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duty free limits

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duty free limits

hey, are the airports very strict on how much alcohol you can bring back? We normally like to bring home lots from Spain but have never been to Tenerife before?

Preston, United...
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1. Re: duty free limits

when leaving uk you have to show boarding cards when buying duty free now, ( for tenerife ) . airport shops will sell you as much as you want when returning but tenerife is NOT classed as being in the EU even though it belongs to spain !! its 200 cigs each & ltr of spirits ....or confiscated when you get back & its now not easy to get through as it once was ......we had £150 of cigs confiscated a few years ago. you pays yer money & takes yer chance !!.

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2. Re: duty free limits

On your return

200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g smoking tobacco

1L spirits over 22% or 2L spirits under 22%

2L sparkling wine and 2L of any other wine

£145 worth of other goods including gifts and souvenirs

60 ml perfume, 250 ml eau de toilette

Preston, United...
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3. Re: duty free limits

if bringing spirits/wine etc ....test weight of your cases...if you are over it may cost you the saving you thought you were making !! its expensive for extra wieght and has to be paid before they will let your cases through.

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4. Re: duty free limits

Do they actually search your cases though to see how much you have? I'll be returning to Ireland, does that make any difference?

Bournemouth, United...
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5. Re: duty free limits

Yes they might do .

Single people seem to get pulled aside more than couples particularly if you are the first single person to exit the arrivals hall.

Limerick, Ireland
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6. Re: duty free limits

hi , i wouldnt chance it fiona, we fly from cork, and they scan all bags when we arrive home in cork we have been stopped more than once but we dont even have any duty free,they scan all bags even our hand luggage

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7. Re: duty free limits

Cheers, I might not chance it so. Do you know roughly what you do get charged in tax if you did bring more than the limit?

I remember being worried about it coming back from New York (with a whole new wardrobe!) but never got stopped.

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8. Re: duty free limits

Don't risk it ,u get them confiscated,all u allowed is one litre of spirits,200 cigs,5 packs of tobacco & they are strict,

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9. Re: duty free limits

Once your caught your flagged ......then each trip you will /can be checked. This will always then add at least a delay in getting out of the airport and getting home !!!

Fines can far out weigh the cost of nipping to main land Spain for a quick jaunt .

When bags are scanned on your return though not illegal to take out of the country ,if something is spotted they flag customs on the other side !

Tax would bring it up to the same price as you pay for cigarettes /spirits here so you dont actually lose or gain in that matter .But by not declaring it ,is a fineable offence even if you then wish to pay the tax ...thats where you lose out big time .

Makes no odds UK / Ireland ......rules are set

Edited: 26 April 2013, 06:06
Seaham, United...
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10. Re: duty free limits

Here is an up to date list of allowances from HMRC website:-

Duty and tax free allowances - arrivals from non EU countries

The allowances below cover the most common items that you can bring into the UK duty and/or tax-free from outside the EU.

You must also meet certain conditions listed in the section 'Additional conditions when bringing goods into the UK'. If you don't meet these conditions or you go over your allowance you'll have to pay any Customs Duty, Excise Duty and/or Import VAT due (VAT will also be due on any duties that may be charged).

For passengers who are in transit and changing flights in an EU airport there are set conditions that apply regarding liquids, including any duty-free purchases you've made.

Alcohol allowances

You can bring in either, but not both, of the following:

•1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22 per cent volume

•2 litres of fortified wine (such as port or sherry), sparkling wine or any other alcoholic drink that's less than 22 per cent volume

Or you can combine these allowances. For example, if you bring in one litre of fortified wine (half your full allowance) you can also bring in half a litre of spirits (half your full allowance). This would make up your full allowance. You can't go over your total alcohol allowance.

In addition you may also bring back both of the following:

•16 litres of beer

•4 litres of still wine

Tobacco allowances

You can bring in one from the following list:

•200 cigarettes

•100 cigarillos

•50 cigars

•250g of tobacco

Or you can combine these allowances. For example, if you bring in 100 cigarettes (half your full allowance) you can also bring in 25 cigars (half your full allowance). This would make up your full tobacco allowance. You can't go over your total tobacco allowance.

You cannot combine alcohol and tobacco allowances.

Other goods including perfume and souvenirs

You can bring in other goods worth up to £390 without having to pay tax and/or duty.

If you arrive by private plane or private boat for pleasure purposes, you can only bring in other goods worth up to £270 tax and duty free.

If you bring in any single item worth more than your allowance, you must pay duty and/or tax on the full item value, not just the value above the allowance. You also cannot group individual allowances together to bring in an item worth more than the limit.

I realise the OP is from Ireland so this is the website she needs to check:-