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Subway or Taxi?

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Subway or Taxi?

I was told by my travel agent to avoid the subway system in Rome. The difference in price between the two is very small and you get from point A to B directly. Is that true?

We will do alot of walking and when we get tired, i know we will want to take either the taxi or the subway. Is the subway that bad in terms of the crowded trains and pickpockets? Is the price of a taxi that reasonable? As a 30 something couple are we big targets for pickpockets?

We will be arriving in Rome on June 18, 2007 and will be staying near the Spanish steps.

Please give me some ideas or responses to this please. What are the legitimate Taxi operators and what is the cost? Thank you for the reply.

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1. Re: Subway or Taxi?

Rome is a compact place and easily walkable. Several years ago my husband and I were staying on the Via Veneto and took a very circuitous subway to the Colosseum. Several nights later, while walking after dinner, we passed the Colosseum and realized that it was really only a 20 minute walk from our hotel!

The Subway system in Rome is not very extensive and it is generally difficult to take one train from point A to B, without going to points F, L and Z in the process. If you are relatively fit, I'd suggest walking most of the time. Otherwise, a taxi is worth the money.

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2. Re: Subway or Taxi?


The inner city of Rome is pretty small so you can reach a lot of places by walking. When my wife and I went there a couple of years back we walked, we took the bus and we took the metro. As long as you are aware of the fact that pickpocketing can happen on the metro you should be fine...I have not gotten anything stolen yet even when taking the tourist buses from Termini to Vatican.



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3. Re: Subway or Taxi?

Buy yourself a good map of Rome then you can decide for yourself if you need to take a taxi or walk.

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4. Re: Subway or Taxi?

Rome is a very walkable city but we used the metro once and didn't like it. Too dingy and threatening. The only place we didn't walk to was the Vatican and we took the 40 bus from Termini without a problem although we did watch out.

Rome is like any other major tourist city, there are pickpockets and villains after your belongings so just be careful.

Taxis are relatively cheap, on our second visit we stayed the other side of Villa Borghese and took taxis into town and this cost between €7 - 10.

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5. Re: Subway or Taxi?

Much depends on your final destinations, how tired you are after walking, etc. The subway (or metro) in Rome is not that bad, however. There are (so far) just two lines, crossing at Termini Station; it is crowded and in certain places dingy, but it is really convenient. Of course, if you plan to get on the subway at rush hours, get ready to a stampede. I do not get the bit about the difference in price. There is a metro station exactly underneath Spanish Steps, so if you are going to, say, the Vatican, or St. John's, or the Colosseum, then you would not be much wrong in taking the subway. It is by far the quickest way to move around in Rome. And then maybe you could get back walking, or just get on a bus. Rome is very walkable, indeed.

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6. Re: Subway or Taxi?

We took taxis when our feet gave out, or to save time since we had only 3 days in Rome, but that was not often. They were not expensive and well worth it imho. We just asked "how much to go to__?" before we got in, and always found the drivers pleasant.

I would rather be in a taxi seeing the sights of Rome from the window, than in a subway!

Cooma, Australia
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7. Re: Subway or Taxi?

Hi just finshed 4 days in Rome and we used buses and the metro and walking. We were aware of the reputation of pick pockets and we had nothing of value in pockets and bags unders arms when in a crowded place. We bought the Roma Pass for admission to monuments and it included a transport pass which for 4 of us was very convienient. Just be aware of the possibility and hold on to anything of value.


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8. Re: Subway or Taxi?

We walked everywhere with few exceptions. We're 59 yrs old. Besure to have a good map such as the 6 Euro Roma Metro-Bus Map available at the newsstand in Termini. It seemed to have more minor streets labeled plus it showed bus & Metro routes.

The 1st day we walked from our B&B near the Pantheon to Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Using the Roma Pass from there we took the Metro to Termini (3 stops) then switched to the B line to the Colesseum (2 stops). We also took it to Ostica Antica.

But after the 2nd day we realized that we could walk everywhere in Central Rome.

In late March, around noon and commuting times the train was very, very crowded. My wife stood behind me watching my back with her purse in front of her. At other times we had a seat the whole way.

Being from the midwest subways in NYC and London are also scary but we watched natives of all social status using the systems.

A note on taxis, we could not hail one and always had to find a taxi stand usually near every tourist spot. They are white with numbers on the side and a light on top with a meter on the dash. I believe it was 2.50 Euro just to get in but fares where reasonable. 5-7 Euros from Termini to Pantheon. 40 Euros to FCO airport from central city.

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9. Re: Subway or Taxi?

Thank you everyone for the informative comments. Being in our early thirties, we should be able to walk around fine. I just wanted to gauge the opinions of others as far as safety and ease of the subway.

We will use probably both Subway and Taxi for our trip. We've been to Paris and New York subways so it shouldn't be that bad.

Rome is probably best seen by foot so you can soak in the scenery. When we are flat out tired, a taxi will probably be our best option.

Thanks again for the comments and we'll have a great time on our honeymoon!!!

Hobart, Australia
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10. Re: Subway or Taxi?

Best of luck for your wedding & honeymoon....the position of your hotel will make it easy to combine walking/subway and taxi depending on where you'll be going to. The age of the people don't seem to be the target for pickpockets more so the appearance so try to keep minimum valuables on your person and use the safe at the hotel.