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advice regarding naples...help!

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advice regarding naples...help!

i've just booked flights to naples in august and was told i'll be wasting time and money going to naples in august as everything is shut. is this true? should i cancel flights...will lose all my money. also can i do capri in a day or is it better if i stay overnight?

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1. Re: advice regarding naples...help!

thats definetely not true ...

August is high season in Italy so, how can anything be shut ...

besides that, I think it takes not more than one full day to visit capri. A full day means mre than 10 hours ...

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2. Re: advice regarding naples...help!

August in Italy is when most of workers, and many other people working for companies would take their vacations to lay in the sun. Naples particularly empties during August, since many neapolitans go somewhere else. That means that many offices would be closed or working very very very slow! Very probably this won't effect your holiday since restaurants, hotels, museums, and everything else related to tourism will be working hard trying to make good money. If you won't to be surrounded by more people, just move over the Sorrento or Amalfi coast.

Capri in the day time (from morning to late afternoon) can be a nightmare. Tons of day-tourist come in the morning starting with the first boats, and only leave the island with the last ferries and hydrofoils. If you really want to appreciate the beauty of th place without feeling in a tour group the whole time, try to spend at least a couple of nights there. You'll realize Capri has a day-face and a night-face

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3. Re: advice regarding naples...help!

there is one benefit in a way of being in naples in august - and i'll say it quietly in case someone overhears me...the neapolitans are (mostly) out of town!!!!! Hence you have the beauty without the chaos of the traffic and motorbikes and people hurtling at high speed in all directions...all the sites are open - though perhaps with reduced hours. Hotels are open and often have good deals as it's low season for them (check out some of the 4 stars!) - not all restaurants will be open but there'll be a fair smattering. You won't go hungry that's for sure....but whilst the locals left in their hordes in previous years the euro has pushed prices sky high and many can no longer afford to go away. You might not get that classic manic neapolitan experience but you'll certainly get to appreciate the city...and if you're missing queuing/crowds etc, just go to capri, amalfi et al and they'll be waiting for you there!

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4. Re: advice regarding naples...help!

I have read extensively all of the comments about Naples, and I have to say that Napoli, like Rome is an enigma, a splendid enigma. It is earthy, royal, poor, rich, lazy and buzy, but most of all it has character, and yes it has pick-pockets and sheisters; just like London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, New York, Chicago and I can go on and on!!!! Naples has one thing that the world loves!!! Its food and its people. They are both the salt of the earth.

Give Naples a break, its been there for over 2000 years and you know what? it'll be there for another 2000 years. I am a first generation Italian-American, and although my parents come from Lazio (Frosinone) I can say unequivocally that my two favorite cities in the world are Rome and Naples.

I have seen most of the rest of the world, and note that I said I "have seen." When speaking of Roma and Napoli, one "lives" these cities.