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Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

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Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

My wife recently applied for a Schengen tourist visa at a Spanish consulate in the U.S., and it was a very unpleasant experience. She provided everything that the consulate website said was required, including three months of bank statements, which showed her as a co-owner and a total deposit amount many times more than the required funds for the length of stay in Europe, prepaid cruise, prepaid flights, evidence of credit cards, etc. Yet, the Spanish demanded further proof of her financial support by asking for our marriage certificate, copies of three months worth of my paycheck, proof of my employment AND a statement from me that I would be financially responsible for my wife's short stay in Europe.

The Spanish's attitude makes me sick! It should be sufficient if a person wanting to visit Spain shows sufficient funds of her/his own. I was tempted to say in my statement-of-financial-support that we would be more financially responsible as the country of Spain and would not require a BAIL-OUT, but figured that would doom the visa application.

We have applied for Schengen visas from other countries in the past, with much more reasonable requirements.


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1. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

So the 'short visit' was greater than the 90 in 180 days permitted as tourist entry to the Schengen zone? Or had you already used that up? Presuming your wife has a U.S. passport.

Liverpool, United...
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2. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa


Presumably almost as hard as us europeans trying to get an extended visa to visit the USA for an extended holiday then.......i.e really difficult !! .....oh I forgot your country did´nt need a bail-out it just started the worlds problems with the collapse of Lehmann Bros and sub-prime lending !!!

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Malaga, Spain
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3. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa


Although I love the Spanish (I am married to one), the custom in Spain is to have a lot of bureaucracy by the government. They ask for documents that are not really necessary and you cannot do thngs online like in the US. You have to personally go to the governement offices, take a number, and wait for hours. I am a permanent resident in Spain and I can tell you horror stories of what I have had to do to get some papers through. Everything takes time here with the bureaucracy and some of the bureaucrats think they are the most important people in the world!

When Spain had their empire, everything going to the New World had to be documented on paper, and everything coming back had to be documented also. That is why the Archives in Seville are so complete, with millions of documents about every little thing. The bookcases there are several kilometers long and that is why researchers love to go to Seville to do their work.

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4. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

FunIntheSnow, we are also applying for our Schengen visa from NYC. Right now, we have booked our appointment separately because the appointment system only allows 1 person per appointment and I cant edit the damn thing to make it a family appointment. Did you have the same issue? Do you need a visa to enter Schengen as well or you a EU citizen/visa waiver program passport holder? I wrote to the Spanish Consulate in NYC asking for clarification re applying for our visas together under my appointment. Haven't heard from them yet. How did you produce the financial responsibility statement? Was there a format they were looking for?

New Delhi, India
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5. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

I fully agree, I also applied for a business long term visa for two years based on the business invitation but I was given a visa for 30 days. Very ridiculous and time wasting. There economy may be sinking but not their ego. Spain do not want travellers to come to their country and spend money. I fully endorse not to apply for a Spain Visa and waste time

Los A
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6. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

Agreed. My wife had a similar experience at their consulate in Los Angeles (Sep. 25, 2013). What happened is they require travel medical insurance EXCEPT there was no indication anywhere that it must be a $36,000 minimum AND no deductible until she got there with all the documentation. Even after I upgraded the insurance where there would be no deductible, they said the policy certificate itself had to state "NO DEDUCTIBLE". What?? The insurance people told me that their documents cannot be changed to show that because the legal language is already set in stone. Another part of the policy document explained the upgrades and deductible elimination but the embassy people wouldn't accept it. I had to get my insurance co. to write another letter explaining things before the visa application would be accepted. I told my wife she got the Spain experience here in L.A.

Pune, India
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7. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

I would second that. We took similar pains of getting our application completed, in spite of their website being so buggy. We also mentioned details of a follow-up trip a few weeks later, still they only gave a visa expiring on the date of our return flight of the first trip. Who would want to go through the pain of applying for a visa every time they want to enter EU ? isn't that the reason they came up with a Schengen Agreement in the first place ?

London, United...
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8. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

Even I had the same problem as Vinay, visa was issued with validity till the date when i received the passport. I approached Spanish Consulate and I raised 2 questions 1) why multi-entry visa wasn't issued and 2) why visa's validity is only till date of collection? Their answer to 1) only if you are going to do business or own a house in spain multi-entry visa is issued. 2) why delays in issuing the visa ask VFS.

It was VFS advice to approach Spanish Consulate.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't go to SPANISH CONSULATE for the first time you will develop bitterness towards spain!

Edited: 31 March 2014, 14:10
Worthing, United...
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9. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

If the Spanish attitude makes you sick, you ought to see America's attitude to foreigners for extended Visas. Makes obtaining a Spanish Visa look like a walk in the park.

Los Angeles...
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10. Re: Avoid Spain as first country-of-entry for Schengen visa

Hi, need some hints.

I just received my green card here in CA. I am from the Philippines, and I would like to go to Spain with my Philippine passport.

Does it takes long for me to get the Schengen visa?

Thank you. I appreciate.

Edited: 26 April 2014, 20:34
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