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Safety in Rome

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Safety in Rome

Gday guys,

me and 2 girls will be going to rome in early july. i have heard that it can be quite dangerous in terms of pick pockets, thieves and what have you. How do you think we should deal with the safety issue? what should we look out for etc?

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1. Re: Safety in Rome

Rome is a big city but it is a safe city. That said, you still need to keep on eye on your belongings. The most common places for pickpockets to hang out are:

1. The train station. You have your luggage and rarely have a free hand.

2. Bus/metro. Public transportation is usually crowded. People will be bumping into because there isn't space - but so will pickpockets.

3. Tourists sights. Pickpockets frequently scope out the tourists buying items at the mobile food carts (ver expensive -avoid!) and souvenir tables to see where you keep your money.

Most people travel and never encounter any problems. Be smart. Don't carry more cash with than you need for the day. If your daughters are young enough that they should not have cash on hand, wear a money belt.

Only bring items with you that you need. If your wallet is stolen do you want the hassle of getting a new library card? You can't use your library card in Rome, leave it at home.

If something seems odd, trust your instinct. Rome is safe to walk around at night. But if something is making you uncomfortable spring for a taxi. If someone starts talking to you and you don't like it, walk away. Don't worry about being rude. Trust your gut.

Alexandria, Virginia
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2. Re: Safety in Rome

Nicolas_Inn_Rome is absolutely right.

Money belts are a must. I got jostled a lot with people looking for my wallet. I kept my money belt tucked under my cloths so I would have to be really molested if someone wanted my stuff.

Probably a little extreeme but I like my money!

See if your hotel offers a safe in room. I only carry one credit card when I go out so if you bring more with you, try to leave a few at the hotel. I didnt carry our passports either. Make sure you write down contact information for your credit cards in case something happens to them. The sooner you call your company and report it stolen, the more protected you will be.

The metro was PACKED each time I rode it, almost as bad as the ones in Tokyo. So watch your stuff. My husband and I backpacked so we tied up all our pockets in knots to make it wore difficult. We tried to keep our backs to the wall when possible to look at people while riding the metro or standning around in Termini.

I think our biggest problem was people approaching us trying to "help" us or sell us something. You have to be firm. Dont be nice. They will follow you. Just keep on your guard, stare people down and dont let people touch you. If someone trys to hand you something, ignore them and keep walking. I cussed a couple of times and they took off.

We had a good trip despite all the precautions we had to take. :)

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3. Re: Safety in Rome

I am a keen photographer and have a fairly expensive camera. Would I be OK walking round Rome with this or would it be more advisable to bring a smaller one.

Milan, Italy
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4. Re: Safety in Rome

Hi NE44,

ask youself the quesion: would it be OK to bring along your camera in London if you are a tourist?

London, NY, LA, Melbourne or whichever you prefer...

Your answer would probably be: yes it's OK but look out for dodgy characther that are eyeing your belongings...well that's the answer to your question too.

Every single city on this planet has its share of crime, with petty crime common sense will do just fine.

Have fun and take lots of pics

Cheshire, UK
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5. Re: Safety in Rome

Thanks Milano76. I'm looking forward to my visit and intend to take loads of photos - I just love your country.

Basel, Switzerland
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6. Re: Safety in Rome

I'm from Rome and i've never been mugged. Now, you have to be careful in some situations, always carry in your hands the stuff you value, so on a bus or in the tube, do not let your purse hanging casually on your back, you have to have it on your front, this only on public transports (or if you have stuff in your pockets, remove it). Another rule, if you walk on the pavement keep your handbag on the "internal" (not exposed to the traffic) side, i've seen a lot of people getting mugged like that. For the rest, enjoy my city, I sadly don't live there anymore! :-(


Las Vegas, Nevada
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7. Re: Safety in Rome

We just returned from Rome and I must say we had a great time. Except for one disturbing incident. I fell victim to a pickpocket at the Coliseum. Just a word of caution. Men, keep your wallet and valuable stuff in your front pocket. Women, keep you purse in front of you. I was able to almost immediately report my stolen credit cards at the Carabaneri Station in Palazzo Venezia. They had a telephone in a small room just for this purpose.