are you sure Terstappen is also agent for Budget? I searched the Web for couple of hours and found that only Thrifty and Dollar serviced by Terstappen

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8. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

I think in the past they did Budget but not anymore.

Probably Budget was tired of all the complaints.....

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9. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

WOW.......that is actually awful...below is what happened to me posted on another forum :

"Yeah...I was totally screwed over by Thrifty/Dollar in Frankfurt. The stupid fine print where I need a copy my card offers insurance is just stupid..it's the only rental car company that does this. And they made me get winter tires and pay 13 euros a day for them even and stated it's German law when it's below 7 degrees....but my car had just normal sport tires. I would have complained when I got back but there was no one at the desk. On top of that my car ran out of oil in the middle of France and I had to pull over, determine what kind of oil it took, and purchase a new quart of oil for 19 euros. Which was another thing I would have told the service desk but again, no one was there. And then a red error came up while driving and I had to google it ($23 in roaming charges on my iphone) and found out the tire pressure was low. So stuck in Belgium in the rain and trying to fill my car's tires with air. Again, I also would have complained to them but no one was there. I wrote to Thrifty saying how much they suck (and they really do) and they stated that since I signed a contract there was not much they could do. I responded with I didn't sign a contract for a car with no oil or air pressure but no response on that one. F thrifty/dollar.....I will never ever ever ever rent from them again."

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10. Re: Don't EVER use Thrifty (Terstappen) at Frankfurt Airport

we rented a car in Frankfurt from Dollar Rent a Car on May 14, 2012.

We got at the counter, a rental agreement from Terstappen and agreed to insure the return of the car for €1200. This amount was taken out of our credit card on May 15. Upon returning the vehicle we were told they would credit this amount within 2 weeks. Two months later we have not received any amount. Don't use Dollar/Thrifty - Terstappen,